July 22, 2008

Obama's paper trail

I hear Stanley Kurtz has been in Illinois digging up Obama's paper trail for upcoming articles in the Weekly Standard and National Review. I have no idea what he's found, but it's certainly about time that somebody went looking.

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Anonymous said...

Most likely you will be disappointed. He won't be concerned with Obama's views on race, social policy, government, etc.

He's probably going to look for (and find) evidence that Obama doesn't consider the Palestinians to be worse people than the Israelis.

teacher.paris said...

Obama in the news you won't find on CNN


Tscottme said...

I predict a few non-committal memos that sound like nothing so much as a school boy giving a book report about a book he hasn't read. "We should recognize it's time to do the right things and stop doing the wrong things."

Anonymous said...

It's so boring and dispiriting to read comments like the first anonymous's.

testing99 said...

The paper trail is likely to be a series of financial documents, loans, and what have you that indebt Obama to people of questionable (politically or organized crime or international crime) character.

Consider -- Michelle Obama has complained at length of not enough money. Status/power/money is obviously a central concern of Obama, and more importantly his wife. His salary as a State Legislator was limited. Mounting the Senate Campaign cost money.

While Obama wrote little (likely because he was lazy like GWB, and also not very talented when not thinking about his favorite subject, himself) his financial arrangements are probably documented somewhere. And there were not that many people with money on offer to a politician without much power and influence.

David said...

The only paper that would affect public opinion about Obama is a paper in which he makes racial slurs against Jewish people and blacks, plus discusses some bizarre drug problem he has for which he is in hock to drug dealers and loan sharks, plus expresses graphic pedophilic lusts. Such a (fictional) paper MIGHT make a dent in the heads of Moron Americans (99.9% of the electorate). I say MIGHT, because, after all, it would only be a piece of paper: words. To be answered by more words on TV. And who be caring bout WORDS anyhoo? Such a paper by Obama, of course, does not exist and will not be found.