December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It's time to shake my tin cup again.

You can send me an email and I'll send you my P.O. Box address.

Or, you can use Paypal to send me money directly. Use any credit card or your Paypal account. To get started, just click on the orange Paypal "Donate" button on the top of column to the right.

When that takes you to Paypal, if you want to use your credit card, fill in your credit card info on the lower left part of the screen by clicking on the word "Continue" in the lower center/left.

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Thanks. I appreciate it, profoundly


BillWallace said...

I'm not wealthy but I had a decent year so I gave you $100. I appreciate your work, profoundly.

dan g. said...

Done. Merry Christmas. Probably the most important gift I'm giving this year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

I've donated a small amount to you in the past. This time, I would like to ask a not-so-private question: what was your taxable income this year? There are many very valid reasons for why you would not want to answer. Of course. On the other hand, surely you can think of many reasons why a potential donor would want, if possible, to learn just how "needy" you are and approximately how much your various journalistic efforts already earn you.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Annon 1,

Why is how "needy" someone is relevant to paying for value? I mean, you go into a resaurant for good food, the prices are high. Are you willing to pay more if the chef and the staff are just getting by? What if the restaurant was discovered by the NYT a week ago and it is booked all the time and they must be making lots of money?

I think Steve phrases it as a bleg (blog beg) because he has no way to require anyone to pay for his content. So it is voluntary.

If you receive lots of value and Steve is fearlessly doing what many journalists fear to do, it is not relevant what his income is.

In some people's minds, pricing everything at a percentage of the buyesr income would suit their sense of justice. Want a steak, it is 15 cents for the unemployed poor person and 15 dollars for the fat cat. Only, capitalism is a system, prices transmit data to producers and elestic pricing like that transmits no data makeing calitalism fail. You could fallback to central planning and have the starvation of North Korea and Cuba or cook up a new way for people to co-operate (like guilds), but capitalism will not work if prices are not allowed to do their work.

Anonymous said...

Done, with pleasure. Keep up the good work.

Merry Xmas to all and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I thought you might appreciate the bizarre situation in the Ivory Coast right now, where a Civil War is threatening to errupt over a University of Paris History PhD's reluctance to cede power democratically to a University of Pennsylvannia Economics PhD.

Hopefully Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I prefer contributing through Is that still an option?

David Davenport said...

Off topic, but interesting:

Deep in the heart of taxes
Why I won't move to New York

Like lots of media professionals (and fashion mavens, artists, musicians, et al.), I’ve penciled out the numbers for what it would mean to take a job in New York City. There’s barely enough room on the back of the envelope for subtracting the double-dose income tax hit from the city and state, and that’s before even adjusting for cost of living.
That’s one of the reasons I’m in Dallas. You know, Texas, the state that parlayed this year’s census data into four new House seats — pinching the two lost by the Empire State — because people actually want to live here.


Nobody’s saying New York’s lost appeal from a career standpoint — it’s still the epicenter of finance, media, law and all that. ( The media center? Maybe not in future, I hope -- DD. ) It’s the paycheck crunch that can turn an offer of a lifetime into No Sale.


And forget the idea that a place like Dallas is all belt buckles, mechanical bulls and failed savings and loans. My house — 2,200 square feet for under $280,000 with schools that are among the state’s highest-rated — is 3.6 miles from a Barneys New York, Versace and plenty of other luxury shops. We’ve got our share of restaurants sporting $50 veal entrees. ( I don't approve of that stuff. -- DD )We’ve got $354 million worth of brand-spanking-new arts venues, a killer sculpture center and a football stadium big enough to create its own weather. Plus we’ve got the world’s third-busiest airport with nonstops to 140 cities. ( Big deal -- DD )

When the Internet economy allows an increasing number of people to live anywhere, low costs win. Texans spend 8.4% of income on state and local taxes compared with 11.7% for New Yorkers. Dollars that would rent a fifth-floor walk-up in New York City instead can buy a small ranch and maybe even acreage in Texas’ suburbs, where prairie begs to be paved for another Applebee’s.


Read more:

Bill said...

Thanks for the work you put in, Steve. Consider me a paying subscriber.

BTW, I know it probably isn't your style, but I wish you ran your own mag with a stable of younger authors -- you just have more credibility and impact at this point than a lot of the other publications that feature your writing.

Let us all know if you want to self-host; I'm sure there will be some competent guys willing to take care of the technical issues for you.

Patrick said...

I contributed a little something too, Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Derbyshire is right. We are doomed. And why? Because of willful, pigheaded, politically correct stupidity.

Steve's blogging against the dying of the light is worth supporting, though. I kicked in a couple hundred (through V-Dare).

Long Time Reader said...

"BTW, I know it probably isn't your style, but I wish you ran your own mag with a stable of younger authors -- you just have more credibility and impact at this point than a lot of the other publications that feature your writing."

Agree 100%. It's time to separate your citizenism and good humor from the misanthropic racialism that animates most "HBD" and "WN" blogs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve, Pat Buchanan basically did your column today about the PISA scores. To his credit, he fully acknowledged you in the body of his column.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, I know it probably isn't your style, but I wish you ran your own mag with a stable of younger authors -- you just have more credibility and impact at this point than a lot of the other publications that feature your writing."

Me too. Vdare, AmRen, Chronicles, AltRight, Occidental Q. etc--they should all put aside their small differences and combine into one website that also has a monthly or bimonthly mag and Steve should edit it. Unite the tribes and concentrate the talent. Is there any reason not to? Seems to me that's how to become a force to be reckoned with.

rainy_day said...

I'll comment here since it's not the latest, and is off-topic; but I just heard on NPR, perhaps the California Report, of a study done that says that if there was no Achievement Gap, all state deficits, and the federal deficit, would not exist. You couldn't get a more explicit connection between the quality of the population and the quality of life. American decline, ho! 2010-12-28, something like 09:10 PST; I hope you're able to find it and post something about it.