November 26, 2007

Sen. Trent Lott quitting -- Gotta be more to the story, right?

The guy just got re-elected, he's GOP Whip in the Senate, and now he's resigning.

Well, when something weird is going on with a Republican politician, the automatic Google search is:

[politician's name] gay

How big a role do you think blackmail plays in politics these days? If you had a list of all the gay Republicans, plus incriminating photos of them, how much power could you wield in Washington?

In the comments, Tommy points to a story saying:

"So, aides said, the senator decided to leave by year’s end to circumvent new lobbying rules — instituted by Congress this year and effective in 2008 — that that would bar members from lobbying their colleagues after two years. The so-called “revolving door” policy in effect now keeps former members from lobbying their colleagues for one year. The changes were made in the wake of the scandal surrounding former lobbyist Jack Abramoff."

So, perhaps Lott isn't resigning over being with a male whore. Instead, he wants to be a male whore (lobbyist division).


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is more to the story, but I don't know if it is what you're thinking.

Steve Sailer said...

So, you're saying Lott isn't resigning for consorting with male whores? Instead, he wants to be a male whore (lobbyist division) and cash in before some new law takes effect?

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy, American politics has gotten pretty weird recently.

Maybe this is the real reason the GOP seems so strongly opposed to Gay Marriage. After all, most guys tend to have mixed feelings about the regular kind of marriage...

Anonymous said...

I think the explanation is a lot more simple. Trent Lott has tasted power. Even though he's no longer the Senate majority leader, he still commands considerable power. The Democrats do not control the Senate, as they have Bush's veto to contend with.

After 2008, the Democrats will probably widen their lead in the House and Senate and there will be rubber stamp Democratic vote in the White House. That would put Lott in a much worse position compared to what he has enjoyed in the past, or what he even enjoys currently.

rho said...

I agree with tommy that basically Trent Lott has left a bunch of money on the table by being a (relatively) clean Senator. His wife is the sister-in-law of notorious trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs.

No, I think it more likely that Senator Lott is simply moving to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Here's another:
Robert D. Novak: The first impression is that he is quitting to get under the wire of the new lobbying restrictions. If he was going to quit, he should not have run for re-election last year.

Anonymous said...

Instead, he wants to be a male whore (lobbyist division) and cash in before some new law takes effect?

No, he's already a whore and has been for decades. He just wants to go from being an underpaid streetwalker to a high-class call boy.

Anonymous said...

I find that the search _________ gay is also an effective means of taunting cyber snoops...

Anonymous said...

The entire phone system in the USA is compromised at the chip level and/or software level by Israeli intelligence. This was exposed by Carl Cameron of FoxNews a few years back. The facts he uncovered went completely unchallenged by any government official. It was an extensive multi-part investigation that you can find documented on the internet. I suppose Americans are not supposed to be upset by this news because of our "special relationship" with Israel.

The relevant search terms are telecommunications firms Amdocs and Comverse Infosys.

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?

This state of affairs is probably not personally relevant for individual low-profile American citizens - yet. But it's highly relevant for politicians and their constituents. The creepiest tidbit of information to come out of the Lewinsky Affair was our President matter-of-factly informing his squeeze that a "third party" was listening in on their phone calls. In other words, his administration did not have the power to prevent the eavesdropping.

It is reasonable to assume that every politician in the country (down to the level of city council) has been targeted for "control" through telephone surveillance for at least several years. Obviously the computing power exists to database huge numbers of phone calls. Not only the content of the calls but the names and numbers called. I know I was surprised to hear about the city council members in Maryland recently prohibiting Israeli junkets. Yes, the Lobby apparently has been sending entire city councils on tours of Israel. So there is lots of carrot to go along with the stick.

Ban on Political Junkets to Israel Deals Blow to Lobbying Efforts

If you're wondering why your representative behaves like a mysteriously controlled puppet on certain issues, it could be because of his long phone record history is being used against him. If you're wondering why there are hardly any politicians at the top level who don't behave as puppets on certain issues, it could be because all of the would-be "independent thinkers" have been successfully targeted earlier in their careers.

All of that being said, I think Lott is ready to move on from the Senate. He believes himself to be vice-president material. Guiliani-Lott or McCain-Lott etc.

Garland said...

Yeah, he's been a male whore (cheap labor division) for a while now, but that just gets you campaign money.

Anonymous said...

How many other prominent Republicans have decided not to run next time, resigned for unstated reasons, or resigned in disgrace? I suspect there's either blackmail or evidence of scandal about to break that's going to land on a lot of these guys. There have been a lot of weird things surrounding Bush's relationship with Congress that suggest some kind of blackmail or something going on, including both surprising votes by Democrats and Republicans following the Bush administration off a cliff on stuff like immigration and the ongoing push for war with Iran.

The lobbying rule explanation doesn't make any sense to me. It's very hard for me to believe he can't do better for himself as minority whip than as a lobbyist, and even harder for me to believe he'd have run for re-election planning to resign like this.

The explanation about not wanting to be out of power makes even less sense. He's been in congress quite awhile, now, and has suffered some reverses (including the whole weird purge he got for his Strom Thurmond comment). He's had plenty of opportunities to quit rather than accept loss of power before....

Anonymous said...

Uh, I am straight and I have several close gay friends. Also have close hetero male friend.

My gay pals and I go out to movies and dinner from time to time. Sometimes we go to the gym together.

We do not have sex.

Have any of you ever heard of this?

Anonymous said...

After 2008, the Democrats will probably widen their lead in the House and Senate and there will be rubber stamp Democratic vote in the White House.

The mainstream opinion seems to be that Repubs quitting office will give the Dems more chances to gain more seats.

However, he opposite may be the case. The Republicans might benefit by having some fresher faces running.

The Repub. old guard didn't do well in the last Congressional elections, but what does that prove? I think it shows that we need different Republicans.

It's defeatist to assume that the USA is doomed to be run by its enemies.

Anonymous said...

If there were any skeletons in his cupboard, you'd think they'd have been exposed after the Strom Thurmond controversy, when everybody seemed to be out to get him.

Anonymous said...

"The Republicans might benefit by having some fresher faces running."

Agreed. Good riddance to Trent Lott.

Anonymous said...

In college Trent Lott was a male cheerleader. Wonder if that has anything to do with anything?

It is our politicians who have created this Brave New World with the large gaping hole between rich and poor where to be anybody at all you have to have tens of millions. Now in order to compete in that world they are becoming whores upon leaving office.

Within just a few years of leaving office Bill Clinton and Al Gore have each created vast fortunes for themselves built on the favors they cut while in elective office. It is the huge, underreported story of our day. Clinton is worth at least $50 million (probably way more), and Gore at least $100 million. It is an unprecedented sum of money for anyone to acquire so quickly for no obvious reason. It is the new and improved form of buying influence.

But the test case happened long before Clinton and Gore. The test case was Maria Cantwell. Cantwell was a member of the House of Representatives who was defeated in 1994. After leaving office a political ally offered her a job with RealNetworks and she cashed in when it went public. Then, of course, the stock pretty much crashed. But she used her money to buy her way into the Senate.