July 17, 2008

Great moments in trustworthy spam pen names

The folks who send out fraudulent phishing email from Nigeria and elsewhere don't always have a well-developed sense of what names would strike rich dumb Americans as confidence-inspiring. Here, for example, is the beginning of an email rescued from my Junk file:

CAHOOT Bank has been receiving complaints from our customers for unauthorised use of the CAHOOT Online accounts. As a result we periodically review CAHOOT Online Accounts and temporarily restrict access of those accounts which we think are vunerable to the unauthorised use.

I don't think they quite have a handle on what the phrase "in cahoots" implies to Americans.


Ali said...

Cahoot's the name of an online bank in the UK.

Sleep said...

It's real =)


Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that Cahoot really is a British bank.

I know, its a stupid name for a bank I think they came up with at the end of the dot com boom.

wren said...

They're going after the Brits.

It's a big online bank in England.


Dmytro Kornilov said...

I got a message entitled "A nice game". In the message

"This is a very nice game
This game is my first work.
You're the first player.
I expect you would enjoy it."

It comes with a download. Sounds like a really nice game, I think I'll try it.

Anonymous said...

You need to get a spam filter, dude.

patrick said...

Last week I got one with the subject line "Obama found dead in shock accident."

I knew it was spam, but I was wondering whether it was a new storm worm attack, so I googled the subject line and found the following message in the body of the email:

Get smart with these new organ enhancement growth pills - see the results for yourself

VG said...

Yes, I keep getting these organ enhancement spam mails that come with breaking news subject lines. Such as "Beijing Olympics cancelled, moved to Athens" or "Paris Hilton stabbed by stalker"

Graham Asher said...

I keep my savings in Cahoot. It's a respectable on-line bank with a reasonable interest rate. The phrase 'in cahoots' means the same in British English as in American English, I think: 'in company, partnership or collusion with'. It's just a name. A while ago there was a Japanese bank called the Tomato Bank.

Drawbacks said...

There's even a British credit card called gold phish. Kinda.

Truth said...

"Yes, I keep getting these organ enhancement spam mails..."

Dude, you should stay on better terms with your exes.