February 19, 2009

Obama goes to Canada

Barack Obama resumed the tradition of making the new President's first trip abroad to Canada. The only recent President to break that norm was George W. Bush, who made his first trip to Mexico, in order to symbolize Bush's master plan to make America less like Canada and more like Mexico.

Eight years later, we can say to Mr. Bush:

Mission Accomplished!

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Michel Cloutier said...

Well, it says a lot about Canada's importance in American minds that the only comment for this post so far is from a Canuck ! BTW, his visit unleashed an unseemly orgy of adoration from his Canadian fans. Maybe the fact that it's not their country he's gonna bankrupt has something to do with it.

PrestoPundit said...

Bush's by-the-textbook artificial boom & inevitable bust economics turned out to be the fatal flaw.

Construction workers have been heading back to Mexico ..

Anonymous said...

I note that Obama revealed that he has never seen a hockey game. Hmm, I wonder why…maybe hockey doesn’t have the right kind of diversity for a post-racial um, person.

And Obama was generous enough to say that the ‘sand oil’ Canada sells to the USA is bad for the environment so I guess Canada can sell it to China instead.

All I can say is, considering Obama’s hometown Blackhawks are chasing the Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings…Go Red Wings!

Michel Cloutier said...

Canada is very much into 'diversity', of course. The majority of Canada's visible minorities hail from south or east Asia, yet so many TV adds will feature the almost mandatory black person. What sins against blacks does Canada has to atone for, I often wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, don't get Steve started on hockey. I suspect that if he started watching it, we would see a new "Mulatto elite" post regarding Jarome Iginla.

Ronduck said...

Maybe Obama wants to make America more like Soviet Canuckistan.

He could be there to inspect their human rights tribunals that have outlawed free speech.

Our presidents should stop visiting foreign countries for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Canada itself is heading towards a future which looks like a mix of Haiti and Karachi. The way things are going there will be no essential difference in standard of livings from Alaska to Brazil in the future (except for the elite enclaves, East Asian neighbourhoods and some small traditional North American White towns dotted around in Third World America)