October 31, 2008

You can take a break from proofreading my book now

I want to thank everybody who has helped me proofread my book. I'm incorporating your hundreds of suggestions right now, and we'll be putting up a much-improved version either later today or on Monday. We'll see how it goes in terms of timing.

So, no need to submit any more comments or emails with corrections right now because we'll have a new version out fairly soon.

Then you can tell me what's wrong with that version! When that's up, we'll try a more organized fashion where we have a comment thread for each chapter, as Blue just suggested.

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Anonymous said...

How about a title change then to Genes of his Father?

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading your book last night. Loved it!

I second Bodie &amp above. I think your current title, while witty and appealing to me (and probably many of your other regular readers), is likely to hurt the prospects of your book reaching a wider audience (who are exactly the people need to read it most).

Also, I hope you incorporate your recent blog comments on Obama's redistribution of wealth radio interview. (http://isteve.blogspot.com/2008/10/obamas-2001-redistribution-of-wealth.html) It helps bring his views on the role of race and politics up to 2001 and gives us a good idea of his legal and legislative philosophies.

Anonymous said...

You could make a wiki for your book. They're realtively easy to set up, and you can make it so that certain pages are editable (say the "Talk" page on each chapter), but that certain pages only a certain person can edit them -- so each of your chapters can have its own wiki page, and people can talk about edits on the "talk" page.

Anonymous said...

Genes of his Father, Memes of his Mother

Anonymous said...

So what if Obama is Black. Stop being so jealous. McCain drips of racism, and dirty southern patriarchy. He looks like a Irish/Scottish reject and sounds like he would be a tyrant if elected. He is a dying breed. While it is evident that the Grim Reaper repeatedly appears over his shoulder, his choosing of Sarah Palin as his VP makes him look like a total goof ball. That woman is out of her league. The future of Amerikkka is a mixing of the races. Whites WILL be the minority one day, so get used to it.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine remarked - and is anyone else thinking this? - that you can really see evil in Obama's face lately (last two weeks). Has something to do with the lines of his face, and his eyes.

Until she said it, I hadn't wanted to mention it to anyone for fear of being regarded as a goofball.

Obama is a far-left Black Nationalist with mulatto personality problems. That's "black Jesus" to millions of "white-r-people."

Holy hell.

By the way, Steve, do NOT change the title of your book. 1. It's accurate; 2. Everyone who is not a sheltered stat geek, a political wonk, or a deep-cover DNC or SPLC operative knows it's a take-off on the Harry Potter book. Duh!