September 29, 2008

Ephraim Diveroli's VP Talks (about his upcoming album)

Penn Bullock has the first press interview with an executive officer of AEY, Inc., the Miami Beach weapons dealership charged with defrauding the Pentagon and the Afghan Army in a $200 contract using old made-in-China ammunition from Albania, etc etc (you know the story).

When MicroCOSM is released in a few weeks, [David] Packouz will almost certainly be the world's first and only rocker-cum-masseur-cum-arms-dealer.

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Anonymous said...

This is off topic but..

Weapons sales is one of the last areas of retail not run by a large corporation like Wal-mart or 7-Eleven , but is instead run by mom and pop shopkeepers and dishonest immigrant businessmen. This means local police departments and gun enthusiasts are forced to look for good places to buy ammo and parts instead of having a retail name they can trust. I believe this is because the entire gun industry is officially a pariah among our upper class, and especially in NY and Chicago. This means that the gun industry (for its' size) is subjected to lawsuits and regulations that not even the auto industry has to put up with. Needless to say, this attitude among the DC-Chicago set is a denial of reality that is made possible by living in upscale neighborhoods where the no one of the lower class can afford to live. This pariah status makes it hard for gunmakers and retailers to have consistent profits and therefore makes it hard for both to raise capital to expand or even break even.

In fact, after seeing Diveroli, the filthy Patel motels and some of the Mexican stores in my area I now understand why so many mom and pop businesses were crushed so fast by retail chains. Too many independents are filthy and unreliable and when you go into a new town it is a major hassle to see what stores are offering good service. Going to a major chain with a national reputation is so much easier than looking at a local business, unless you plan on living in the same area for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve for finding this beautiful little gem of information. Oh how we must VET (pun very much intended) who supplies our military and troops with equipment. Im suprised our bullet-proof vests aren't made out of insulation of torn-down HUD-home's attics. What a joke that our MILITARY would buy from this fly-by-night-cheapie outfit just because some mafiosi SLIMEBALLS can get cheap bullets (50 year old cheap bulletts) from Soviet era ammo dumps in the Ukraine because they know a mafiosi there.

This is junk. All American armaments and equipement should be made in the USA by real Americans (not illegals emploeyd in a metal building off a bypass in Arkansas either) in real factories. If we are going to "invade the world", at least we should be well equipped to do so.

KlaosOldanburg said...

Ephraim totally should've done a rap album. About selling guns in global hot-spots. Ripping off warlords. Clubbing in Tel Aviv.

the single could be "What's the dealee (with Saakashvili)"