October 29, 2009

H.L. Mencken Club Meeting this weekend

Friday thru Sunday at the Holiday Inn Conference Center at the Baltimore-Washington Intl. airport. At the moment, it looks like I'll be speaking Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Will this be youtubed?

Fred said...

Are you going to invite Matt Yglesias out for a beer since you'll be in his neck of the woods? If nothing else, you should pop into the white, hipster, gentrifying part of D.C. and report back your sociological observations to us.

TheNakedArab said...

Really wish I could make it to this, but I have a prior engagement to acquire candy and women. Can you guys make it a different weekend next year?

R J Stove said...

All the best for a successful and prosperous event: which, with luck, might result in various speeches being made available or partially available at some website or other. I wish I could attend, and in fact I was optimistically sent an invitation to attend, but unfortunately I shall be "cabin'd, cribb'd, confin'd" to Australia for a considerable time yet.

OneSTDV said...

Has a university ever invited you to speak? I can't even imagine what group would do that, but it would be interesting. SWPL college students love protesting. I saw a youtube video from UNC Chapel Hill where they got violent with an anti-immigration congressmen.

I'd like to see how they'd react to you.

Louis Andrews said...

I'll be there and will want you to autograph your Obama book.

Louis Andrews

Anonymous said...

That's great Steve.

Nice to see there's a real alternative right scene developing.

Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Is it really suppposed to say "Libreal Jews" rather than "Liberal Jews"?

Hey, "Lib-real?"-- accent on "real" and the question mark. Not a bad coining if it was intentional.

Chief Seattle said...

I hope you write your speech ahead of time!

Terry Thomas said...

I have a prior engagement to acquire candy and women.

Going trick-or-treating with Roissy!?

Dahlia said...

"I hope you write your speech ahead of time!"

I don't think our hero did too badly here despite what his son said:

"Really wish I could make it to this, but I have a prior engagement to acquire candy and women. Can you guys make it a different weekend next year?"

Robert said...

Good luck, I am a big fan of H.L. Mencken by the way!

Middletown Girl said...

"Will this be youtubed?"

With decent camera set-ups and sound, I hope. Footages of HLM meetings on youtube are pure amateur hour.

It's funny that the only Steve Sailer-related video on youtube is this one by some funnyass dude named redneck cabbie:


Anonymous said...

How many people come to these meetings anyway. Is it just hardcore fans or is it like 500 - 1000 people.

I presume they make enough money to pay speaker fees, travel and accomodation and whatevers left goes to the conference organiser. I hope its a good living anyway.