April 30, 2008

Rev. Wright: Black Internationalist

Back in the winter of 2007 I used the term "black nationalist" to describe Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, but on further reflection, that can give the wrong impression of Wright's politics. "Black nationalism" tends to imply a fairly conservative form of separatism with an important role for capitalism. Although, judging from his Porsche and the mansion he's building in a gated community, Rev. Wright is a talented capitalist himself, his ideology, which attracted Obama to him, might better be described as "black internationalist."

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J. said...

Your exploration of Obama is unique and interesting. You could write a book on him.

Regarding black internationalism (Rev. Dr. Wright), that is a Third World ideology. Since Franz Fannon and Bandung, it has been invariably statist, that is, for State ownership of the means of production. Definitely anti-capitalist. Rev. Wright's personal taste for luxury does not mean that ideologically he is a capitalist. Third World black internationalist leaders - when in power - invariably impose statist policies while collecting fast cars, large palaces, Swiss bank accounts, etc. Obama may be a sensitive artiste, but his wife is not. Imagine her reigning in the White House (and in Washington social scene).

Anonymous said...

Steve, the vast majority of self-described "Black Nationalists" in America have been some sort of socialists/communists/marxists.

mnuez said...

I just watched the entirety of Wright's Press Club thingamagigee (Fox's version so the very beginning and/or very end may have been slightly cut) and I have no understanding of what requires such vociferous denunciation.

What exactly did Wright say that's so beyond the pale that it's somehow obvious to one and all that he needs to be condemned from every media outlet?

I certainly have a distinctly different view regarding Israel and Jewish matters as well (to varying degrees) regarding many of the other issues that he raised, but seriously now, did he really say anything so wild that he needs the InstaCondemnation?

(And anyone silly enough to bring up the AIDS thingamagigee wasn't listening closely enough to the nuanced explanation he offered. for all I know, he may have been less nuanced about it some other time, but in this particular talk he simply pointed out that there are evil folk in the gov't who have awesome power and and can - theoretically - do some really bad shit, as history has clearly demonstrated. Do any of us disagree? I mean, sure, AIDS WASN'T a plot to get rid of the black man and 9/11 WASN'T orchestrated by Bush's oil buddies, but should a Presidential candidate have to lose a close friendship with someone over that friend's nuanced claim that such matters COULD POSSIBLY have been brought about by some evil buerocrats? Heck, more than a couple of YOU READERS would feel morally safe in creating a virus to kill out African Americans if you could. So such a plan is not totally insane and I fail (still) to see anything that Wright said that was so beyond the pale of acceptable public conversation.)


mnuez said...

It appears that the Fox Youtubes were of the Q&A only. I'm watching the actual speech now and it's obvious why Barack needs to (probably dishonestly) denounce the man whom he referred to as his pastor.

This guy's all about Blacks.

And while that's just fine for a minister for black people, that would be a frightening sort of character to have in the White House.

It would seem to me therefore that Steve's explanation of the thing is quite good. Barack DID make himself into a SuperBlack and join this church for precisely that reason. I'm pretty sure that Barack is NOT of that mind at this time (the more power you have the larger a heart you can have - in victory magnanimity) but he likely WAS in the past and likely used to Amen Wright's endless Black/White harangues.

Hey, I personally don't care (provided that I'm right about his CURRENT mindset) but the masses live on "gotcha!"s in choosing their Favorite Famous Folk and a past "gotcha!" like this could give a LOT of people pause.


anony-mouse said...

Wonder who his servants are.

David Davenport said...

anony-mouse said...
Wonder who his servants are.

Mexicans of the extra short variety. They're less likely to get uppity with the Missus.

Anonymous said...

Wright is from Black America, and White America is not used to seeing this sort of stuff at the National Press Club and on mainstream news, where it is usually kept as scarce as a black rape suspect's photo. When whites in fly-over country see somebody like Wright on TV, their physiologic reaction is the same as to a physical threat. Thus my hypothesis, that white voters will pull the lever for McCain reflexively as a matter of perceived self-defense. (I'd add that if I bothered to vote, it would be for Ron Paul.)

Obama is probably going to win the Democratic nomination, but he is not going to shake this albatross in the general election.

Josh said...

Jerry has a huge mansion in a white town. He's got a Porsche. He may enjoy the warm sensuous embrace of women like Barbara Walters. He 's got it all. But what did he GIVE? Did he help to make his community better? Did he make it more prosperous--and I mean innately prosperous,not just stealing white peoples money under the guise of social programs. Did he leave his people better able to make their way in the world(the real one)? I would guess...no. He made them feel good,and maybe gave them succor--in hard times. He did all the things a pastor should do,probably.Performed weddings--er,at least ONE heh heh--and funerals. So I dont begrudge him the devotion of his congregants,but guys like him and his pals Barry and Michelle get all these opportunities,and they love to spout all their drivel,but thewy dont really DO things to fix the problems they see. The huge house,the Porsche,the media hotdogging all point to Jerry Wright as being a boob...