August 16, 2008

FYI: My old Olympics articles

In case you're interested, here are some old articles I've written related to the Olympics:

Here's my article on the 2004 Athens Summer Games from The American Conservative.

Why did the gender gap in Olympic running speeds between male and female medalists unexpectedly widen after the 1988 Olympics? My 1997 National Review article explains here.

Here's my 2000 article from on the Sydney Games, including the media-induced psychological pressures that often keep the sports crazy Japanese from performing up to expectations, and the remarkable lack of interest in sports of Indians.

Here's my 2006 article on why Bryant Gumbel doesn't like the Winter Olympics -- too many guys.

Here's my 2000 article on why nationalism and the Olympics go together like bread and butter.

Here's my 2002 article explaining why the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta were notoriously full of organizational snafus, while the 2000 Winter Games in Salt Lake City were a model of efficiency.

My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be the *2002* Winter Olympics in the last sentence?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the area you should write a "safe" first book about.
Seems its halfway written.

I think people are more accepting of differences in the Olympic arena - there seems to be less hysteria.

Also I get the feeling that the sports crowd are less hung up by speech codes.

Anonymous said...

why Bryant Gumbel doesn't like the Winter Olympics -- too many guys.

I think that you meant, too many "white" guys.