November 6, 2007

Finally, something non-boring about Hillary Clinton

Even though she's the single person most likely to be elected President next year, I almost never write about Hillary Clinton because, frankly, after all these long tedious years of hearing about her, my eyes glaze over just reading her name. In fact, to write this, I had to go look up whether there was one L or two Ls in "Hillary." *

But, now I've finally heard (from Mickey Kaus) about Hillary's "body person," the ineffably lovely Huma Abedin. Is Hillary's Saudi-raised scheduler, who is of South Asian Muslim descent, a deep plant of the Saudi intelligence service sent undercover with Hillary? Who knows? Whatever, it's much more fun to make up stuff about Huma than to think about Hillary.


* To my surprise, I discovered that her name is spelled with just one L, but the L follows two consecutive Is. The second I is capitalized, however, so nobody previously ever noticed that it's spelled "HiIlary."

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Anonymous said...

A relative of mine was in the Secret Service for majority of both the Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations. He told me that he never once saw Bill and Hillary sleep in the same room during his years in the White House. I initially chalked this up to Bill's philandering but maybe there is more to the story.

Anonymous said...

Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton - Who is Funding Huma Abedin's Lifestyle?

Is Huma Abedin an Agent of Saudi Intelligence?

Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton flown to Aspen & wined and dined by infoUSA

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. During her first two terms Hillary sold America out to the Chinese in exchange for a few millions in campaign contirbutions. She appears to be continuing her alliance with Chinese and Jewish interests, as well as expanding them to the Saudis as well.

If Americans elect this fraud and traitor we deserve everything we have coming to us. We won't deserve to survive as a nation.

Sorry if that sounds particularly pessimistic, but we had statewide elections today and they went horribly. Not, I think, a good sign for genuine conservatives in the year to come.

Anonymous said...

Hitlery is spelled with only one "l."

Anonymous said...

Steve --

You are being a bit naive or simplistic here. OF COURSE it matters who candidates sleep with. It matters because that's the prime nexus for influence peddling and nepotism. See: Mayor Tony V of LA and his bimbos, the various influence peddling deals made to get them city offices or great deals on condos (from developers who do business with the city).

If Hillary is sleeping with a Muslim woman with extensive foreign ties, and as has been alleged, running all her ME and National Security policy by her, that's important. It might be the MOST IMPORTANT thing about her.

How much influence would the Saudis have over Hillary? Would Hillary avoid anything that might upset them to secure her sweetheart's mother's future? Would she sit back and do nothing in the face of terrorist attacks because her sweetheart counsels her to do so?

It's as important as asking how many more Bernie Kerik's Rudy has, or what deals Mitt has with his old firms, or what sort of cronies Fred has and what his wife is involved in.

After all, Hillary and Bill sold themselves as a two for one deal in 92, and still do, so it's critical to inspect all aspects of that deal. That goes for Bill's girlfriends too btw.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, Evil Neocon is showing his true colors.

Is there any way this can be made "falsifiable?" That she is NOT influincing her in the pro-Muslim direction? We don't know.

The most intriguing part is the claim that even in the face "terrorist" attacks, Hillarity CAN be counselled by a Muslim to "do nothing." This meets the realistic scenario criteria for a 10-year old, but since I'm no neocon, I'm obviously not able to see such things so hidden in plain sight. Hmm, a Muslim asking the US president not to do anything against Muslim terrorists... What a cunning plan! Who would have thought!

If Evil's emphasis means anything, I gather that's why we have Jews all over the place. But, of course, when Walt & Mearsheimer -- or the rest of us poor sods -- mention this, it is "anti-Semitism."

Should we chalk you up as an "Islamophobe," pal? Or "anti-Muslim," perhaps?

This doesn't mean I consider it trivial with whom such a figure sleeps with. To the contrary. The only sane and sensible thing to do would be to cleanse the US administration -- in every critical department and echelon -- off of every "non-white" [yes, by that I mean all who is not of European-Christian descent] since they have a tendency to drag the US into issues that have nothing to do with her vital (or even non-vital) interests, and end up bullying peoples who, were they left alone, would not want to have anything to do with her.


Diana said...

"Even though she's the single person most likely to be elected President next year..."

I am willing to be ridiculed & called a complete idiot - but I firmly believe that Romney will be nominated and will win the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

JD: This meets the realistic scenario criteria for a 10-year old, but since I'm no neocon, I'm obviously not able to see such things so hidden in plain sight.

Speaking of ages, if nothing else, wouldn't you find it odd that a 60-year-old woman was playing BFF with a 32-year-old girl?

Here's a good trivia question for you: When was the last time that Huma Abedin was NOT less than half as old as Hillary Clinton?

We know that Huma has been working for Hillary since at least 1996, and we have photographic evidence that they have been BFF's since at least May of 2000:

Don't you think it would be a little weird, if, say, George W Bush's BFF for the last decade had been a handsome young 20-something Marine or Treasury Dept Secret Service agent?

PS: Answer to trivia question

1996 Huma 21, Hillary 49
1997 Huma 22, Hillary 50
1998 Huma 23, Hillary 51
1999 Huma 24, Hillary 52
2000 Huma 25, Hillary 53
2001 Huma 26, Hillary 54
2002 Huma 27, Hillary 55
2003 Huma 28, Hillary 56
2004 Huma 29, Hillary 57
2005 Huma 30, Hillary 58
2006 Huma 31, Hillary 59
2007 Huma 32, Hillary 60

Anonymous said...

"The most intriguing part is the claim that even in the face "terrorist" attacks, Hillarity CAN be counselled by a Muslim to "do nothing." This meets the realistic scenario criteria for a 10-year old..."

Perhaps she can't be "counselled" [sic] to do "nothing" but she might be counseled to do nothing against the Saudis. That's essentially what happened after 9/11, right? Afghanistan and Iraq got invaded, but Saudi Arabia, country that produced Bin Laden and most of the 9/11 hijackers -- and that funds mosques teaching a particularly hostile interpretation of Islam in many countries -- didn't get touched. In fact, Bin Laden's whole extended family was flown back to Saudi Arabia a few days after the attacks.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it.

Arabs loath South Asian Muslims, even though their "kingdoms" are filled them because they do all the work. They don't even like them enough to give them citizenship.

What's funny is the way Indian and Pakistani Muslims are so desperate to appease Arab Muslims. It's basically their goal in life to get one of their kids married off to an Arab, which rarely happens.

Anonymous said...

Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton wined & dined by Jobs Outsourcer Tata Consultancy & the Tata Group

Anonymous said...

I doubt it.

Arabs loath South Asian Muslims, even though their "kingdoms" are filled them because they do all the work. They don't even like them enough to give them citizenship.

I don't know about this story, but presumably the intelligence agents of Saudi Arabia would be more pragmatic than your average man on the streets of Riyadh.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon -- I think it's reasonable to ask what sort of influence Rudy's wife or Fred's wife has on their policy. It's reasonable to ask what sort of influence Bill's latest squeeze from Canada (some Heiress) has on his influence on Hillary.

And it's damn straight that if Hillary wants to be considered for President, I want to know what her policies are going to be, wrt her closest lesbian-lover adviser (if that's true) in things Saudi and Pakistani.

Saudis have a nasty habit of spending their way out of domestic turmoil by giving money to their angry young men to go blow up Americans. See 9/11. If Huma counsels "do nothing" to restrict Saudi access to America that's worth discussing. Huma's Mother is a Pakistani national, if Human counsels Hillary to just ignore Osama's capture of Pakistan's nuclear weaponry (or even partial influence -- things in the Turd World are generally of degree not on/off) that's worth knowing.

As far as Jews go, when Jews start flying planes into NYC skyscrapers and the Pentagon, or PA fields, or blowing whacking great holes in US warships, or blowing up African Embassies, or blowing up Marine Barracks, or blowing up Air Force housing in Saudi, or daily threatening "Death to America!" (as in Iran) or openly boasting of "A world without America! and Israel" and taking over our Embassy and various acts of random terror too numerous to mention against the US and citizens around the world, I'll worry about Jewish influence.

Until then I can at least recognize enemies of the United States by the simple expedient of watching how many dead bodies they produce.

What is passing strange is that Saudi Professorship would pass to a Pakistani National who is also a woman. Saudi Arabia is neither the center of feminist affirmative action nor foreign hires -- so it is strange, as is Hillary's reported closeness to a woman far her junior and reliance on Abedin for all things ME. As is Abedin's unexplained source of income -- DC apartments and Designer clothes don't come for free.

MAYBE nothing is at play other than the typical liberal desire for "authenticity" and Hillary's "magical thinking" belief that because Abedin is of Pakistani -- Indian ancestry and a Muslim she has "magic insight" into some "magic deal" that will make everything alright.

Obama the Messiah said the same thing when he remarked that foreign leaders would drop their hostility to America when they learn that he, Obama has a grandmother living in a hut near the shores of Lake Victoria and he himself grew up in Indonesia (btw, another center for Jihad). Obama probably believes that. Because Wealthy, Upper Class white liberals are impressed by it. That at least proves Obama's American bonafides -- it's so mind-bogglingly stupid and naive that only a privileged, condescending liberal could think or say it.

Anyone experienced in the ways of the Turd World know that people like Ahmadinejad don't rise by community organization, but like Che, overseeing tortures and executions (Iranian exiles know him well as do the Hostages). Same for Hassan Nasrallah (the head of Hezbollah), or Osama (who rose to power by killing his mentor Azzim), or for that matter terrorist impresario Imad Mugniyah.

Anonymous said...

Evil Neocon is squirting ink again.

Yes, Hillary is a slime ball of the first order and Rudy has a long and distinguished history of sordid NYC corruption and indecency (how big a dirtball do you have to be for your own kids to support your competitors?). Still, Hillary and Rudy are the neocon’s leadoff batters, so what to do? Sling baseless claims that everyone else is just as slimy.

Fred is a lazy and unimpressive empty suit. Obama is a racially confused, inexperienced and untested young man. Romney is disproportionally passed over or slighted in the MSM despite being the only accomplished candidate academically, professionally and personally. Outsiders like Ron Paul and Kucinich are earnest to a fault. None of these other candidates can touch the slimball history Hillary or Rudy have built for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I assume Bill and Hillary "separated" long before the Lewinsky-thing. You can't get divorced if you want to be president? It's your America.

It would be interesting, anthropologically, if "big man" Hillary took on a sexy young, female lover, though. I wonder if Bill's jealous? Not of Hillary, you understand, but of Huma? I mean, I'm hard-up, but I wouldn't call Monica Lewinsky back if she was interning at my office. "We're out looking for real chicks, let it ring," you know? Guy's probably terrified of sleeping around, lest the press get wind of it. Maybe.

Women's vital romantic lives perfectly overlap with their fertility. There's a Watsonesque unpleasantness to it; it's regarded as disgusting and de facto immoral to conceive by both liberals and conservatives, while all the time being hammer-to-the-face obvious. But maybe Hillary found a solution, of sorts...more power to her!

Like they say, you go girl.

Anonymous said...

President Al Gore should thank you all at his inauguration. Trashing Hillary won't end peoples' disgust with Republicans.

Anonymous said...

President Al Gore should thank you all at his inauguration. Trashing Hillary won't end peoples' disgust with Republicans. - bert

To be sure. Larry Kudlow in The Corner today proclaimed that the GOP has a plan to get back on track with Americans - another corporate tax cut!

Wow, these Republicans are sure tuned in to the people, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hillary got herself a hottie if rumors, lying eyes and common sense are to be believed. It’s amazing she’s kept her pretty young lesbian mistress off the radar for so many years – Huma Abedin doesn’t even have a wiki page despite being the odds-on favorite for the next first lady of the most powerful office on earth.

This seems a very uncommon lesbian relationship. I’ve always see roughly-hewn old lesbians together or, more rarely, young hotties together - not so much a mix between the two like Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. Is this a common relationship for older powerful lesbian women? And where will Bill and his entourage bunk up?

Maybe this is why so many insiders said she could never win before any campaigns even began. Perhaps this is why so many Dem candidates are still hanging in despite Hillary’s seemingly insurmountable lead. If she blows up, the field could become wide open even with Obama and Edwards currently drafting behind Hillary as they both are clearly beatable in a general election.

Hillary’s unspoken love is long-time inside Washington secret that, when exposed, will push her over the edge. First woman president, maybe. First dirtball woman president, maybe if a sympathic MSM sweeps it all under the rug. First chicken hawk lesbian woman president, that’s not going to go down well. It looks like the power brokers current strategy is to try and push an almost equally debauched Rudy as her Republican punching bag (Caligula or Nero – you decide).

Anonymous said...


Now that's a trophy.

From the looks of her, I think she's way outta Hillary's league. I mean, look at what Bill Clinton resorted to -- and he's got far more charisma and persuasive power than Hillary.

So Evil Kneocon, I think if anything Hillary is the fawning, zit-faced teenager and Huma's the unimpressed teacher in this relationship.

But ya, Huma would be hard to ignore. Even the name is vaguely suggestive:


Say it in a whisper, and it would make an excellent perfume brand.

Anonymous said...

Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton - Abedin Family Ties to Al-Qaeda