August 3, 2008

Anthrax and Craig Venter

David Willman of the LA Times continues to scoop everybody on the unfolding anthrax story. Now, he reveals that the FBI turned to a firm associated with Craig Venter for analysis of the mailed spores:

As the investigation ground on, authorities enlisted colleagues of J. Craig Venter, founder of a Rockville, Md., institute that had helped map the human genome. Based on analyses performed at the Institute for Genomic Research, Venter said the culprit "almost had to be a government scientist." The institute's analysis was completed under contract to the FBI and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Venter said federal investigators within the last two years retrieved the anthrax evidence from the institute.

"FBI came in and took freezers and all the samples," he said in an interview Sunday.


Anonymous said...

The real unanswered question was who in the Government leaked Hatfill's name to the media. The judge in Hatfill's lawsuit ruled that journalists must reveal their sources when the government tries to frame someone for murder. With Hatfill's settlement, the information wouldn't come out.

Why should anybody trust Venter when he lies about the biological reality of race? How would he ever be able to tell different subspecies of Anthrax apart?

Anonymous said...

Ivins is a white person which proves his innocence. From wapo:

Jaye Holly, who lived next door to the Ivinses until she and her husband moved to New York a month ago, said she couldn't believe that her former neighbor, who was obsessed with grass recycling and who happily drove a 20-year-old faded red van, would endanger others for financial gain.

"I can't imagine him being involved in a scheme to make money or to make a profit, especially one that would put people at risk or even die," Holly said. "That's not the Bruce we knew. He was sweet, friendly. I mean, he was into grass recycling."


Anonymous said...

For the media and liberals, Hatfill was just too good a target to pass up; white, male, right-wing, Rhodesian connection, very heterosexual, worked for CIA... I mean, if only he could have been placed in Dealy Plaza when Kennedy was shot, he'd have been perfect. Ivins sounds like some odd sort of liberal, if his newspaper letters and behavior are any guide. I mean, how many right-wingers are "obsessed" with grass recycling?


Annoying Pedant said...

The word you want is "beat," not "scoop."

kurt said...

Grass recycling?

Perhaps Ivins is someone who thinks that there are too many people living on the planet. That the herd must be culled in order to protect the planet.

He is not the only one who believes this. Read about Dr. pianka's comments with regards to this issue:

James said...

What's this special analysis all the papers are talking about, all they had to do was sequence it right?

Steve Sailer said...

The word "scoop" was good enough for Evelyn Waugh.

dearieme said...

"grass recycling": does that mean that he had a compost bin? How very radical - like half the population of Britain, I'd guess.

Robert said...

Justin Raimondo has a good article about this at

kurt said...

I saw Andrew Napolitano talk about the anthrax case. For good reason, he thinks the case against Ivins is BS. He makes the comment that you have essentially a mass murderer who was free. Since the FBI did not have enough evidence to get a court indictment against Ivins, the evidence against him has got to be quite flimsy. Jerry pournelle thinks this is all just a smoke screen for the FBI to avoid racial profiling.

I don't know if I agree with Pournelle, but Napolitano has the exceptional ability to ask the real questions about the case.