July 29, 2008

A headline in the LA Times

The LA Times has one staffer, Andrew Malcolm, who was a big Hillary Clinton fan, so we are occasionally treated to headlines like this:

Phil Spector endorses Barack Obama

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Anonymous said...

Steve, here is an excellent summation of Obama's radical politics in the very mainstream Investor's Business Daily. It includes lots of details from Obama's Dreams of My Father book:

Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism

Matt Parrott said...

I thought Phil Specter was a gun enthusiast!

Anonymous said...

here is an excellent summation of Obama's radical politics:

Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism

That's the opposite of radical, it's conservative. America is a socialist country, but that socialist infrastructure is being dismantled stealthily by Reagan, Clinton, Bush, et al. Obama is (purportedly) trying to conserve our socialist institutions, which laid the groundwork for the country's Golden Age (1945-1970).

We tried radical unregulated capitalism and it failed miserably. Sadly, we seem destined to retry that experiment.

Anonymous said...

LOL. McAmnesty is a 2 to 1 dog according to money (prediction markets), but I am encouraged by the fact that the closer Obama gets to the brass ring, the more open his supporters will be about certain things (hating whitey, looting the treasury, releasing violent felons from prison, supporting Che and Marx, etc.) and the more Obama himself will stick his foot in his mouth. It's gonna be a hell of a show.

Anonymous said...

Has Obama openly endorsed reparations for Slavery yet?

Spector's probably for that one too.

Anonymous said...

some cuy:

Here's my take on your offerings:

hating whitey, -> YES
looting the treasury, ->BIG YES
releasing violent felons from prison,
supporting Che and Marx, ->Nah, looting the till gets priority.

Anonymous said...

Does that headline imply the existence of media bias? Head-scratchers want to know.