July 16, 2009

Ricci and Vargas's Testimony

You can read what the two discriminated-against firemen had to say here. (Vargas's testimony is toward the bottom here.)

It sure would have been better theatre to have plain-spoken witnesses like these guys testify first before the Senators and Sotomayor plunged into the legalistic thickets.

And here's today cross-examination of Sotomayor by Sen. Kyl, who pretty much comes out and chants liar-liar-pants-on-fire over Sotomayor's claim that she was just following precedent in trying to deep-six Ricci. "What precendent?" Kyl aks repeatedly and never gets a satisfactory response.

There's so many weird customs here that apparently preclude asking obvious questions like, "Judge Sotomayor, on Ricci, you say you were bound by precedent as a non-Supreme Court judge. But now you want to be a Supreme Court Justice. How would you have voted on Ricci as a Supreme Court Justice and why?"

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airtommy said...

That link shows Ricci's testimony but not Vargas's.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting: The template for the Left is that Ricci is a "fire buff", in other words, a fairly dull character with a one-dimensional expertise in the minutiae of fire-fighting test taking strategies.

From this testimony, it's clear he's a pretty smart guy, and certainly not one-dimensional, from an intellectual standpoint.

callowman said...

Now there's a question.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the senators are inept...or maybe they're just putting up token resistance, enough to make it look as if they tried but not enough to actually stir up a shitstorm they aren't ready to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Steve, the 'deep state' really isn't so deep. Check out this denninger thread where the kids are talking about the stocke market rally today caused by a deliberate(!?) Dr Doom Nouriel Roubini misquote: 'the worst is behind us.'


So CNBC jacked up the market with this quote in the last hour and then this guy roubini takes the quote back! after the market closed. Now on page 2 of the Denninger thread someone has assembled the spurt of recent high profile celebrity bullish economic quotes:

greenspan: worst is behind us.
Benanke: we rebound end of this year.
whitney: time to buy GS.
krugman: worst is behind us.
roubini: worst is behind us.

The dates for these quotes are all very recent ie in the past week or ten days I believe.

#1+2 We know that Greesnpan and Bernanke are total liars with abysmal track records for accurate predictiions.
#3 Merideth Whitney said 'time to buy Goldman Sachs' at the same time she said '13% unemployment is coming.'
#4 Krugman is another guy with a lame track record for predictions.
#5 Roubini quote was fabricated by CNBC.



Denninger said he is going to put up a video rant against CNBC tongiht he is hopping mad.

Related news: Biden has another incredibly stupid economic quote as marquis Drudge headline right now. Too bad drudge didn't use the police siren for this one because foreign investors must be freaking out.

John Anello said...

It's always been a lost cause. Sotomayor is, and always was, going to be confirmed. The Republicans don't have the votes or the spines to stop it.

The Senators might as well throw a Hail Mary. How's this for question, "Are you know, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?"

Billare said...

I doubt you should all so upset. Senator Kyl eviscerated her, if his tone was anything like the transcript you linked suggests.

Tanstaafl said...

"Judge Sotomayor, on Ricci, you say you were bound by precedent as a non-Supreme Court judge. But now you want to be a Supreme Court Justice. How would you have voted on Ricci as a Supreme Court Justice and why?"

Whatever you'd like to hear, Senator. And by the way, just so you know, no matter how fulsome the lie, flaming anti-White Maureen Dowd has got my back.

Anonymous said...

Which is more sincere: Senators' questioning or pro wrestling? We report. You decide.

Nanonymous said...

Which is more sincere: Senators' questioning or pro wrestling?

LOL! Obviously rhetorical question but I still can't resist: Pro wrestling is hundred times more honest. (That answer also applies to every single act done in the Congress).

Mr. Anon said...

Did even one of the Senators ask the question that you suggested, Steve? Namely: "Ms. Sotomayor please explain what 'La Raza' means in english."

king obama said...

Off-topic post:

Hey, Steve, why are you not posting anything about Obama Care?

Is it because you agree with it?

I would like to hear your take on Obama care.

AMac said...

After these hearings... what's the vote going to be? 61 Yeas for sure. From the 39 members of the Republican/Stupid Party, how many thumbs up?

I'll guess 71/24.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Dowd is just shooting off at the mouth to get that "love-to-hate" career boost that has earned Anne Coulter such a big pile of cash. This will keep her in print but she's unlikely to ever translate this to a relationship because, unlike Coulter, few men agree with the politics and ideology of her columns, especially not the kind of men she considers worthy of her.

testing99 said...

Anello -- If the voters wanted no Sotomayors, they would have elected a majority of Republicans. With only 40 Republicans in the Senate, and 60 Dem votes, including Senator Al Franken, Sotomayor is a done deal.

And most voters are quite happy with that. Particularly, White women who largely agree with Sotomayor that a Latina is "better" than a White Male. Given that the former are not workplace competitors and the latter most definitely are competitors.

gay bowel syndrome said...

Ask her whom she roots for in the Olympic Games.

Long overdue, long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more iSteve economic articles would be good because the social policies and economic policies are all related. Speaking of which this Biden quote has been zipping around the world tonight. Check out the Mish blog where he elevated the quote to hall of fame status of sorts. I guess this really is an intellectual collapse...

Top Three Orwellian Comments Of All Times

•An American major after the destruction of the Vietnamese Village Ben Tre: "It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it."
•Vice President Joe Biden: "We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt."
•President George W. Bush: "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system."

This sadly is what has become of our great nation.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

John Anello said...

Testing... I don't think Supreme Court nominations are on most voters minds when they elect politicians. We have a Democratic super majority because the economy tanked and John McCain was the most inept nominee in recent history.

On the other hand elections do have consequences.

Anonymous said...

"...voters are quite happy with that. Particularly, White women who largely agree with"...yada yada yada...

Is anyone else starting to get the idea that Testy is now just parodying himself?

Anonymous said...

Just take a look at how the left views it:


Anonymous said...

Good interchange with Kyl. Sotomayor clearly intended 'precedent' to rationalize her summary judgment. Yet when pressed the only precedent she seems to be talking about is the precedent that would allow those claiming disparate impact to sue. All this 'precedent' does is act as background for the legal issues as they get played out--it has nothing to do with rationalizing summary judgment of the case.

Anonymous said...

watched Ricci read his prepared statement to the Senate hearing today. His Dyslexia seems pretty bad. BUT if he can pass that test what is the matter with those that couldn't ??

Anonymous said...

Over at Diversity Discrimination or whatever they point out that a Wise Latina did not know that all languages have adjectives etc, and that the same Wise Latina seemed to have been retained by the defendants in the Ricci case.

Anonymous said...

The obvious solution is to exempt Blacks and Hispanics from having to take civil service exams. Sorta like how CA solved the problem of racist IQ tests: