March 16, 2008

Rezko, Wright, and Alinsky: Three Aspects of Obama's Chicago

From my new column:

Meanwhile, a very different side of Obama is also finally surfacing in the press due to the federal corruption trial of Obama's political patron Tony Rezko. As I wrote in April 2007:

"Does this mean that the idea of all that is pure and holy being embodied in a Chicago politician was ridiculous from the beginning?

"Why, yes, it does mean that."

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported that Obama was even deeper in Fat Tony's debt than he had previously revealed:

"But in a 90-minute interview with Tribune reporters and editors, Obama disclosed that Rezko had raised more for Obama's earlier political campaigns than previously known, gathering as much as $250,000 for the first three offices he sought." [Obama: I Trusted Rezko, By David Jackson, March 15, 2008]

Hilariously, Obama told the Tribune that he never dreamt that Rezko would ever ask him for a favor in return for all the favors Rezko had done for him:

"Trying to put his past with Antoin "Tony" Rezko behind him, presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday said he never thought the now-indicted Chicago businessman would try to take advantage of him because his old friend had never asked for a political favor."

That reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer has the local mob boss, who, coincidentally enough, is named Fat Tony, drive out Marge Simpson's competition in the pretzel business. Inevitably, Fat Tony (whose voice is provided by Chicago actor Joe Mantegna) later asks Homer for a favor in return:

Fat Tony: Now, Homer, as you no doubt recall, you were done a favor by our, uh, how shall I say...Mafia Crime Syndicate.

Homer: Oh yeah.

Fat Tony: Now the time has come for you to do us a favor.

Homer [Self-righteously appalled]: You mean the mob only did me a favor to get something in return? … [Heartbroken] Oh, Fat Tony! … [Sternly] I will say good day to you, sir!

Fat Tony [Meekly]: OK. I will go.

[Fat Tony walks away in shame]

Fat Tony: [Realizing what just happened] Wait a minute!

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Truth said...

Hey, we do want groundbreakers as president, and Obama has to be the first mulatto/ black racist/ Muslim / communist/ liberal mafioso in the history of the world.

Anonymous said...

The appeal to the status-striving yuppies is not the same as the amount of money that can be extracted from them.

THAT is the mistake Obama and Dems are making, and what Hillary knows. What Bill knew too.

Mercedes and Volvo and BMW make up lots of sales in DOLLAR AMOUNTS. But pale to that of Toyota and GM and Ford in UNIT AMOUNTS for basic people movers.

Since every vote counts the same, appealing to the BMW set in politics is a loser. Even if it's a winner commercially.

McCain with no ads or campaigning and the Media against him and presenting Obama as the messiah leads Obama. Imagine what 527's with "God Damn America" and doubtless worse with Obama nodding along on video will do.

Anonymous said...

Obama had apparently also sought out the council of former SDS/Weathermen terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers, now a "Disguished Professor of Education at UI Chicago, built bombs in basements (not very good ones, and not very well).

Dohrn, speaking at an SDS meeting, prasied the Manson family for their revolutionary zeal in carrying out the Tate/LaBianca murders. She should be reminded of this at every public oppurtunity. Anybody sitting in on one of her classes (she's a law professor at Northwestern) - be sure to ask her if she still supports the social activism of Charles Manson.

These are the wise grey-beards from whom Obama sought enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Martin. Steyn and VDH are right: Obama is socially isolated, knows and understands little about the majority in this country: working class white men (25% of the vote, the largest slice), and white men and women in the middle class.

That sort of thing puts a frisson of fear in the comfortable yuppies as they go to see "Funny Games" or the non-art house version, Eli Roth's "Hostel" (or the gore hounds of age 17-22 male). But that's it. Most everyone else puts a mental tick "vote McCain. If needed, volunteer and donate."

Because they can visualize their families and themselves as Manson's victims. Not a "cool, hyperviolent version of themselves" as the killers. Big difference.

Obama is too socially isolated to get this.

Anonymous said...

"Trying to put his past with Antoin "Tony" Rezko behind him, ..."

Its just amazing how the MSM gives people like Obama breaks for really serious conduct. Average whites have their careers destroyed for silly utterings in jest, but the press lays out a red carpet for crooks as long as they fit the PC mould.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, we do want groundbreakers as president, and Obama has to be the first mulatto/ black racist/ Muslim / communist/ liberal mafioso in the history of the world."

Nah, there have been a few of those already. José Eduardo dos Santos in Angola for instance; hey just look at the great job he did there, killing off the indigenous Africans in a war which cost about half a million lives. Oh don't worry, that's only Africa which is by default held to lower ethical standard.

Anonymous said...

Wright, Rezko, Michelle, and Ayers & Dohrn: the makings of Obama's downfall have never been clearer.

I do have hope for Obama's political future though. I think that given the similarity of his campaign tactics to African-style Big Man Politics, he could easily go to Kenya and get elected. Then he'd get the experience he needs and we could see first hand his ability to build bridges and heal racial/tribal divisions.

Plus, he'd come back more than rich enough to fund his own campaign.

Anonymous said...

The Ayers/Dohrn "connection" is bullshit.

As for the VDare article, it's a little silly. So Obama is personally ambitious and tries to use effective real-world means to get power? Who does that remind me of? Let's see...every other successful politician on earth! Certainly including John McCain.

It's like Steve is whining that it's unfair that a black guy identified with the left would actually figure out how to get somewhere in American politics.

However, Steve is absolutely correct that the Wright connection may sink Obama yet.

Anonymous said...

Please correct the typos in the VDare article. I'd love to send it to my currently Obama-supporting brother, but I know they'll bother him.

Anonymous said...

Some of you might be interested in knowing someone has started a Rezko Watch blog.

Anonymous said...

"mq said...

The Ayers/Dohrn "connection" is bullshit."

Oh really?

From the Politico article:

"Neither Ayers nor the Obama campaign would describe the relationship between the two men. Dr. Young described Obama and Ayers as “friends,” but there’s no evidence their relationship is more than the casual friendship of two men who occupy overlapping Chicago political circles and who served together on the board of a Chicago foundation."

What would you say if John McCain had once had a "casual friendship" with Timothy McVeigh? A man who was different than Ayers/Dohrn only in that he was actually successful as a terrorist.