April 27, 2012

Wait ... wait ... Don't tell me!

From the New York Times:
Police Chiefs Focus on Disparities in Gun Violence, With an Eye Toward Solutions 
by Erica Goode 
In a single week last April, 3 people were killed with guns in Philadelphia, 14 more were shot and wounded, 68 robberies were carried out at gunpoint and a total of 144 crimes involving firearms were reported.During that same week in San Diego, a city of roughly the same size with far fewer police officers, there were no gun-related homicides, 2 people wounded by gunshots, 4 robberies committed at gunpoint and a total of only 20 gun-related crimes. 
What made the difference? About 250 police chiefs from around the country debated this question and gun violence more generally at a meeting here this week, taking as their focus a survey of crimes occurring in six cities — Philadelphia, San Diego, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Austin, Tex., and Toronto — over a seven-day period in April 2011. The survey was carried out by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit police research group that sponsored the session as part of its two-day annual meeting.

I hear Carmel, CA has even less gun violence. The Police Executive Research Forum should go investigate Carmel.


Rachelle said...

Gun violence in cities is directly proportional to the number of people who look like Obama's sons, a/k/a Holder's people, who live in those cities.

Reg Cæsar said...

In a single week last April, 3 people were killed with guns in Philadelphia...

That's all? Many more die of cardiac arrest.

We need to register cheesesteaks!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable--just like "education specialists" and/or the NAACP coming into the schools in growing suburban districts to "analyze" just why it is that referrals for defiant or violent behavior have increased.

Chicago said...

I like the way all these police chiefs can burn through taxpayer money attending vacations disguised as conferences and pretend their way through the entire thing. And keep a straight face whilst earnestly puzzling over the burning issues of the day.
Joe citizen taxpayer gets mugged by the men in blue.

Anonymous said...

San Diego is about 30 percent Hispanic. Does this prove Ron Unz's theory about low Hispanic crime rates?

Anonymous said...

I hear Carmel, CA has even less gun violence.

But Compton, CA has high gun violence. So, it's not California weather that's responsible for the difference from Philadelphia. Science!

Anonymous said...

Another Onion-worthy article by the mainstream media.

Unfortunately a far more destructive force than the entirety of street violence is the onnipresent weight of an iron blanket of thought and speech control with regards to racial matters.

Thankfully there are a handful like Steve who are willing to fight it in public. As for myself, I have a family to protect and a job I can't afford to lose.

Lugash said...

I am Lugash.

Lugash has a solution: Nationwide stop and frisk for all black males between the ages of 12 and 50. If it's good enough for New York City, it's good enough for the rest of the country.

I am Lugash.

DYork said...

I have a politically incorrect euphemism for the "root cause" of the problem -

PONs (you all can work out the acronym if Steve let's you.)

You know Al Sharpton, Samuel L. Jackson, Trayvon Martin, and ten's of thousands of nameless.

It's an attitude, an arrogance. It's real, it's biological, it's cultural and so is the very real animal fear of confronting it and fighting back.

I think as the country becomes increasingly Hispanic, Hispanic males will fight back.

I think that's what George Zimmerman did in his own goofy but deadly way.

DYork said...

An experiment -

When I say "gun violence" or "street crime" what is the race of the criminal that comes to mind?

When I say "hate crime" or "bias crime" what is the race of the criminal that comes to mind?

Ultimately in America when a black male commits a violent crime we blame the inanimate object used or his "environment" or socio economic condition.

When a White man commits a violent crime we blame his attitude, his heart and his mind.

Anonymous said...

what's to discuss? it's pretty obvious that proximity to the atlantic ocean is the culprit.

my grandparents always warned me about that ocean's propensity for violence and crime, but I always just thought they were closed-minded bigots from a bygone era or weren't hip to the latest science on ocean equality. "Oceans are oceans", I'd say.

It appears I owe them an apology.

eah said...

Perhaps this post should be labelled with "political correctness makes you stupid". Just a suggestion.

Anyway, it looks like we'll soon no longer promote cops by having them take a test. Which may lead to some improvement, if only in the sense that, at least in regard to who makes it to the top, it seems today things could hardly be worse.

RWF said...

This is one of the big problems with political correctness- if something can't be discussed it is very hard to solve.

As the race factor can't be publically acknowledged when discussing crime, actually working to reduce the level of black violence is virtually impossible- which of course harms other black people far more than the most virulant racist could hope to achieve.

Mr. Incredible said...

"Does this prove Ron Unz's theory about low Hispanic crime rates?"

It seems to vary according to locale. Hispanics are a varied bunch. El Paso (majority Mexican-American) is about the safest large city in the US. And the amazing thing is that it's across the river from ultra-violent Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

On the other hand, cities like LA and Chicago have major problems with Hispanic gangs. But they also have some reasonably safe Hispanic areas.

It's a real patchwork in terms of safety. By contrast, I can't think of any majority black cities or hoods that are among the safest.

Anonymous said...

The joke is on us!

Anonymous said...

A tag is missing from this post: political correctness makes you stupid.

Anonymous said...

They should research Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver as well. It must be proximity to the Pacific Ocean that makes you pacific.

Henry Canaday said...

My last visit to San Diego in October prompted the thought: even when Southern California is turning into an economic and political basket-case, the place still looks like a million bucks.

Demographics matters lot, but so does government, because it affects both behavior and demographics. A surfing cab driver, who migrated to San Diego from the Midwest 20 years ago and never left, explained why the city works better than LA: Republican local government. So maybe it's all those retired Navy captains out on Coronado that, as voters, keep the city functional.

Pat Boyle said...

I once attended a civic celebration here in Oakland. There had been an activity like that each year - sort of like a county fair. But they had stopped having them because gangs of black teens had invaded the fair grounds and beaten everybody up.

So when Oakland tried to reinstitute these annual events there was a seminar/lecture on violence and how to avoid/control it.

I somehow found myself in that audience listening to an old black man. He was perplexed. He couldn't understand why there was violence. He said "I'm not for violence. Who's for violence?" Then he asked each person in the audience - "Are you for violence?" Like everyone else when he came to me, I testified that I wasn't for violence.

He was then really perplexed. How could there be all this violence on the streets of Oakland if none of the middle aged and mostly white citizens embraced it as a practice?

My point here is that these police captains may very well be sincere. A lot of the public has an amazing blind spot.

When I had migraines I used to develop a hole in my vision. During the prodrome there would be a big area in my vision in which I was blind. That made driving challenging, but it helped me understand my fellow citizen's puzzlement over certain race questions.


Anonymous said...

Re: Hispanics

LA's murder rate is approximately equal to the national murder rate. Chicago does sewem to have a problem with violent Hispanic neighborhoods, but how much of that is a result of lots of Puerto Ricans?

I haven't seen much evidence that when adjusted for age and gender, MesoAmericans and white Hispanics are particularly prone to criminality.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The police chief from Philly almost says it.

He knows. Doesn't dare. Yet he seems to want fewer black people to be killed, so he's torn.


Anonymous said...

I think that's what George Zimmerman did in his own goofy but deadly way.

Well, the important question is:

Was it his at most 1/8th African heritage that caused him to react that way towards Trayvon, or his lest than one half Peruvian heritage or his one half white heritage?

Which is more evil in the eyes of the elites?

Anonymous said...

Maybe New Orleans and Chicago politicians should study Vermont gun laws while their police departments sit down and watch Super Troopers

countenance said...

Want to know why Philadelphia is the 'hole that it is? Why it's anti-white hate central? I could use a thousand words, or link to one photo. I choose photo:


Anonymous said...

But Compton, CA has high gun violence. So, it's not California weather that's responsible for the difference from Philadelphia. Science!

Wrong. Compton and Carmel have very different climates, even though they are both in California.

Anonymous said...

Carmel had a heat wave last weekend (75 degrees) and the homicide rate doubled.

anonthistime said...

Carmel has a problem too. This guy
http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsP/36614-5725.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.aveleyman.com/ActorCredit.aspx?ActorID%3D36614&h=240&w=320&sz=58&tbnid=kj8yP4ts8RvbdM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=120&zoom=1&docid=U_3LlCUfP0-DOM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=90ycT9GkAqeeiAKLjMRz&ved=0CDkQ9QEwAg&dur=3307 has been going around sticking up tourists, saying, "I know Clint Eastwood."

Anonymous said...

Well, the writer does mention "the characteristics of perpetrators and victims" so he clearly knows what's up, but just can't say it except very obliquely.

neil craig said...

Philadelphia, city of brotherly love.