April 13, 2008

Obama's Civil Rights Vision: "Who? Whom?"

On VDARE.com, I read through the two "civil rights" plans on the official BarackObama.com campaign website: "Obama's 'Civil Rights' Vision: Quotas, Increased Crime, More Socialism."

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Anonymous said...

If you think about this, Obama is really accepting the opinion of most liberals that blacks are inferior, so he is in effect through his "civil rights" asking for compensation for that fact.

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit I only read the original article now. Apart from a few typos it was really interesting and well argued. The problem you are having nowadays is that you are glutting your blog and VDare with excellent articles so you are fatiguing your readership and the quality and quantity of comments go down, unless there is a pick of a sexy chick like the Foreign Aid moms or Alicia Keys.

So it seems the thing to do is follow the auto industry and somehow include a pic of a gorgeous chick with each article. I mean you're smart enough to find some convoluted connection between the pic and the article, right?

Anonymous said...

Obama's popularity is a great example of how so many high IQ whites will enthusiastically support their own fleecing. They have done so for decades and decades and decades.

It is masochism done by whites for their own psychological benefit. Before there was Christianity, but now that people spend less time staring at statues of bloody mutilated people they find other ways to flog themselves.

In short, this is the crap you get where only well educated whites are in power. This why WN is just a fantasy.

Stopped Clock said...

Thank you for posting this article. I was beginning to drift off into a daydream in which Obama was elected president and turned out to be not all that bad.

Anonymous said...

It's important to realize that, even though Obama will emerge as a liberal/left politician if elected, he will make a big swing to the center for the general election. He will have to assuage Michelle in their private hours (is Krugman's wife the reason for his throwback quasi-communism, as in publicly no no-ing Barrack's daring use of the word "choice"). In the end, after the sound and fury media coverage, McCain will be elected. Voters vote 15 IQ points smarter than you might think watching cable news and Obama is unqualified. Also, he will go down in the crucial swing states OH, FL, and MO with a significant hick white American Idol voter component. Hillary and Al Gore would be logical choices out of the convention, but foresight never seems to be part of the dem convention circus.

Anonymous said...

It's taken me a while to realize that Obama's promise is not to bridge the racial/cultural gap in America, but to bridge the racial/cultural gap in the *democratic party*. He brings together [Ivy League, technologically savvy, environmentalist, post-gender, gay-friendly, Utopian whiteness] with [angry, tribal, militant, charismatic blackness]. The proposed covenant has never has actually promised to include (except in the most superficial rhetorical sense) the various aspects of American society that make up the Republican party (economic and social conservatives, etc).

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter's interpretation of "racist" granny in Dreams From My Father is awesomely devastating:


It is clear that Obama's charge during his race speech of overhearing his grandma make "numerous" racist statements was nothing less than a vicious and total lie. If it was true he would have had a better example of this in his book than his grandpa's interpretation (not even a quote) of why his wife was afraid of a crazy panhandler.

And note, even in his book he immediately lumps his grandfather with his grandmother as racist, despite, even in the context of the story that Obama has full artistic license to control, the grandfather is going to near Soviet extremes to punish his own wife for her alleged thought crimes!

So even if every last white person in America was as extremist as Obama's antiracist grandfather, they would still fall short of what Obama believes white America "owes" blacks in thought and deed.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter's interpretation of "racist" granny in Dreams From My Father is awesomely devastating

It is. Ann is a master of snark an cattiness, and we love her for it. But it is also the same stuff Steve wrote X weeks ago.

I don't remember exactly how many months ago it was that Steve started blogging about Obama (it feels like its been years), but he stole a march on the entire media and (so far as I can tell) blogosphere by the simple formula of choosing one of the lesser-known candidates, actually reading the man's own autobiography, and then writing critically and cynicaly about it.

Anonymous said...

wow. I never thought I'd admire something written by Ann Coulter. She took the words out of almost everybody's mouth.