May 7, 2012

French election demographics

A French reader writes:
Hello Steve, 
I m one of your long time French readers and I really appreciate the work you are doing. 
I m give you some interresting numbers about the french elections : 
- the difference in term of voters was 1,130 Millions between Sarkozy and Hollande.
Source : 
- Muslims voters ( church goers - about 2 millions )  are massively leftist. They vote at 93% for Hollande. 
Source : 
- Jewish from Israel are massively pro Sarkozy ( 92 % of Israel French Jews voted for Sarkozy). 
Source : 
- Dom Tom ( about 2 millions): black tropical Islands [like Martinique in the West Indies] are aslo massively pro Hollande : about 65 % for Hollande. But not as much black Americans. 
Source : 
So as Obama, Hollande was not the winners of the white vote. Actually Sarkozy was the large winner of the White. Most of rightist political commenters recommands the Sailer strategy to the right, go righter and whiter. 
Hope to hear your thoughs about it even if you are not a big french politics followers.

Thanks. I can't read French, so, if you do, check these links out for yourself. There doesn't seem to be much demographic analysis of the French election available in English.


SFG said...

Before anyone snarks: they switch the commas and periods in Europe. So he means 1.13 million, not 1.13 billion.

Anonymous said...

So much for what the "French" prefer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if our friends at the major news networks would break down these numbers for us and tell us what they mean and how the numbers might reflect the sentiments of American voters?

I know, I am joking. Of course they won't.

Do you think this means white people believe citizens ought to work?

Perspective said...

With Hollande now becoming President of France, the question is will he be rewarding the electorate that voted for him by rolling back many of the measures put on Muslims -such as banning the burka?

I read somewhere that he would not, but I wonder if he will capitulate to Muslim demands in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the Jews voted for Hollande.

All of Hollande's advisors are JEWS.

This email is a blatant lie Steve.

Anonymous said...

Jews from Israel?

What about Secular French Jews?

There's a catch22 wordplay here that is very misleading.

Anonymous said...

Marine Le Pen is an egotistical moron. If she had supported Sarkozy, the tide of foreigners might have been stemmed, just a little. Now Hollande will simply import a new electorate.

Anonymous said...

I'm not French and I don't follow French politics, but I can read the language.

Some of the data at those links:

Sarkozy won 58% among craftsmen, businessmen and CEOs. Compared to the last election 5 years ago he held his ground (46% vs. 46%) among "workers" (I'm guessing these are actually blue-collar workers), but lost 9% (52% to 43%) among top-level employees and people in "liberal professions" (who are those? college professors? teachers?) Sarkozy got 49% of the voters who work in the private sector, 37% of those who work in the public sector. He won 47% of permanent employees, 43% of the people employed through time-limited work contracts (temps, I guess) and 36% of the unemployed. So far nothing seems surprising to me. He WAS running against a Socialist. Sarkozy won 52% of the people who own their own homes, 40% among private-sector renters and 36% among the people living in public housing. I just learned something - French public housing must be far whiter than the US version. 36% for a "candidate of the right" - wow.

The important stuff: Sarkozy got 59% of the Catholics and Hollande got 93% of the Muslims. The article literally said that Muslims "supported the left by 93%". It's pretty funny when you think about it. What can be more right-wing than Islam?

Sarkozy got 41% of those who make less than 1,000 Euros per month, 45% of those who make between 1,000 and 2,000, more among those who make above 2,000. He got slightly more votes among those who've had 2 or more years of college than among those who've had less education than that. I'm curious about who people with post-graduate educations voted for, but that info isn't in the article.

The biggest issues for Sarko voters were debt and deficits (65%) and immigration (53%). Those who voted for Hollande were more concerned with social inequality, the level of employment and with purchasing power.

The article says that Sarkozy did well in the deindustrialized portion of France (their rust belt), which seems to be in the north-east. The article suggests that this is also the portion where the National Front usually does best.

IHTG said...

I can confirm that French citizens in Israel voted massively for Sarkozy. Btw, 4% voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round.

Anonymous said...

"All of Hollande's advisors are JEWS."

I know that Julien Dray is a Algerian Jew.

Anonymous said...

There is also the infamous DSK.

irishman said...

anonymous @ 5/7/12 3:26 PM wrote

"Marine Le Pen is an egotistical moron. If she had supported Sarkozy, the tide of foreigners might have been stemmed, just a little. Now Hollande will simply import a new electorate."

Nonsense. She didn't vote for Sarkozy because she knows just like everyone who follows French politics for 5 minutes knows that Sarkozy is a liar. Had he been re-elected he would have been a lame duck president. He would have done nothing to stem immigration. If he was going to do something about immigration he would have done it already.

Conservatives are nothing more than whores for capitalism. The sooner good people wake up and realise that the Sarkozys, Camerons and Romneys of this world are not only useless but the problem the better. The kind of politics Steve Sailer and I would guess most of the people here support is politics which places political power in the middle and working classes. That cannot be accomplished with conservative politics which is concerned with defending hierarchies both social and political.

The French economy is heading down the toilet anyway so from a Leninist "the worse the better" point of view this is a good thing. The French property market is over valued by 40% and their banks are massively exposed to the PIIGS. They have a huge debt to GDP ratio. Theyare screwed. With the conservatives as of now discredited the coming crash will hopefully do the same to the socialists. Hollande wouldn't dare do a Blair on immigration. Le Pen is perfectly positioned for 2017.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:26, I'm not sure there would have been any point in Marine openly endorsing Sarkozy. She knows some quantity of her supporters are paleo-left and never had a material interest in backing the evil of two lessers; better to not spell it out in public. However I do agree that she's a Bachmann-esque lightweight.

AmericanGoy said...

"Marine Le Pen is an egotistical moron. If she had supported Sarkozy, the tide of foreigners might have been stemmed, just a little. Now Hollande will simply import a new electorate."

Just like Tony Blair promised pre election and delivered post?

eah said...

go righter and whiter

Yes, in America if Republicans would appeal directly to white voters they could win elections and then things would be so much better. I mean regarding e.g. the budget, immigration, involvement in tragically useless foreign wars etc etc -- the list is practically endless -- Republicans are so much the better alternative.

Maybe if Sarkozy had not spent so much time trying to criminalize denial of the Armenian genocide he would've figured that out too. Alas.

Anonymous said...

Google Chrome translates without lifting a finger....try it and read articles in english!!!

Anonymous said...

"Just like Tony Blair promised pre election and delivered post?"

Tony Blair's Labor Party gets the vast majority of immigrant votes. It was obvious that he was lying about tougher immigration controls. Sarkozy's party does not benefit politically in any way from immigrants, and there's no real business benefit from importing Muslims because unlike Mexicans, they are allergic to work.

Anonymous said...

Agree, the biggest lost in white population New York, Los Angeles and so forth, sure there is Portland that votes Dem. But Republican like Chuck Devore that left the OC for Texas will find out changing Austin which is going more hispanic and Houston and Dallas and San Ant is going to give the dems in 20 years a chance. John Mccain one Anaheim in Chuck Devore old home in OC by only one point since illegals don't vote that much unelss it for Loretta Sanches but one day Anaheim will be a more liberal city than Laguna or Irvine, Santa Ana already is.

Richard A. said...

Who created the guest worker program that allowed business interests to import cheap Muslim labor--the left or the right? I suspect the right. It looks like this cheap labor has bit the right on the butt. One should never unnderestimate the stupidity of the corporate dominated right.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer asks:

"Would Sarko have won if Le Pen had endorsed him? Any data on that"

Taken directly from, the best patriotic web site in the world (really) and the most popular political web site in France (by far) [I would advice American and other patriots to just copy the format of that extraordinary page]

"51% of the FN vote went to N. Sarkozy - According to a poll by Ipsos-Logica, carried out the day before the vote, Nicolas Sarkozy managed to obtain 51% of vote intentions from people who voted for Marine Le Pen on the first round. 25% didn´t want to vote, 10% wanted to cast blank or invalid votes and 14% wanted to vote for François Hollande.

Btw: Irishman´s analysis is dead on. Anytime Sarkozy promises to do something about immigration, you know he is lying. With him, new entries to France numbered 200 000 a year, and during the election he promised to cut it down to 100 000 a year... which was roughly the level it had under SOCIALIST prime minister Lionel Jospin... you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5/7/12 2:57pm:

Excellent clarification. By "whites" they meant "the French" and by "muslims" they meant "not French, just parasitic 3rd worlders that the French have stupidly allowed to vote".

Another way to write it would be have been "the French preferred Sarkozy, however the foreigners preferred Hollande. Since France is past the tipping point, Sark is sacked"

Anonymous said...

This Englishman would like to endorse everything Irishman said.