September 28, 2007

Carol Swain on the Jena Six

Vanderbilt law professor Carol Swain, whose book Debating immigration I recently reviewed at, writes in the Tennessean:

When teens aren't taught value of life, it can have deadly consequences


Much sport has been made of the deadly sneaker that the district attorney introduced as a weapon. What is missed is the fact that sneakers and fists can become lethal weapons under the right circumstances.

Almost a year ago, my 41-year-old brother, Kevin Henderson, died from injuries he sustained on his job after he was attacked by a group of teenage boys.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the attack, five teens knocked my brother to the ground, kicking and stomping him until the neighbor intervened. Kevin staggered home, collapsed into a coma and was declared brain-dead within hours of the attack.

It took many months for a measure of justice to occur. So far, two of the five boys have been charged with first-degree manslaughter. Like Mychal Bell, one of the boys has been held many months without bail. He awaits sentencing, and the family hopes he will go straight to prison. Most, if not all, come from single-parent households.

Perhaps the boys meant to kill him. Perhaps it was an accident. In any event, a life was lost because a gang of boys mortally wounded a man who left home for his job, not knowing that he would never return.

I offer this story of a senseless killing to provide another perspective on what might have been going on in the head of the Jena district attorney. [More]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Six young thugs who kick an unconcious and unarmed teenager laying on the ground deserve LONG prison sentences.

Is there really any chance they will ever be productive members of society? I invite those who disagree with me to move next door to the ringleader thug and send their sons and daughters to his school, and see if their opinion changes a bit.

Anonymous said...

Carol Swain is unique among blacks in that she realizes that whites have a right to be angry at black racism. She worries that incidents like Jena -- where blacks and the media were cheerleading for 6 racists who tried to kill a child becuase he had white skin -- will push whites to play racial politics of their own.

She is right to worry. A white Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton is due to emerge sometime soon. Then things get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Im continually astonished to see the incident in question described as "a fight broke out".

No "fight broke out", one guy knocked Justin Barker unconcious (I dont know if it was from behind or not) and then the other five started kicking him and wouldn't stop until a teacher started dragging them off. They really might have killed him if no one interevened.

I hope some blogger can really get to the bottom of what happened so we can fairly assess guilt, but so far lies are prevailing in the early goings, just like the Duke case.

Anonymous said...

Bell is out on bail now, and headlines like "Black power march pays off" are appearing in newspapers all over the place.

Anonymous said...

You know, I could have sworn that I saw a CNN report on the Jena Six several months ago, before the story received national prominence, that claimed that it was even uncertain whether these six were the ones who had attacked the boy and implied that the DA had basically just grabbed six random black kids and arrested them regardless of whether they were the actual attackers. Obviously that was an outrageous falsehood, so it shows how far into lying some defenders of the Six have been willing to go.

Anonymous said...

Anon, there already are "white Jesse Jacksons." Consider Giuliani, Bloomberg, and Riordan winning mayorships of heavily Democratic New York City and Los Angeles because white Democrats split their tickets, voting Republican in local offices because they knew the local Democratic politicians wouldn't enforce the law against black thugs who knew how to play the race card.

I also remember Bill Clinton running in 1992, with his "Sista Soulja" moment, good old boy accent, and promise to fund the hiring of 100,000 more cops. He not only beat Bob Dole George HW Bush, but won Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana in the process.

This is such a great idea for Democrats since more police is a promise that brings in both middle class white votes and makes the unions happy since nearly all police are union members, as are most of the prison guards who protect the public from those the police and prosecutors take off the street.

I found the election of populist anti-amnesty Democrats Tester (MT), Brown (OH), Webb (VA), and McCaskell (MO) to the Senate last year to be very encouraging. Both parties are learning that being "right on race" wins elections. We'll see next year if an anti-amnesty Democrat emerges and beat pro-amnesty Republican Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was murder perhaps it was involuntary manslaughter. Someone was intentionally killed.

Anonymous said...

Jerzy --

Sorry to disillusion you. But Moveon and Kos are targeting the "Blue Dog" dems for primary challenges because of the Iraq War (they won't vote for immediate withdrawal) AND race issues.

Dem Presidential candidates are united on the issue of less jail and more handouts for Black criminals. Edwards gave a speech saying that Black men will soon either be dead or in jail and he proposes to "fix" that by essentially giving a pass for crimes committed by Blacks.

This is VERY popular in the Democratic Party. It allows upper class and aspiring upper class whites who make up the Democratic Party to feel good about themselves morally, while also punishing their main threats/competitors, upwardly mobile whites. This explains the Duke non-Rape case, Don Imus, and the Jena 6.

As for the Carol Swain article?

Ms. Swain IMHO is not facing the facts:

1. Thuggish and violent behavior by young Black men is rewarded. It is rewarded by the young women who sleep with them (the biggest reward). It is rewarded by the Black Community which invariably rallies to their defense. It is rewarded by the modern day Minstrel Shows that is Rap Music. It is rewarded by race hustlers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. It is rewarded by the Media which views such behavior as authentically "Black."

2. Violent and thuggish behavior is EXACTLY what Blacks (for the most part) *WANT*. Snitches get Stitches campaigns and T shirts, videos, etc. happen because Blacks want thugs. Silence in the face of gang activity happens because Blacks want thugs. Demonization of the police and prosecutors when Black thugs are shot or arrested, happen because Blacks want thugs. "Acting white" ala Jessie Jackson's charge against Obama for not being militant enough about the Jena 6, and "being black enough" charges happen because ... Blacks want thugs.

Blacks want thugs, not because they are "evil" or inherently violent but because they want both "revenge" on whites for Slavery and Segregation, and more importantly they want to maintain racial/cultural separation as a way of preserving their identity. Absorption into the White or Latino mainstream as in say, Mexico, is viewed as a racial and cultural death and betrayal of all that has been struggled for. Better to be dirt poor and violent, with most Black men in some form of judicial supervision, than middle class and absorbed into the rest of America.

That is not going to change. Blacks consistently put thuggishness as a core value or identity of "blackness" no matter the real and well understood consequences. Which is poverty and jail and death. The benefit is that "at least we are not white or latino." This should not shock anyone. The Serbs made essentially the same choice in the 1990's.

But looking for this to change within generations is IMHO a fool's game. Merely, adjustment to the reality which means the end of the Civil Rights era, and pushback on separatist demands and political responses are appropriate.

Such as responding to Jessie Jackson with the jibe that his worst nightmare would be to be related to a White person. Which is telling because it's true.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous commentator who said jerzy was all wrong. I think you're way wide of the mark saying blacks wants revenge against whites and are against cultural absorption.

Look, violent criminals of whatever race don't think things through that much. They lack impulse control or empathy and take what they can when they can. And as they saying goes, the child is the father of the man. Criminals almost invariably had horrible childhoods, blacks' high crime rate is tied to their high rate of broken families. Its unfair to tar all blacks by saying they're out for revenge or "want thugs". Most Africa-Americans are as hard-working, decent people as an whites you know. They're hardly rejecting white culture. They speak the same language, worship the same God and share the same values as their fellow citizens.

The issue isn't race. The same steps that will reduce black underclass crime will also reduce white underclass crime. To stop today's criminals, we need to hire more cops. The NYPD is the gold standard of a modern police force, most big cities have only a half or third as many cops per capita as New York. And to stop tomorrow's criminals, we need to do a better job of early childhood intervention. That doesn't mean trying to make kids smarter, but rather targeting kids with dysfunctional homes or emotional problems and helping them out before they turn into criminals. This group, started by cops and prosecutors, gets it.

Even more important than early childhood intervention, the government should be funding research into long-term reversible contraception. I don't think Norplant is still on the market, but that's the right idea. Something similar should be available for both males and females. Besides bribing criminals and welfare mothers to take it, Richard Neely had an interesting idea: Once long term birth control is available for males amd females, require it for high school students (or perhaps younger if necessary), like they're required to have tetanus or diphtheria shots.

The students' Parents could opt them out for moral reasons, but then THEY are responsible for the financial support of any grandchildren their teenager brings into the world.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the bottom line here is: do we seriously believe that Iran would drop nuclear bombs on Israel?

Sorry, but I don't.

Anonymous said...

Grambling president orders 'hanging photo' from Jena Six protest off student newspaper Web site
By Chris Day

A recent incident at the elementary school on the Grambling State University campus that resulted in a noose hanging around a small child’s neck has left university officials scrambling for answers...

Picture no. 1 of 5

Picture no. 2 of 5

Picture no. 2 of 5, LARGE

Picture no. 3 of 5

Picture no. 4 of 5

Picture no. 5 of 5

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that you get MUCH larger versions of the pictures if you leave off the "&MaxW=350&MaxH=350":

Picture no. 1 of 5, VERY LARGE

Picture no. 2 of 5, VERY LARGE

Picture no. 3 of 5, VERY LARGE

Picture no. 4 of 5, VERY LARGE

Picture no. 5 of 5, VERY LARGE