February 12, 2009

Obama's infrastructure stimulus already at work!

When I came out of the house today, Stop signs had been erected at the intersection at the end of my block, and big white stripes painted on the pavement. Man, President Obama doesn't waste time!

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Anonymous said...

Were these Stop signs perhaps being held by a real live person, who was spinning them and flipping them in the air -- that burgeoning American industry of human sign-holders (to replace old-school stuff like building cars, airplanes, solvent banks, etc)? I used to see mostly teenagers getting in on the ground floor of that exciting vocational legacy of George Bush's "Jobs To Keep Americans Busy Until We Can Get More Illegal Mexicans Over The Border" era. Today in Burbank, however, there was a pretty decently dressed guy with gray in his hair holding a sign on Alameda. (Oddly, he seemed reluctant to exuberantly spin it.)

Anonymous said...

And what about the 145 million earmarked for guys to dress like sandwiches? Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice... stop signS? As in plural? How many does the end of your block need, anyway?

Welmer said...

I'm seeing a lot of this in Seattle. There are holes in the streets all over the place, guarded by stop sign holders and being excavated by various machines produced in Japan.

The workers are quite aggressive, leaping out and shouting from time to time to remind drivers to give them space. The local Korean grocer told me he's making the equivalent of $12 an hour due to the economic situation (this is barely a survival wage in Seattle). I also saw many more day laborers than usual at the local Lowe's.

This is turning out to be a real slaughter, and all the stopgap stuff like throwing money at yahoos in hardhats isn't going to do much besides piss everyone off.

When's the other foot going to drop? Soon, I think, and then what will Obama have for us?