April 16, 2009

Crucial VDARE.com fundraising drive continuing

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spacehabitats said...

Done. Thanks for the heads up, Steve. And thanks to you and VDare for continuing to point out that the emperor is prancing around in his birthday suit.

Anonymous said...

I love VDare, but goddamn they always seem to desperately need money. The only site I can think of with a comparable money-thirst is antiwar.com.

Captain Jack Aubrey said...

Contribution made, via snail mail. These donations have gotten considerably lighter on the wallet since I discovered that my local United Way was advocating in-state tuition for illegals up at my state legislature.

I love VDare, but g****n they always seem to desperately need money.Yeah, who needs clothes and food and a roof over their heads? Think of it as a subscription or a movie ticket: it's not a matter of whether they need the money, but whether you think it's worth what you pay for it.

Anonymous said...

56 issues of Sports Illustrated is $39.95.

VDare is more important the SI.

Anonymous said...

vote with your dollars folks.
and seriously, think, for a moment, where you would be without sailer and vdare... about as informed as your average 'factor' viewer.

He's One of Us! said...

Steve, the way things are going I'm sure by this time next year even people like Texas Governor Rick Perry will be donating to Vdare.

Judging from the success that he and others like him had hijacking the Tea Parties yesterday...Rick Perry: Tea party darling ...it's a no-brainer that the trend leads to an eventually hijacking of media outlets like Vdare. Sort of like what happened to National Review.

So Vdare'll be flush with cash soon, but facing a "stronger" editorial board. Hey, Steve, there's no free lunch after all (at least on the American Right)!

Matt Drudge is already on the case with this headline:

Rick Perry's star rising...Yes, here comes another NWO puppet operative to tug at the heart strings of America's truck drivers and cowboys! This guy is a Bilderburger and the front man for the blatantly globalist Trans-Texas Corridor and now he's calling for state sovereignty!!!

You know Drudge just can't get enough of this stuff. The deception is just so over the top in its scope.

AC said...

I might suggest that you put your money where your mouth is and invest in securities of underperforming high-IQ countries, while shorting bubbles in low-IQ ones. If you're right this could pay off pretty well.

wake up said...

yeah tex gov with 36% of the vote rick perry sure is 'presidential timber'...he's got the look.....he's got the charisma....men want to be like him and women want him. blah blah blah to infinity. or maybe not.....maybe it will be romney because he too is 'presidential timber'.......he's got the look. he's got the charisma. men want to be like him and women want him.....blah blah blah to infinity.

and then either one can drag along jindal as sidekick and the gop puppetmasters can spend all of the 2012 campaign poking a stick into the eye of the populist palin.......as if they would ever let a scary backwoods nationalist christian get near the levers of power.

let's recall that it was determined by the sheep last time that obama was 'presidential timber'. isn't that what comes your mind when you see him bowing to the saudi king and apologizing to every foreign audience for america's sins?

yeah. obama is the man. everything about obama screams 'commander in chief'.........if you come from a broken home with no father figure that is. wasn't it funny last fall when obama took a break from his campaign and went back to congress during the stock market meltdown......and yet somehow he didn't come off as the natural leader of those men and women.......no not at all.......not remotely.

because the modern potus is a flack frontman position.......the puppetmasters don't want a true leader in the oval office........his job is to read the damn teleprompter in a convincing fashion......very soon the big cheese positions will be leader of the europe zone and the leader of the north american zone in the new world order.....many of the national presidencies around the world have already been turned into governorships......

arnold schwarznegger has all the vapid 'presidential timber' qualifications required for this new 'imperator of the north american union' position..........destiny calls.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you've ever commented on this, probably because Vdare is your employer and pays you.

But isn't Vdare a bit crude? (e.g. Brenda Walker)

I mean, you talk about the MOST sensitive subjects ever. But you do it in a nice way. You come across as a good, well meaning person. I feel as though, if your views suddenly became establishment views, things would be fine.

But the rest of the crowd, I get the distinct feeling, when race/IQ/bad habits of the coloreds isn't allowed in polite discussion, only the impolite will do it.


"In matters of utmost importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing..."

Anonymous said...

Also, while I support the cause of immigration reform, Vdare.com is a very ugly site.

I like the particular shades of green and orange used. And I understand why the site is called Vdare, but the logo with the deer is crude and ugly.

You are interested in art and aesthetics, so why not make the site nicer to look at?

Are there no race realist paleo artists or graphics designers out there?

Please please change the logo.


"In matters of utmost importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing..."

Anonymous said...

Again, while I enjoyed your book, the jacket! With the ugly Vdare logo on it!

Please change the book jacket.

Anonymous said...

[Texas Gov. Rick Perry] is a Bilderburger and the front man for the blatantly globalist Trans-Texas Corridor and now he's calling for state sovereignty!!!

Isn't Perry the one who ran for re-election as pro-enforcement then switched (back) to pro-invasion just weeks after the election?

We had the same problem here at the Salt Lake Tea Party: 2 great guys showed up, Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, along with one RINO, the pro-invasion Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who wants to be governor or senator or anything else the people of Utah are stupid enough to elect him to.

Anonymous said...

It is truly courageous that you and VDARE contributors write about costs of immigration and diversity when you risk being permanently smeared as racists and blacklisted by the chattering classes.

What I can't comprehend is the lack of courage from people who probably have less to lose.

I could sympathize with a family-providing beat writer at a dying newspaper if he steered away from the CRA's role in the housing bubble, but not tenured academics, wealthy investors who got duped, regulators with civil service protections, or retired wonks like Phil Gramm in his AEI presentation.

Their silence is evidence of either ignorance or cowardice, and I'm not sure which is worse.

Pseudothyrum said...

ANON: "Vdare.com is a very ugly site. "

I agree that VDARE is an outdated looking and rather ugly website...it could definitely use a total visual makeover. I'm sure they could get more money from a fundraiser if they stated they would use some of the money for a major site redesign. Keep the same color scheme, fonts, etc. - just make the website more visually appealing.

Even the nice looking themes/templates at a free blogging site like Wordpress.com are MUCH better-looking than VDARE's website; see examples and compare them to VDARE: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/

Steve, since you have clout there you really ought to get the people at VDARE to redesign their website, make it better looking and more tuned to 2009 instead of 1999.

The content surely matters more than aesthetics, but aesthetics still matter - especially if you are trying to draw more readers from critically important groups like women. A good redesign will also make the site look and seem more 'respectable' to many people.

If you can Steve, please forward/email these modest suggestions to the top dogs @ VDARE or bring them up in a meeting.

Thanks, and long live VDARE!

Anonymous said...

What I see on Vdare? Nothing about the gang problem. Nothing about changing Mexicanized social conditions. Nothing about the cartels. Are the writers really that out of touch?

The chattering classes are way behind the bell curve these very real and very big changes. Way behind. Also nothing about the tea parties here. What gives?

Texas Gov. Perry has the real look. Not the GQ slick executive metrosexual look that Mitt Romney has. Perry looks like a rough and ready All-American man's man.

If Sarah Palin was Annie Oakley, then Rick Perry is Daniel Boone or Kit Carson. The same types who hated Sarah Palin are going to hate Perry too.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin was Annie Oakley, then Rick Perry is Daniel Boone or Kit Carson. The same types who hated Sarah Palin are going to hate Perry too.I am actually glad Perry said what he said. I am also glad he's an open borders loon, so that he won't be lumped together with those of us who believe in enforcement.

But I have to wonder why Perry bothers to believe in secession if he thinks a nation's people are eminently replaceable.

wake up said...

vdare completely missed the viral video revolution of the past five years and it doesn't look like they learned anything since......good luck influencing events with that attitude......sorry but it looks more and more like vdare is the perfect ineffective opposition.......and by comparing this wave of immigration to the great wave of a century ago (and then calculating that the same decades long struggle will eventually lead to an immigration timeout) vdare based itself on a huge strategic error....

brimelow is aware of the gramscian fabian frankfurt school tactics behind the demographic change but he doesn't understand the scale of the assault and vdare writers besides sailer never understood the history and the power of the false flag operation as a warfare tactic.....this is a problem because the next false flag attack will be huge and it will be another game changer.