September 11, 2007

New jargon sighted: "glbttsqqi"

From a U. of Washington press release:

"David Kopay's generous gift to the Q Center is both an act of forgiveness and a clear directive to the UW regarding the health and well-being of its glbttsqqi [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning and intersex] students, faculty, and staff ," says Jennifer Self, director of the Q Center.

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Anonymous said...

What's the differecen between bisexual and two-spirit? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Phillip Glass could be coaxed to write the soundstrack?


Anonymous said...

OK, I've got to comment on this.

The Q center is located in Schmitz Hall, the UW's main administrative building, right next to disabled student services.

Unlike other student organizations, they get their own paid-for office replete with a dedicated high-speed internet line and WLAN. I know this because they don't even bother to encrypt, and it's a very good signal with speed that blows the shared wireless connections available to the lowly heterosexual students and staff out of the water. Somehow, though, I always felt like I'd soiled my computer when I used it.

The girls working in the office are pretty little things -- not the typical butch lesbian. Why is this? It's because the real butch lesbians in the faculty who run the place surround themselves with these girls as a status marker (conquests, I guess).

The place is worthless. They don't do any work and everything is handed to them on a silver platter. In fact, they often have little office parties with gay dance music and various goodies. It's a club paid for by the university -- clearly an abuse, yet they wrap themselves in civil rights rhetoric to demand more and more. The people working in adjacent offices are not impressed, but they keep their mouths shut, as you must at universities.

Homosexual power in Seattle is out of hand, just as in San Francisco. I used to think that homosexuals should just be left alone, but the abuses they heap up year after year have led me to change my mind. Homosexuality is a mental disorder that has a serious negative effect on society when it spreads to positions of power. Is it any coincidence that Seattle and SF are the most childless cities in the country? The homosexuals have wrecked the parks, they nearly wrecked the Church here, they have established their scandalous parades as the most important yearly street event, and now they are wrecking the schools, including grade schools.

You are far too easy on these people, Steve. It may be funny at first glance, but this is actually no joke. They have done a lot of damage to the urban family in a number of cities, and they have been given a free pass to do so for years now.

Anonymous said...

Bill -- what you describe is the naked (sorry) power politics of any small group that finds a larger group weak and accommodating. Gays and Lesbians did not magically transform themselves overnight into anti-hetero forces. They merely took advantage of the weakness of PC Multi culti politics.

SF in 1960 was still a working man's town. By 1990, around thirty years, it was completely gay. Run by gays, for gays, to the exclusion of everyone else.

Yes of COURSE the political interests of gay men are completely opposite that of straight men. Just as the interests of gay women are completely opposite that of straight women.

Gay Pride parades are merely an expression of power, like the Orangemen parading through Catholic neighborhoods in Northern Ireland.

Steve Sailer said...

My guess would be that "two spirit" is some sort of pseudo-Native American mumbjo jumbo. I'll go look it up now and see if I was right ...

Steve Sailer said...


From Wikipedia:

"Two-Spirit (also two spirit or twospirit) is a term for third gender people (for example, woman-living-man) that are among many American Indian and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups. It usually implies a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit living in the same body. It is also used by some contemporary gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, same-sex attracted and intersex Native Americans to describe themselves."

Anonymous said...

anonymous: Gay Pride parades are merely an expression of power, like the Orangemen parading through Catholic neighborhoods in Northern Ireland.

Yeah, except that the Gays are the bad guys whereas the Orangemen are the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Good comments above. Gays and lesbians are inherently destructive, like other groups (and one in particular) that don't feel part of society and want revenge on it. Homosexuals, like lawyers and heavily masculinzed women, are one of the groups hugely over-represented in politics. And they're not there to serve the majority's interests.

Steve Sailer said...

Nah. While I'm sure some lesbians would like to treat Gay Pride parades as a chance to march shoulder to shoulder to express their political dominance, for a lot of gay males, however, it's just another opportunity to do what they always like to do: be on stage!

So, maybe they should change the name from Gay Pride Parades to Gay Narcissism Parades.

Anonymous said...

How did the Native Americans treat their "two-spirit" people before the white men came and built universities teaching Queer Studies?

Glaivester said...

What about asexuals? When will they be included?

Anonymous said...

chrysoperil: Homosexuals, like lawyers and heavily masculinzed women, are one of the groups hugely over-represented in politics.

Because none of them can do anything useful in the real world.

Anonymous said...

rob: How did the Native Americans treat their "two-spirit" people before the white men came and built universities teaching Queer Studies?

I wouldn't be all that surprised to learn that they ate them for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Bill at 9/11/2007 1:12 PM, and the commenter immediately after, are exactly right. The increasing normalization of homosexuality has done a great deal of damage to this society. The closet existed for a reason.

And just as San Francisco was a (mostly) regular workingman's town in the 1960's, Seattle was similiarly so up through the 1980's, but it has since started to follow the road followed by San Francisco.

Examples? Well the examples given by previous posters - the homosexualization of many churches and the use of public parks as trysting places - are certainly apt.

I can think of another. Is it just me, or is American society increasingly - sorry to be indelicate - but increasingly anally focused. Notice all the casual references to behinds in popular culture. Notice also the increasingly casual references to male rape - in movies, the internet, TV, even on the Tonight Show. I don't know if this is due to the influence of homosexuals or of black prison culture (I suspect one of those two to be the likely culprit), but it definitely seems to be a trend in our society. Anyone else find this, well....creepy.

I could easily imagine that in the near future, agressive forcible sodomy - by men against other men - will be an increasingly common crime.

I noticed that UW calls thier state-sanctioned gay students' club "The Q center". Presumably Q stands for queer. Another case of "we can say it, but you can't". Perhaps straights should reclaim the word as thier patrimony. We were saying it before they were.

Anonymous said...

Martin, it's "their," not "thier."

Poop jokes have been inserted into children's movies and books for about 2 or 3 decades now. As the children get older, they carry their soiled minds into the culture: politics, art, business, advertising...

So the true source of what you describe as basically a scatological obsession was started as a meme in the last generation. What is the source of that meme? Who started it?

(Another malign meme is the idea that children "delight" in poop, fart, snot, etc. material. It is more accurate to say they're embarrassed by and contemptuous of it, leading to their nervous laughter. Their natural competitiveness - esp. among boys - leads to contests of "who's raunchier?" This is not the same as "natural delight" in one's feces, bunghole, etc. Again, a deliberate meme has been pushed on our children during the last 2 or 3 decades.)

Anonymous said...

NAMBLA has been lobbying awhile for an expansion team into the now GLB+TT+SQQI league with a small group of insider sympathizers who are afraid of public misperception.

I understand how some think the TT guys deserve a franchise, but it's a mistake. They'll only split the already small B market (think of when both the Raiders and Rams were in LA which now has no team).

How those SQQI bastards jumped the queue must really piss off long-time NAMBLA boosters. I guess advertisers think new age bat-shit insane sells more beer than class A felons.

BTW, the first rule of acronyms is that they should simplify the concept they are trying to summarize. I suggest extending a franchise to the Asexual crowd who, although bringing more mainstream apathetic than fringe anger, could be the largest demographic. Then you could rename the center “QQ” and go with the more sensible acronym:


Where "QQ" is the variable:

L: “love”
G: “hate”
B: “love and hate”
T: “used to love/hate guy butts, but now love/hate”
Queer: “’m hip and “ + L/G
Quest: “’m confused about guy and “
2S: “’m really confused about guy and “
I: “love unicorn, guy and “

NAMBLA isn’t going to work into any acronym. I see why they were left out now.


Anonymous said...

Im not sure that lesbians have totally different political interests than straight women.

Many lesbians have children, maybe it would fairer to say that the interests of single mothers and lesbians overlap.

Anonymous said...

It's Jayson, not Jason, Blair, Steve. Makes him a hell of a lot easier to google, if anyone should care to do so.

Anonymous said...

" David said...Martin, it's "their," not "thier."

Yes I believe you're right. I always get fooled by that "I before E, except after C" rule, which is not always correct.

And of course, as you know how to spell "their", I would have to concede that you are a better person than I am.

Otherwise what you said is nonsense. What I mentioned is not just an outgrowth of juvenile bathroom humor, which has existed, in some form, probably as long as there have been humans. Read some of what Martin Luther wrote - the man was obsessed with excretal functions.

This is different, and I think may be rooted in the acceptance of gay folkways - at least that's a hypothesis which is not obviously wrong.

About four years ago, the Attorney General of California, in a press conference, vowed to convict some executive (I think it was the president of Enron), and made a not-so-veiled allusion to said executive getting raped in prison, and implying that he would deserved it.

THAT sort of thing didn't happen 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Identity politics work out the same for all groups, right? Form an us/them grouping that many of "us" will identify with strongly. Start winning concessions. For optimal value to group organizers, the concessions need to be big and obvious and not at all related to merit. A big expensive building is perfect. A queer studies department is perhaps even better. These do essentially no good for anyone, but they demonstrate that the group organizers have brought home the bacon.

Identity politics brings out the most strident members of the group, and the most inflamatory rhetoric. It can cause a nasty counter-reaction, in which your "us/them" demands invite identity politics among "them."

This is universal. It's a property of identity politics, in the same sense that externalities are a property of free markets and rational ignorance is a property of democracy.

The creepy thing to me is, this is so widespread, and the counter-reaction of overt hostility to all these groups that exploit identity politics is kept under wraps by a kind of PC ideology that's visibly crumbling.

How many Americans in the middle and upper classes even believe in the PC dogma at this point? How does that compare to the number of Soviet professionals and party members who really believed in Communism in, say, 1970? And what's the reaction going to look like when the dam breaks?

And this is just nuts. The best possible outcome for gays and lesbians (and the rest of the society) is for sex between consenting adults to have nothing at all to do with politics.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, Sailer, you don't expect us to believe a movie critic is straight, do you?

This post reminds me of a radio ad I heard while traveling through the great state of Arkansas. The burly voice of a man who was obviously loaded with testosterone despite his infrequent problem with erectile dysfunction kept repeating how Viagra had enhanced his relationship with his "partner".

I could've sworn Duelling Banjos was playing in the background...

Anonymous said...

The creepy thing to me is, this is so widespread, and the counter-reaction of overt hostility to all these groups that exploit identity politics is kept under wraps by a kind of PC ideology that's visibly crumbling.


It isn't ideology that keeps it under wraps for anyone I know; it's a credible threat (e.g. you will get fired or publicly humiliated and subjected to Maoist-style self-criticism sessions).

In addition to the social/economic threats, there are very serious efforts afoot to criminalize statements that would have been considered mainstream only a generation ago.

The ideology has already failed -- it's all about hanging on to power now, and they will not give it up without a fight.

Unfortunately, for young guys like me who are trying to raise a family in the city, we can't avoid the problems they are causing anymore, so I can't see any alternative besides fighting back. I wish some of you older, wiser types would offer a bit more than intellectual conjecture in our defense.

As you can see, the young homosexuals are getting money and resources thrown in their laps. Meanwhile, we are increasingly politically and economically marginalized. These things do make a difference.

Anonymous said...

martin said:

And of course, as you know how to spell "their", I would have to concede that you are a better person than I am.

Touchy, aren't you?

We're talking about poop and fart in culture. Thirty years ago, the air was broken (so to speak) in Mel Brooks's (yes, that's correct) "Blazing Saddles" - the campfire scene. Prior to that, you never saw it in popular culture. "The Little Prince" didn't contain a sequence about toilet-training, or all those squishy squishy smelly fun times we have with our gas! "Madeline" did not contain snot jokes. Dahl's "Charlie" series (1960s) had burping jokes, though.

Of course, martin, people have always farted, s---, burped, and blown their noses. We're talking about culture, popular culture: TV, movies, books, magazines, radio. These have a significant effect on the real world. They are a marker of what's normal (they shouldn't be, but unfortunately they are). Notwithstanding the availability of free will, "monkey see, monkey do" governs a GREAT deal of the masses' (still correct) attitudes and behavior. Attitudes and behavior are very difficult for an individual to compartmentalize, especially across decades.

Part of the "glorious revolution" (snicker) of the 60s was "letting it all hang out" (to quote the Nazi Heidegger). That's when standards blew a fuse and when we entered a dark, alien world, at least in print and on TV, aka America's babysitter. All presented as utterly "natural," of course - more "natural" than we'd ever been "permitted" (by whom? church, parents, the Man, whoever; fill in the blank) to be. But what's natural for John may not be natural for Jim. We can't expect Jim to get it.

To address your good example, prison rape is now more or less openly approved of ("they deserve it") and delighted in ("don't bend over! haw haw haw!") because of two things

1. morality evaporating
2. a ubiquitous championing of crude culture

But my point is that the two are two aspects of the same, bigger thing: the general coarsening of the American mind and character. It's all of a piece. From a culture trying hard to turn our daughters into miscegenating sluts at 12, to children's books wallowing in poo, to neocons hollering that "libruls" oughta be put against a wall 'n' shot, to little middle-aged women shrieking some politician they've never met "oughta get a sore ass in there with Tyrone!" - welcome to the Fall of Rome II.

People used to be circumspect and that kept a leash on them.

The leash is off; and as appetite comes with eating, so depravity grows bolder with every burst barrier. The masses don't burst barriers. The elites do, then the masses stampede.

Anonymous said...

"It isn't ideology that keeps it under wraps for anyone I know; it's a credible threat (e.g. you will get fired or publicly humiliated and subjected to Maoist-style self-criticism sessions)."

There's nothing you can do to avoid this, bill. The cultural purification rites fall on the PC and conservative alike. For some reason, even when I was fresh out of college and rather liberal, I was never safe from the denizens of big city multiculturalism. I was considered cool by the gays and nonwhites in the university town where I lived while finishing my BA but once I returned to to my hometown I was subjected to mockery and all kinds of accusations from latent homophobery to snobbery. Finally, when I could take no more, being the vile white biggot no matter how I voted or who I dated, I started thinking and saying the things I had been accused of all along.

You have survived this long without being under suspicion, bill. I think you will do fine but should probably either homeschool your children or move elsewhere. It's the being suspect part that puts you in most danger b/c the forces of multiculturalism will needle you until you actually do hate them. I can only conclude that they need a common enemy to rally against otherwise why polarize minor differences into hostile opposition.

I think I could have avoided this cruel twist of fate by either staying in the liberal university town after graduation or moving almost anywhere other than where I had been raised. I guess I had inadvertently become identified with the enemy social class due to accent, high school attended, mode of dress, etc. Perhaps if I gone a few miles further away from home to start my adult life, none of these traits would've had any significance to my coworkers.

Still, I advise you to keep a low profile and move as soon as possible, no sense staying in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

You have survived this long without being under suspicion, bill. I think you will do fine but should probably either homeschool your children or move elsewhere.


No, I'm not going anywhere. Not only do I have a very large family here, including the kids' grandparents and even a couple great-grandparents who would be heartbroken if I took the babies away, I actually love the place. The mountains, lakes, sea, even the rain are all part of who I am. Also, jobs are much easier to come by here than in the socially saner parts of the state.

Anyway, if I find myself complaining too much I can think of my grandpa, who during the depths of the depression went to a church in Eureka Valley (now known as Castro) to pray to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes, for a job. He then found one, and that's where he met my grandma.

If that little bit of grace could have come from a place like the Castro, no matter what it is now, then there must still be hope, and somehow I feel like I owe it to my departed grandparents to keep the faith they brought back here.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand, the conservative movement has been hijacked by Americans, Brits and Asians with Asperger's. In fact, I've come to believe that Asperger's may be more common in certain Asian populations (CHINESE) than it ever was among Europeans. Good luck rallying support, Steve. LOL

PS: I'm trying to feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys need to take a deep breath, step back, and read what you're writing.

Seriously. It's gay people's fault that San Francisco and Seattle don't have enough children? I think you ascribe more power to homosexuals than we actually have. If I could control heterosexual fecundity, I'd be an uncle by now.

In reality, the birth rate is affected by the decisions of heterosexuals, not homosexuals, who are - what, 3 - 5% of the population? Witness Russia, a dying country, where gay people get the crap beaten out of them for trying to have a gay pride parade that would be considered Puritan by contemporary U.S. standards. All their homophobia hasn't gotten Russia out of the demographic pit its straight citizens dug themselves into without any help from the GLBTTSQQI lobby.

I have no problem holding gays accountable for their (our) excesses, but I draw the line at you heterosexuals blaming us for failing to meet your responsibilities. And yes, breeding the next generation is a straight responsibility.

Anonymous said...

glaivester: I'm not sure if you're just being flip or not, but as someone just on the edge of asexual, I can tell you, while they might add an "a" to the acronym, organized pro-asexual political activity is never likely to take off. C'mon, we're quiet, shy, introvert types who just want to be left alone. The thought of parading in honor of my sexual orientation makes my skin crawl, and I'd be very surprised if a majority of self-identified asexuals didn't agree.

Ron Guhname said...

Anon: Allow me to characterize your lifestyle as a million times more dignified than the on-my-knees-with-a-stranger-in-a-dirty-stall crowd.