March 6, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton

Now that there's still a chance that Hillary Clinton could wind up in the White House, I want to ask: Does anybody have a clue how the White House would function with a First Gentleman who is also an ex-President? Doesn't this seem like the premise for a farce? It writes itself!

I presume F.G. Bill wouldn't attend the President's first-thing-in-the-morning National Security briefings -- but only because he didn't get up in time for them the whole first year he was President

Exactly what would Bill's role be? Pillow talk advisor? But do they sleep together? I don't know. This is something that I haven't wanted to know, but it seems like the kind of thing the voters should know in order to make an informed choice. (Similarly, what is the financial relationship between Hillary and Bill, who is always jetting off to Boratstan to introduce Rich Mining Honcho X to President-for-Life Y. Do they file their taxes jointly? Oh, wait, Hillary has been too busy to release her taxes...)

Granted, it's unseemly for the voters to have to know that kind of thing, but, in the big picture, it's unseemly, even banana republicy, for the country to elect the term-limited ex-leader's wife to be the new Glorious Leader.

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braindead said...

We all know what Bill's role in the White House really was, don't we? And it's not that they have stopped taking in interns, have they? So now we have prez. Hillary having to worry about Obama, Osama, Ahmadni?\%$' (whatever his name is), the latest Israeli stunt in the ME, amnestia, sub-prime meltdown, keeping Angela away from Vladimir and ...Bill doin it AGAIN.

Ha ha ha, this will really be so much more entertaining than another AA black nationalist with all the vitriol, divisiveness, pontificating, ill-feeling and stupid black political programs which anybody interested can go look up in South Africa or Zimbabwe.

braindead said...

The more I think about it the more exciting the idea of Hillary in the WH becomes. What a bore Osama or McAmnesty would be compared to the gal + ex-rock star. I reckon America is ready for this change er (sorry delete that), I mean comedy.

Jeff Burton said...

When you look over the list of early first ladies, many of them were not wives (daughters and nieces mostly, I think). Since it has been a kind of appointed role in the past, it could be again.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we know there won't be another Lincoln Bedroom scandal if Hillary Clinton wins out. After all, that's where Bill will be sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Boratstan? Nice. :D

My favorite is "Waziristan." It happens to be an actual country, no kidding -- sorry, every time I hear it, I crack up. I have no idea what it means, although the first part could be a variant of the Ottoman word "vezeer" -- in which case, I still don't know what it means since it makes as much sense as "Ministeria."

Also, braindead, for Ahmadn... etc., try Craig Ferguson's joke: Ah-ma-dinner-jacket. :P


tommy said...

Exactly what would Bill's role be? Pillow talk advisor? But do they sleep together? I don't know.

A relative who worked in the Secret Service during the first Bush and Clinton administrations told me that they do not sleep together.

That could be because of Bill's philandering or because of Hillary's alleged sexual proclivities. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

The Clintons and, to a lesser extent, the Obamas demonstrate the downsides of electing formerly non-affluent people to high office: once they get a taste for a little money, they can't stop themselves from raking it in, no matter how unseemly the opportunity. At least you know that if we had a President Romney or Perot they wouldn't be doing sleazy deals in Kazakhstan after they got out of office.

- Fred

Anonymous said...

When I heard about Hillary's ad showing the White House phone ringing at 3 AM, and how she's uniquely prepared for that, all I could picture was Bill being on the other end of the line, needing a ride home from some bar he'd ended up at with Vernon Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

President of Argentina

Wife of former President of Argentina

Sad when Argentinian politicians look clean and relatively uncorrupt compared to their US presidential candidates.

DYork said...

This here's Miss Hillary Clinton. I'm Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Both Hillary and Obama would face serious challenges from Zawahari, Ahmadinejad, Assad, whoever is running Pakistan, Putin, Chavez, the hard-left nutbags running the Dem Party, and China.

Because they are perceived as weak, pushovers. Obama would likely be the weaker version of Jimmy Carter. Hillary?

She's likely to be a bit more forceful, but not much. There's nothing in her character or experience that has prepared her for a man as ruthless as ex-KGB Putin (HIS enemies get shot in elevators, drink Polonium laced tea, or fall out of windows) or Ahmadinejad (made his bones by executing people for Khomeni and torturing our hostages).

These are serious, dangerous people who have gotten where they are by killing people. Personally in both cases.

As obnoxious and objectionable as he is, McCain is the "safer" bet because no one questions his testicular fortitude. He's likely not to be tested as much.

Martin said...


Maybe his job would be stay home, bake cookies and sing "Stand By Your...nah, not his scene.

Ex-President Clinton seems much more like a Garth Brooks "I Got Friends In Low Places" kind of guy.

LemmusLemmus said...

There's a screenplay in there.

But seriously, Bill Clinton never made it a secret that Hillary had quite a bit of influence on his presidential politics. It wouldn't be much of a change. They're a team.

Argent Paladin said...

My first question is, and I'm sure Bill's as well, does the First Gentlemen get interns assigned to him?
It'll actually be a huge money drain for them because as First Gentleman, Bill will have to speak for free, not for hundreds of thousands per speech.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read "American Evita", a biography of Hillary by Christopher Andersen? Really damning stuff, if it's credible, about the ruthless double-dealings of the Clintons.

none of the above said...

tommy: I carry no water for Hillary, but I assume if I got caught sleeping off on my wife, she'd toss my a-- out of the bedroom, too. This seems like a fairly obvious explanation....

michael farris said...

But H Clinton does have a spell in the senate to her credit. Think of Hillary as the Nicole Kidman of politics. She got in the limelight due to her husband, but she's now a power player by her own merits now.

It's not like Mrs Putin (or Mrs Argentina) was pulled out of nowhere to run for president for her hubby.

I'm really not wanting a republican president who's over 70 and can't be bothered with issues that aren't expressions of country and military honor. So the question for me is Clinton or Obama?

What tips the scales toward Clinton for me (even though I don't like either Clinton) is that I can imagine her in the more mundane parts of the job, dealing with a recalcitrant congress or staring down a hostile "ally" (without getting into more fuckups like Iraq).

Nothing in Obama's public persona gives me any indication that he's up to that (yet). He's a people pleaser who runs out of tricks when his charm doesn't work (which it very often won't).

There is evidence that he can play political hardball, but the moment he does that he loses his base of idealistic young white people who didn't think their hip black friend could be so mean. I do think Obama is presidential material, just not yet.

Anonymous said...

"Sad when Argentinian politicians look clean and relatively uncorrupt compared to their US presidential candidates."

There have been suggestions that the Kirchners have used their pull with the relevant government bureaucrats to fudge Argentina's official rate of inflation, in an attempt to minimize the negative effects of their populist economic policy (which has included letting the peso languish at a third of its former pegged parity to the dollar to spur exports and tourism). Of the Feds here do something a little similar with their focus on "core inflation" which excludes food and energy prices.

- Fred

Anonymous said...

It's not like Mrs Putin (or Mrs Argentina) was pulled out of nowhere to run for president for her hubby.

The current president of Argentina was, like Hillary, a senator before succeeding her husband in the Pink House (that's what they call it down there).

- Fred

SFG said...

I dunno. Any woman who sleeps with Bill will be cuckolding the President. They might be a little scared.

Anonymous said...

This troika is too good to be true: the first all-affirmative action and legacy preference race in US history. I think.

Let's see, Mrs. Clinton is there only because she is a female, McCain got his start only because his father was an admiral, although to be somewhat fair, he did endure torture, and Obama is there because he is black.

You have to go back to Bill Clinton to find someone who started out with no advantages of the usual sort, but admiration has been muted since he picked up a severe sexual compulsion along the way.

Really, instead of ending preferences, we should just add more until everyone qualifies. I'm going to go work on mine right now.

Sideways said...

We need to enact an anti-nepotism Amendment. If your father, mother, spouse, sibling, or ex-spouse was in Congress/president, you cannot run for any of those offices. I'd also like you banned from governmental bureaucracy, but that won't ever happen

Anonymous said...

The current President of Argentina, Mrs. Kirchner, wife of the former term-limited President got millions of dollars in cash from Hugo Chavez.

Big scandal. A courier was arrested in Buenos Aires and another in Miami.

Fun times.

Anonymous said...

Steve is right: Obama is a much more interesting person than Billary. Obama has all sorts of complex emotional baggage, but with the Clintons its just plain old fashioned greed and corruption.

Anonymous said...

If its McCain vs Obama this fall I'll vote for Obama. But if its McCain vs Clinton I'll vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the personalization of the Hillary candidacy coming from the right and now the MSM.

My issue with her is massive medical welfare. Do we want that? On the down side, it's welfare. On the up side, it would primarily benefit the aging Boomers. If Boomers are healthier, they can contribute more to the economy and even compete with immigrants for certain kinds of jobs. It would be a nice balance of power and also could make the country happier and more productive overall.

But then again, it is an expansion of the welfare state that in the long term could be crippling.