November 15, 2007

Null set Google search: "Watson's defender"

A month after the James Watson witch hunt, doing a Google search on the entire WWW for "Watson's defender" brings up zero hits, while "Watson's defenders" brings up one page. "In defense of James Watson" finds one page, as does "In defense of James D. Watson."

On the other hand "'James Watson' racist" brings up 173,000 hits.

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Anonymous said...

You are basically right.

However, Dan Carlin make a mild defense in his podcast using a "what if it was true" argument, although the guy craps out in the end saying that he "does not think it is true".

Truth or Consequences

What if scientific research uncovers information we don't want to find? Dan examines the controversial comments by a geneticist and asks: “If it's true, don't you want to know?”

Anonymous said...

And "James Watson was right" gets 9 hits.

Anonymous said...

The Watson scandal was yet another chapter in the long war of Capital vs Labor.

The American chapter of this war started in early colonial america in the late 1600's. THe rich planters wanted ever cheaper labor. The white slave labor pool had dried up. So the black slave labor had to fill the gap. Problem was that the poor whites and blacks were uniting against Capital. They burned Jamestown Va to the ground in 1676 or thereabouts.

The poor whites and blacks were even interbreeding to form a creole race.
So in order to separate the poor white slave descendants from the black slaves, the planters used their power to create a social status gap between blacks and whites. The planters passed laws such as miscegenation laws to prevent the poor whites and blacks from uniting against Capital.

Thus was created the skin color caste that still exists today.

But Labor fought to end black slavery too.

So Capital turned to immigrant labor to drive wages lower and increase capital.

Problem is that now the only cheap labor is from nonwhite nations.

So how do you 1) manufacture consent for mass immigrant from nonwhite nations and 2) how do you manufacture consent for integrating the nonwhites into the labor force so as to drive up the supply of labor and decrease wages and increase profits? That is the problem that Capital faces now.

the best way to integrate cheap nonwhite immigrant labor is to remove the skin color caste. So that is what Capital is doing. And that is why it is TABOO to speak of genetic differences that might cause the white american majority to look down on nonwhite immigrant labor.

It is all about the Benjamins, you see.


Anonymous said...

Sure, a lot more people are criticizing him than defending him. However, your attempts to demonstrate this with google searches shows more about your competence at search than the scarcity of Watson's defenders.

"Watson's defender" implies that there is just one defender. Most of the sites defending him turn to the data, not a specific defender (If htey did, they might not be called 'defender' in any case). '"James Watson" racist' will bring up articles calling him a racist as well as articles defending him from that charge.

Anonymous said...

We had a guy up here in Canada once who basically said to himself..."I can't believe they love me so much and they elected me...lets see...who around me can I trust?...and then, I will unleash the greatest social experiment on the these unsuspecting nincompoops...Canadians.". We got Trudeaupia. Look it up.
Google founders are doing the same. They think they can rejig human thinking by "handling" the information that gets out.
Sorry for the the ad hominem and vulgar come back but..."what morons".
Good luck Google at trying to influence the "self-helping" half of the mean.
Hope I'm clear but I am very angry.
It is important that we see through the jibberish in the media that hides the scientific questions behind these courses of study.

Anonymous said...

The Question: Who is Jeopardy?

Oddly enough, in the midst of all this controversy, the Final Jeopardy question for the first half of the Tournament of Champions Final was none other than "Who is James B Watson."

Even with the controversy all in the news, 2 of the finalists missed it.