May 8, 2008

"I am King-Ton. As overlord, all will kneel trembling before me and obey my brutal commands." [Crosses arms] "End communication."

The Washington Post reports:

A powerful federal arts commission is urging that the sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr. proposed for a memorial on the Tidal Basin be reworked because it is too "confrontational" and reminiscent of political art in totalitarian states.

The statue is being made in China because, well, that's where everything is being made these days.

[For the origin of the title quote, see here.]

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Anonymous said...

Seen the Leninist King County seal yet?

The county was originally named after Rufus Devane King, but a county resolution (no vote, of course) switched it over to MLK.

This King-worship is a state-sanctioned cult, and will eventually be an object of ridicule. I wonder whether Obama, as pres., would try to carve him onto Mt. Rushmore.

Anonymous said...

Here's a snip from an August 2007 article about the preliminary design:

In a 13-page critique, Ed Dwight, a sculptor who has created seven King memorials, called Lei’s proposed statue a “shrinking, shriveled inadequate personage.”

And how could anyone be surprised that a Chinese artist whose only exposure to MLK Jr. was through Marxist puffery would envision the man as "King-Ton" The Merciful?

Also, wouldn't it be funny if they had to position this monstrosity by first hanging it from a crane?

Anonymous said...

This couldn't tarnish King's image any worse than the various streets named after him in every city in America. "Martin Luther King Jr. Anything" is synonymous with crime and squalor.

Anonymous said...

On a related note about Chinese art, does it seem to anyone else that the recent (maybe within the last year or so) ballooning numbers of 'notable' Chinese artists is due to the art world's quest for novelty? Not even the truly novel at that, it has been a reactionary change since there are many other 2nd/3rd world countries that would eagerly export pop art and yet China's ascendancy in the art world has been directly tied to its economic and soft power. It seems there is an inexhaustible supply of artists in Beijing or Shanghai willing to dump trash art on gullible westerners for high dollars. See the recent NY Times article about Cai-Guo-Qiang and his 'blowing things up' approach.

TGGP said...

What, are you saying that isn't how you'd like to be remembered by future generations?

Anonymous said...

Jeez. He looks just like Mao.

Anonymous said...

Han Solo in Carbonite

Anonymous said...

OK, two flashbacks here:

#1: The scene in The Brady Bunch Movie where every single architectural design by Mike Brady looks exactly like his house.

#2: The scene in a MASH episode where Frank & Hotlips "commission" a bust of Col. Potter - and it looks just like the Korean artist who carved the thing.

I wonder whether Obama, as pres., would try to carve him onto Mt. Rushmore.

You're an idiot. Put him on a mountain that few people ever actually see and where he would have to share space with other people?

He'll be carved into Pikes Peak or Mount Ranier, with the upside to Pikes Peak being that the folks blessed continuously by his presence would be conservative and (frequently) in the military.

Other upside to carving into Pikes Peak: no one will ever know what the hell Katherine Lee Bates was writing about when she penned "Purple mountain majesties" so we'll have to stop singing "America the Beautfiul" and will thus hasten our arrival to our glorious post-American future.

Besides, Ray Charles is dead.

Anonymous said...


You stole my idea. Rushmore is exactly where the face of the Most Important Man in AmeriKKKan History should be displayed. His head can be positioned so it looks down on Washington, Jefferson, etc. After all, he is their moral superior. As are all black people due to their suffering.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Give it another 10 years and it's gonna be "Martin Luther who?" We'll have statues of Cesar Chavez, Cantinflas, Vicente Fox, and Piolin en la Manana everywhere. Oh, and statues of George W. Bush every town square in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Who would figure that he was actually rather short and dumpy in life...

Anonymous said...

We no longer have a named holiday for the Father of Our Country, George Washington. That feat was soooooo easy for the Marxists to pull off. The degenerate and potentially non-specific "President's Day" gives great leeway for celebrating Clinton, Carter, Wilson and hopefully Obama!

It's called incrementalism, folks.

But we do have a specific named holiday for MLK, the plagiarist, the Marxist, the adulterer, the America-hater.

MLK's 1960's comment that "...the U.S. government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today..." stands as one of the most vicious lies ever voiced by a national figure. The USSR and communist China were in full swing at the time. That comment is what's known as the Big Lie, a technique that comes straight out of the Marxist playbook.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to me that MLK shares something with common with Nelson Mandela. They both personally seem to have been noble, big hearted, honorable, spiritual, visionary men. But, in both cases, the liberation/freedom movements that they championed had the consequence of unleashing a mass wave of murder, rape, and other violence done by both men's younger black progeny and directed both on whites and fellow blacks, as well as massive theft (of the mugging/burglary type, and of the "affirmative action" type). Jim Crow and Apartheid seem to my un-expert eyes to have had many evils and inhumanities, but they both did seem to do the job of keeping black violence and black hunger for unearned wealth under control.

I find myself thinking of Obama in the same terms, and see him as a player in the same sort of history just waiting to happen. I seeing in him the same personal decency, moderation, and charisma as King and Mandela, but I also see him as the acceptable public face for the same movement to liberate some of the more savage, violent, selfish sides of human nature.

Darayvus said...

I've watched the clip and the alien calls himself Clin-Ton with an L.

Anonymous said...

We no longer have a named holiday for the Father of Our Country, George Washington.

Actually we do. The federal holiday is still technically named for George Washington and him alone. Most state holidays refer to it as such, also. As for why no one seems to know this or to refer to it this way, I cannot explain. Even my local newspaper, prolific fact checkers they, did not seem to know this when they published their "President's Day" editorial this year.

We've gone in this country from celebrating genuine merit (winning a war, forming a government, setting a model for later presidents to follow) to celebrating celebrity - just managing to get elected. We're about to have dollars minted for every president through Gerald Ford. Why?

And besides, Washington owned slaves, you know.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny.

The only good thing about the statue is the fact that the Washington Monument will continue to tower over it.

The bad thing about it is the fact that it's located in my dystopian hometown of Washington, D.C.

Anonymous said...

MLK...the same guy who plagarized his doctoral thesis?

Tch tch...