November 10, 2009

Passing the hat

I wanted to thank everybody who contributed on the first day of the iSteve Panhandling Drive, and apologize to the earlybirds who were frustrated by the technical glitches that have become such a tradition. I've got most of them fixed (knock on wood).

There are, at the moment, three ways to give me money.

You can make tax deductible credit card contributions to me here (then, under "Steve Sailer Project Option" click on the "Make a Donation" button); or fax credit card details here (please put "Steve Sailer Project" on the fax); or you can snail mail checks made out to "VDARE Foundation" and marked on the memo line (lower left corner) “Steve Sailer” to:

VDARE Foundation
P.O. Box 211
Litchfield, CT 06759

Second: You can send me an email and I'll send you my P.O. Box address.

Third: You can use Paypal to send me money directly, either by just using any credit card or if you have a specific Paypal account.

If you want to use your credit card, click "Continue" on the lower center-left to fill in your credit card info. If you have a Paypal account fill in your Paypal ID and password on the lower right of the screen.

I'll try to get the Amazon donation link working in a day or two, but, in the past, Amazon has been limited to $50 (hint, hint) and tends to stop working as soon as I've collected more than a pittance.

Thanks. I appreciate it, deeply.

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rob said...

Sorry Steve, I'm broke as f*ck.

I do have a suggestion though: graded "Komment Kontrol" for donors. The more someon gives, the more repetitive and dickish things you'll let them say. Like a VIP level sponsorship.

Dahlia said...

$40 here, but I second another commenter, I wish I was rich in order to give much more.

The things I've learned from Steve have enriched my family's life. For example, a few weeks ago when my husband was applying for a job at a tech company, he recognized that he was being given a disguised on-line I.Q. test. He concentrated much more than he did back in 1998 when he was taking the ASVAB. He got the job and the max starting pay.

Also, social conservatives owe Steve a huge debt of gratitude for debunking the theory that legalized abortion cut crime and, relatedly and anti-intuitively, showed that abortion led to more out-of-wedlock births.

Chris said...

I should be able to manage something in the coming weeks.

robert61 said...

I have greased your palm lightly. Sorry it's not more, but it is gratifying to be able to support you.