May 29, 2008

Huma's back, but who's got her?

We haven't checked in since November on Hillary Clinton and her Saudi-raised "body woman" Huma Abedin, whom some have theorized is an undercover plant of the Saudi intelligence service, but the NY Daily News is keeping a lookout for us:

"Yes, I'm hot for Hillary Clinton's 'body woman,' Congressman Weiner admits"

The skeptical comments from Daily News readers are crass but amusing.

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Anonymous said...

That would be an interesting relationship, a presumably Muslim woman and a Jewish man.

Anonymous said...

It would not be the first. Paul Wolfowitz and his girlfriend, a Muslim woman who worked at the World Bank, would be the political pioneers.

Anonymous said...

According to Islam, you get involved with a Muslim woman and you've got to become a Muslim or you'll get it. It will be interesting to see how these relationships play out. This was really a big deal in Spain during the Reconquista -- lots of Muslim women were martyred for shacking up with Christians and professing the Christian faith.

Anonymous said...

"whom some have theorized is an undercover plant of the Saudi intelligence service"

From my experiences with Saudis, I doubt they're that competent. Plus, their extreme sexism must get in the way of developing good female undercover agents. I suppose you never know, though.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Huma is going to be burned at the stake anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Given everyone's (on the Left, anyway) concerns with Obama and his possible appointment with an assassin, I've been wondering about the Islamic belief that the son of a Muslim is a Muslim. Does that make Obama an apostate, with a bounty on his head to be collected by any Muslim with the inclination to send him to Allah?


Anonymous said...

Once you go Arab you don't go back.

Once you go Saud you don't go back.

(need some help here)

-Senor Doug

agnostic said...

How about:

Once you go Saudi, all others look dowdy.

Anonymous said...

david said...

I don't think Huma is going to be burned at the stake anytime soon.

How about her lesser Muslim sisters in France and the Netherlands, where there are large Muslim populations?

As a matter of fact, a Muslim girl was kidnapped and duct-taped by family members in Marysville - a town north of Seattle - several years ago for dating a Christian boy. She was lucky she was found before her throat was cut.

TGGP said...

agnostic, I'm surprised you didn't link to this on the apostate issue.

Anonymous said...


Is that the Muslim faith operating in your examples - or, alternatively, is it typical of criminal behavior patterns in that demographic?

You know which demographic I mean.

Lots of freaky, horrifying stuff goes down the 'hood and always has. Wherever the 'hood may be.

How many white Swedes convert to Islam, and of those who do, how many behave this way?

You could preach Christianity to these new Americans and new Europeans until you're blue in the face, and the end result would probably be...Obama. And Rev. Wright.

The problem is immigration, not culture, and not religion.

(I am an agnostic btw.)