May 1, 2011


I very rarely use all caps, but this is important: WE GOT SCAMMED.

It turns out that Osama was living in a huge compound built in 2005 that is only a few hundred meters from the Pakistan Military Academy. 

Pakistan had to know. This location can't possibly be a coincidence. Pakistani government insiders put him right in their pocket so they could protect him. They hugged him to their bosom.

They've been scamming us for billions of dollars for years pretending to help us chase Osama Bin Laden while they've been sheltering him in their equivalent of West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs rolled into one. He was an official guest of the Deep State of Pakistan. Maybe the elected leaders didn't know, or didn't want to know because they might end up as dead as Benazir Bhutto.

That means Pakistan is on the other side, more so than the Taliban. And they were getting paid to do it by the United States.

Do we want to know that? Do we want to go to war with Pakistan? Should we flatten the Pakistan Military Academy?

Probably not, so I'll put it on my blog, which means that the fact that Pakistan's Deep State has scammed us by protecting America's Enemy #1 will turn into Official Unknowledge.

But, can we at least stop sending money to Pakistan?


Anonymous said...

It's not just Pakistan that's in on the scam.

Think of the agencies, various corporations, gov't employees, contractors, military, police, etc. that have depended on this "chase."

eh said...

Shame on them.

Fool me once etc -- I'm sure nothing like this will ever happen again.

Anonymous said...

As I keep reminding you, Obama campaigned on invading Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Like I said. Keep saying. Never seems to get through.

Anonymous said...

tHe only people who really knew how to deal with Pakistanis - and had an instinctive understanding of their character and tendencies were the colonial British of the 19th century (but definitely NOT PC ridden modern Britain) - a people just as tricky and grasping in their own way (think of Tom Brown's Schooldays, the East India Company, public schools, Palmerston etc).The writings of Kipling amply demonstrate the instinctive understanding the British had of Pakistani trickiness.Basically, the British distrusted *everything* about Pakistanis (sometimes through bitter exoerience), unless cast-iron evidence to the contrary was available.
Deceit, trickery, conmanship, duplicity etc are all second nature to a Pakistani, just like the air he breathes.
Americans and all other westerners (unfortunately, Pakistani immigration is growing exponentially), must heed these lessons for the sake of their own survival.

eh said...

...tens of billions of dollars...their equivalent of West Point...

Hopefully some of that money went into teaching them how to play football -- the gridiron kind. If so I can smell a new Fall Classic coming: The Army-Paki game.

Anonymous said...

This stinks to high heaven.

Why wouldn't our spy-in -the-sky satellites have been able to pin spot a compound like this that sprouted up a few years after 9/11?

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is why America is No. 1

No. 1 on the sucker list that is.


Anonymous said...

I want Ayman Al-Zawahiri and if that means flattening Pakistan, so be it. Hell, you could flatten the whole damn Middle East and I doubt I feel any guilt.

The whole damn place is full of crazies and Islam has a hell of a lot to do with creating those crazies as do genes.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say you could flatten the whold damn Middle East and parts of Asia and I wouldn't feel guilty.

eh said...

Anonymous said...@5/2/11 12:18 AM

Obama willing to invade Pakistan in al-Qaeda hunt

Barack Obama, a leading Democrat candidate in the US presidential race, provoked anger yesterday by threatening to send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists — even without permission from that country’s Government.

That Obama -- such a loose cannon.

agnostic said...

" Think of the agencies, various corporations, gov't employees, contractors, military, police, etc. that have depended on this "chase." "

I don't know which species is worse -- you don't see them screwing each other over for a fucking percentage.

Murdoch... I'm coming to get you!

Anonymous said...

There have been many reports over the years suggesting that Osama has been dead for years:

Anonymous said...

"Why wouldn't our spy-in -the-sky satellites have been able to pin spot a compound like this that sprouted up a few years after 9/11?"

It was supposedly built in 2005. And yes, the CIA discovered it using sattelite recon, supposedly.

Wes said...

Great point. We all need to keep pressing the point among friends and in forums that the Pakistanis scammed us - they lied to us - they acted as the protector of our number one enemy. Whatever else happens, this cannot be forgotten.

Timothee said...

I think to be "scammed" implies that you took the bait, that you believed the scammer. I've thought since the beginning that Pakistan is a lawless death-hole, and as uch never believed that they were genuinely co-operating with the West.

Chicago said...

Didn't Mohammed Atta have money wired to him from Pakistan just weeks prior to 9-11? It supposedly came from the ISI. That's never been clearly explained.
In retrospect the stories about Osama's poor health, kidney disease, etc, may just have been Pakistani disinformation to lull people into thinking he was possibly dead of natural causes.
Lot of double dealing on the part of Pakistan, it appears. However, I wonder how co-operative the Bush people were with them, how much they really knew.

Anonymous said...

Some old pics of Abbotabad, so you can see the military influence on this town.

It is a very developed town by pakistani standards.

It would be very arrogant of them to hide Osama so close to the military base in a fortified mansion. As opposed to some random fortified shanty.

headache said...

It's because of all these inadvertent entanglements, ethnic prejudices and dual loyalties, be it Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel or even Korea that Ron Paul sez the best is to just stay out and let them slaughter each other. Without all the money and weapons coming from the US, chances are their wars would be a lot less frightening and some regional superpower can take care of them. But the US involvement just massively exacerbates the regional conflicts.

headache said...

Steve, you're assuming the US did not know all along. I'm not so sure. I reckon that Obama decided to use this "asset" (Osama being trailed but kept alive), handed to him by Bush, as a lever in case his poll numbers went south, which has lately been the case.

Kylie said...

I am quite surprised by your use of all caps.

I took it for granted that Pakistan, or at least some of its ruling or influential elite, knew where bin Laden was. I can see why they wouldn't want to defy us openly by publicly offering him sanctuary. But I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't hide him if they thought they could get away with it.

To much of the world, the US is a bumbling bully, occasionally to be greatly feared but mostly to be thwarted, deceived, suckered and held in contempt.

Since we are obviously unable to command respect based on integrity, we might as well return to the more primitive way and demand it based on real fear, not posturing. No more foreign aid predicated on the belief that we can buy friends, no more winning hearts and minds, no more nation building, no more ludicrous attempts to establish democracies. Intead, when possible, reward our friends, punish our enemies, speak softly and carry a big stick.

But that would only be a reasonable course of action if our ruling elites had our nation's best interests at heart. As it is....

Whiskey said...

Ron Paul is an idiot. Osama WAS the creature of Pakistan's military and intel establishments. They protected him and in fact, helped create him.

Osama and jihad exist not because "America sinned by being pro-Israeli" (Ron Paul's idiot arguments) but because America is weak and does not realistically retaliate against Jihad and those who sponsor it.

Pakistan does not have a "deep state" they are not that organized. They are squabbling factions and tribes, who find advancement attacking the weak and divided West. The response is (given their nukes) vaporize regularly folks in Pakistan who become too troublesome.

Whiskey said...

And that's not "empire" either -- the idiot fantasy of Ron Paul thinking we can go back to 1912 or something. Pakistan has nukes (courtesy of China). Jet airplanes, the internet, globalization makes them our virtual next door neighbor as much as Mexico.

We cannot withdraw from the world -- unless we do a North Korea which is not politically possible or wise. Nothing in Pakistani tribal society has changed so "withdrawing" only invites attack in response to weakness.

Globalization, the internet, technology including nukes as off-the-shelf commodities, means hypervigilance and the ability to reach out and destroy people (and doing so regularly to demonstrate it) or a fairly rapid subjection to semi-Sharia (see Northern Europe, Italy, Spain, France). In Denmark, the most "resistant" to semi-Sharia, it is crime to mention Muslim rates for assaults on women, and a new Mega Mosque occupying Copenhagen is to be built. Denmark had to surrender to Pakistan, essentially.

TGGP said...

Ron Paul's position is not that "The U.S sinned by being pro-Israeli". He supported the Israeli attack on Osirach, for example. He's a non-interventionist, and opposes our support of the duplicitous Pakistani Deep State.

Alice K said...

Just to point out: the guys WITH the nukes were the ones protecting OBL. No doubt that they'd have given him nukes any day it served their purpose. For the present, it appeared to them that they might actually get flattened if OBL nuked us, so they hadn't yet.

But they would have.

We should flatten them.

And the reason not to? Our primary reason is the historical tradition of communists in India being in bed with the Soviet Union.

so it's time to turn that table around, and flatten them.

Truth said...

"Osama and jihad exist not because "America sinned by being pro-Israeli" (Ron Paul's idiot arguments) but because America is weak and does not realistically retaliate against Jihad and those who sponsor it."


Anonymous said...

The somewhat better solution is to have india take the thing over in a let's-you-and-him-fight operation.

I'm not so sure India would like winding up owning Pakistan again, though. There's not much percentage in trying to rule poor, violent muslim states.