April 11, 2008

"Obama's Mr. Wright"

From my "Obama's Mr. Wright" article in the April 7, 2008 issue of The American Conservative on why the press overlooked for so long the obvious fact that Barack Obama wasn't actually Tiger Woods:

"That Barack Obama is black offers the country a potential advantage: it makes his intellectual sophistication and verbal adeptness more acceptable to the bulk of voters, many of whom found Al Gore and his 1330 SAT score too inhumanly cerebral to trust. If Obama, a superb prose stylist, were white, he’d be written off as an effete intellectual. But white voters are hungry for a well-educated role model for blacks. And blacks see the preppie from paradise’s membership in Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ as evidence that he’s keepin’ it real."


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Anonymous said...

"But we can’t know unless he honestly answers informed questions."
He's surely not the only one who's getting a pass on all sorts of things?
"Mr. Blair, at a single session the other morning, probably took more questions than either John Kerry or Mr. Bush did at news conferences throughout their entire campaigns."

-- Adam Nagourney, The New York Times, May 2005
Not that the British system guarantees honest answers, or the keenest questions, let alone better leaders, but wouldn't it be good if politicians got away with a little less stage-management?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Obama saying he didn't personally hear Rev. Wright's more egregious statements in all those years sound a whole lot like President Clinton saying "I didn't inhale"?

Anonymous said...

They are weasel words. And point to the contradictions of Obama -- he's a hard, angry, Black Nationalist who is Communist and hates America and Whites.

Yet he must conceal that. He tries. But it keeps slipping through.

Anonymous said...

You know I've also noticed some of the parrellels between Al Gore and Obama. Neither men have any sense of humor. They're incredibly stiff, with blank faces. When they attempt humor, their jokes aren't funny. When they attempt regular people stuff like bowling, they become the joke.

But for Obama these are all positives, because by playing the upper class nerd he fights the stereotype of the average black man in people's minds.

Truth said...


Obama (103 posts) just passed "politics" (102) as the most popular topic in the 10 plus year history of isteve.blogspot.com.

What's amazing is that he was in the single digits a few months ago.

What's more amazing is that our two term president "W" and his father combined are credited with a grand total of SIX!

Not to be unfair, McCain and Clinton (both of them) have totaled 9 posts COMBINED.

Anonymous said...

In related news, Coulter has pretty clearly been reading isteve, because she's saying what Steve said three weeks ago (or whenever it was that Obama threw Grandma under the bus).

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask Obama if he is black or white.

I wonder what his answer would be.