November 20, 2008


My short story, "Unreal Estate," is now online in full at The American Conservative website. It's a tale of California scheming: in 2005, two average brothers-in-law decide to speculate in the exurban Southern California real estate market, buying an exurban McMansion together to flip it for a quick profit.

I need to point out, though, that my story's punchline was left out, presumably for reasons of space. I plagiarized my last line shamelessly from the punchline of the old joke about the Trappist monk who is only allowed by his abbot to say two words every five years. You can read that joke here and apply it to the end of my story.

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MPorcius said...

Wait, you wrote a short story, it got published, but they left out the last line? That sounds like something that would happen to Charlie Brown in sequence of Peanuts strips.

Anonymous said...

'Der Untergang'/Economic Crisis mash-up:

Real Estate Downfall