October 5, 2008

Real Borrowers of Genius

A reader sends in a script for what should be a new Bud Light commercial. The main announcer has a deep, authoritative voice, like the guy who narrates the NFL Films highlight reels. The italicized parts are sung a capella by a very masculine gospel singer.

Real men of genius

Real men of genius

Today, we salute you, Mr. broke-no-money-down-home-loan-borrower.

Mr. broke-no-money-down-home-loan-borrower!

Your credit card maxed out on your cable bill, but that $500,000 questionably located house just had to be yours.

It was French Colonial!

Yes, you knew you might have to pay later, but who lives for later really?

No one in this country!

Who would have thought that in the long run, you would have traded living in a rented house, for living in a rented car?

Short ride home!

A car that gets less mileage than a highly leveraged mortgage-backed security...

Fill it up on my Visa!

After all, you bought the Brooklyn Bridge; you might as well live on it.

Sell high!

So pop open a nice, cool Bud Light Mr. broke-no-money-down-home-loan-borrower; and consider it investing in you!

Mr. broke-no-money-down-home-loan-borrower!
Of course, we could also do one for Real Mortgage Brokers of Genius, Bank Presidents, Investment Bankers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Wall Street Rocket Scientists, Federal Reserve Board Chairmen, Congresscritters, and Presidents.

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Anonymous said...

The spoof for this was already done a couple years ago:


Anonymous said...

Actually, there was a prequel to that ad....

Mr and Mrs Too Much Home Buyer


Anonymous said...

The kicker is that these ads would actually be funny - Budweiser would make a killing. The media attention alone would pay for the campaign. The last few ads in the real "Real Men of Genius" series were pretty damn stupid.

You're reader should send his script in to the Bud Advertising department.