December 4, 2007

Not dead yet

Although the reigning hope among the great and the good has been that 79-year-old James Watson would just go away and die quietly, I suspect we haven't heard the last from the old boy yet.

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DiverCity said...

That's a mighty cryptic statement there, Steve. One wonders what information you have that you're not yet ready to share....

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Watson is working on something. Retirement seems to be a death sentence for very productive people - and Watson's retirement was sudden and forced, and a major injustice. Not good for the man.

Sacrificed on the altar of diversity. This is how our world treats its great minds.

They, too, are to be destroyed in the all-engulfing pursuit of making self-identified black people feel better about themselves...strike that. Rather say, the pursuit of making not-self-identified white people feel better about themselves (superior to each other).

"We have no higher goal than diversity." How many times have we read that, from leaders corporate and political? They mean it.