February 9, 2013

Dorner = Rambo's "First Blood?"

I've only seen bits and pieces of the 1982 Sylvester Stallone movie "First Blood," in which troubled but heroic Medal of Honor winner John Rambo outsmarts corrupt cops tracking him in the cold mountains, but I'll bet Christopher Dorner has watched the whole thing.

He probably didn't watch The King of Comedy all the way through, however.

As a big movie fan, Dorner has probably moved beyond DVDs to downloading and streaming. But just in case he hasn't, I'd advise the cops to find his DVD player, push the Eject button, and see what he watched right before setting off. It might give them some clues.


Robert Holmgren said...

You don't win a Metal of Honor, it's awarded.

you used to be my romeo said...

Charles Murray, Feb 8th: the Repubs. won't collapse immediately due to demographic shift, because of iSteve's observed .. voter turnout.

Masha said...

Jerry Lewis was so great in King of Comedy, DeNiro was too, in fact so good he ruins the movie because he's too real and too creepy, Charles Murray was only O.K.

Anonymous said...

The guys he mentioned in his manifesto (and their families, who're apparently fair game) must be sweating it out right now.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I don't think he's in Big Bear. The Keystone Kops are probably chasing their own tails up there.

Ex Submarine Officer said...

Btw, I don't think he's in Big Bear. The Keystone Kops are probably chasing their own tails up there.

No kidding. Talk about some diversionary tactic. Has anyone even said why the truck was on fire?

Like, maybe, a time delayed firebomb or something?

Brett_McS said...

I don't know if the cops were corrupt exactly - they were certainly not in David Morrell's infinitely better book, First Blood, on which the film was (very) loosely based. They were just trying to ensure (perhaps a little too zealously) that a loser hobo type didn't feel welcome in their town and decide to stay on.

It just turned out that the loser hobo type was a special forces vet, but 'shit happens'.

Anonymous said...

The A Team is a show Dorner probably enjoyed. Even now, a narrator in his head may be reminding him: "In 2009 a crack commando policeman was fired for some things he didn't actually do. Wanted by the government, he survives as a spree killer. His noble mission is to shoot all the cops who got him fired, and maybe all the people who ever pissed him off."
--Former Screenplay Editor

Harry Baldwin said...

Dorner may be entirely too influenced by movie reality. What's going on now reminds me a little of the Kevin Spacey/Samuel Jackson film "The Negotiator," in which a black officer framed with corruption charges takes hostages in his effort to clear his name. In the movie, of course, everything works out fine, whereas in real life, of course, no way.

Dorner is also a little like the celebrity crazed character Jim Carrey plays in "Cable Guy."

Ex Submarine Officer said...

And lets not forget the ability of a sniper to create utter havoc and evade capture even if he isn't a rocket scientist, e.g, the DC snipers.

Admittedly, in this case they already know who the guy is and what he looks like, but still....

In Dorner's case, he does have this disadvantage, but he may also have some advantage of at least some sympathy in some quarters of the public.

Anonymous said...

Well, he's apparently had five years to plan this, so it's morbidly interesting to see how far it goes.

I discount the training he's had as a police trainee and navy reservist. Entry level group training is always downed down. You could learn more doing your own research. The media's constant mentioning of his training to portray him as some sort of super villain is misleading. It's undeserved in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, in this case they already know who the guy is and what he looks like, but still....

Attention whore. If he was so smart, he would have not published his "manifesto" so early in his spree.

stg58/Animal Mother said...

This situation is closest to Law Abiding Citizen. Instead of killing his family, like Gerard Butler's, they killed Dorner's career.

Anonymous said...

he a blood dorner

Anonymous said...

he done look like shrek. he be da wreck.

Anonymous said...

So, mr Sailer has never seen First Blood. Even though the character Gault is a bit of a sadist, I always thought the movie was about a bunch of stubborn people who don’t know when to quit.

Steve Sailer said...

"This situation is closest to Law Abiding Citizen."

Every time nut runs amok, I realize how many movies I haven't seen.

I could only stand about 10 minutes of that Korean gorefest "Old Boy" (?) but that was enough to guess that it would be a favorite of the Virginia Tech shooter.

Anonymous said...

Why are they looking for him in snowy mountains?

He's probably in Baja or Mexico.

Anonymous said...

"I could only stand about 10 minutes of that Korean gorefest "Old Boy" (?) but that was enough to guess that it would be a favorite of the Virginia Tech shooter."

Am I the only one who is shocked and amazed at the level of violence of gore in mainstream culture these days? Rhetorical, I know, but I feel for the most part people accept it and even enjoy it - that's why it's mainstream. It's a very sick situation. But God forbid your child see a pair of breasts on TV or find out how babies are made.

wren said...

I enjoyed "Parker" a few days ago.

The protagonist, a bank robber and thief, lives by his own noble code, and half the movie is about him tracking down and kiling everyone who crossed him in the first part of the movie.

Of course, being a Hollywood movie, we have nothing but sympathy for him as he rips off rich people and kills people who don't follow in his Robin Hood tradition.

In a previous Taylor Hackford movie, the devil (Pacino) notes that vanity is definitely his favorite sin. I think and hope it takes down Dorner this time. He certainly lost my sympathy the moment he shot the cop's daughter.

Anonymous said...

When they make the movie about Christopher Dorner, he can be played by Matthew St. Patrick. He was the actor who played Dexter's big, black BF on Six Feet Under. An uncanny resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Well most nuts in Orange County are thought on the right like the old days where the John Birch Society was popular or the birther statement on Obama came from a white lady in the OC. There are some political nuts on the left there like Chris Dorner who grew up there but got a job with the La Pd and lives in little La Palma which is mainly asian with some whites and Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

I don't really remember Oldboy being that gory, even during the famous four-minute, one-shot fight scene. I'm pretty sure the first ten minutes are just train drunkenness and maybe the first part of a kidnapping.

Gene Berman said...


"lost my sympathy"

Yes. Huge numbers of people have justified or semi-justified grievances of one sort or another (i.e., they've been treated unfairly) more or less momentous than he'd undergone--without feeling the need to exact revenge on other than specific malefactors.

My thought is that this occurrence illustrates that, although the guy is clever in some ways, he's really not very bright. As a matter of fact, his underlying grievance (being fired after pushing the "kicking" allegation) should have been, for him, easily predictable: it was simply a "he said/she said" accusation which he should have known likely to fail sans independent corroboration.

I haven't read everything about the perp's history but I did pick up on his navy experience: the years as I remember were 4 or 5--less than a usual Navy "hitch" of 6--possibly indicating other-than-usual separation circumstances (such as for disciplinary/mental reasons).

Hopefully, he'll have a moment of lucidity in which to realize that getting himself killed is about the best of his options.

Again said...

1. LAPD chief has already decided to validate/endorse Dorner's allegations of racism! See:


2. I predict Dorner will commit suicide, if he hasn't frozen to death already. That will prove he was a victim of departmental and pervasive societal racism.

Anonymous said...

the trail tends to go cold in proportion to how lethal the fugitive appears to be. enforcement tends to be lower in proportion to the lethality of the neighborhood.

normally when someone kills an officer, the blue lock arms with great moral conviction, often making sure to kill the suspect. this case is unusual in that doerner at least has made some kind of moral case against the police force, possibly reducing the normal level of moral conviction in the pursuit.

it would have been awkward to keep dorner on the force, though, if he was going to be hypersensitive every time an LAPD officer shouted an epithet after storming the drug den, or put a thug in a choke hold. there's a certain practical loyalty that must supercede namby-pamby sensitivity concerns as the force addresses the expanse of gang territory that is LA. dorner violated that code, while probably being technically correct legally. as the force considered how frequently he would be involved in enforcement against blacks, they made a practical choice. dorner then had a paranoic's inflamed response to what was probably a true railroading.

image of dorner and a few words about the rampage. cut to doerner's endorsement of waltz and enthusiasm for django. cut to tarantino answering the film violence question, saying "I refuse the question".

alonzo portfolio said...

To me, Dorner has OJ eyes. You know, that narcissistic glint that comes from getting away with everything as a teen thug. Dorner would have been 15 when the black girls let OJ walk, and my guess is he thinks he can do it too.

Anonymous said...

"I could only stand about 10 minutes of that Korean gorefest "Old Boy" (?) but that was enough to guess that it would be a favorite of the Virginia Tech shooter."

Actually in terms of actual gore and violence, it isn't as extreme as many horror films churned out by Hollywood and Japan.
What makes it hard to take is the sheer grubbiness of it all.
It's what Kael used to call the 'shaggyman movie'.

To Park's credit, he didn't sensationalize the violence like others have done. It's sensationalist in a way but also hardnosed and gritty. That's what makes it unnerving. The strong dose of realism to the revenge tale, and on that note, I don't think it's as heinous as something like INGLORIOUS or PULP that just makes us laugh at the gore and bloodshed.
It's a film of real emotions.

Even so, Park hasn't thought his material through. He obviously has a lot of pent-up anger, but all he really did was take it out on the world through his movies. There is genuine rage but Park uses his camera like a hammer.

MEMORIES OF MURDER and VENGEANCE IS MINE are, in contrast, films that give some real thought to the horror they depict... and the social and psychological forces that may given rise to such violence.

josh said...

He was an affirmative action troll. Shot himself in the hand! Thats your mastermind Seal/Green Beret with his "training".He is dead,after shooting himself Friday Night. Either that --which I believe--OR he is shivering like mad in some cabin with no food or water. Lot of the blacks are cheering him on,tho his vicitms were an Asian woman and a black dude! Because he is black they have to pretend that he is some kind of 007 Seal;he aint,he is Barney Fife with muscles. Not surprised his old GF dumped him as a psycho. His manifesto could as easily been a rant about "the black woman" etc. She is damn lucky he went another way.

Again said...

It's quite possible that Dorner was to the Navy as Major Hassan was to the Army: an incompetent who no one dared to give a bad score in any program, since none of his superiors could risk charges, however unfounded, of racism. He seems to have been a poor police cadet and probationary officer as well, but eventually he blundered into some action for which it seemed he could be expelled without racism charges sticking to his bosses.


Oh how Dorner's police bosses must be gnashing their teeth and bewailing their fates tonight! The chief has announced that they will all swing for racism, because the rule of society today is that when a black man blames his misconduct on the racism of his employer, it must be true! It cannot be false, because if the charge of racism were false that would mean the man who made the charge was a liar, but lying is disreputable, so anyone who calls a black man a liar is a racist, therefore to disbelieve a black man is racist, so the only alternative is to believe the charge, therefore the LAPD is racist.

Indeed, the LAPD has always been racist. LAPD racism caused the Watts riots in 1965 and the Rodney King riots in 1992. LAPD racism forced Tom Bradley to give up his LAPD lieutenancy and settle for becoming Mayor of Los Angeles. LAPD racism gave us the famous "gorillas in the mist" and Mark Fuhrman episodes, not to mention Latasha Harlins* and Margaret L. Mitchell.

The LAPD can never be purged of racism, can never atone and reform, because all Amerikkkan policing is racist. The police in Amerikkka refuse to stop observing and investigating and questioning and frisking and arresting and confining black people. The police are incorrigibly racist and we won't be free of their racism while a single police officer remains on the job in this country.

*The LAPD could have arrested Soon Jo Du before she ever attacked that innocent shopper, but they let her stay in her convenience store like some horrible spider in the center of its web, just waiting for a black teenager to blunder in.

Anonymous said...

"in which troubled but heroic Medal of Honor winner John Rambo outsmarts corrupt cops tracking him in the cold mountains"

I dunno about corrupt. The sheriff can spot potential trouble and wants to sheepdog it away from his flock - not fair admittedly and probably not legal but the motive isn't corrupt - least that's how i remember it but it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one who is shocked and amazed at the level of violence of gore in mainstream culture these days?"

The culture has been corrupted inch by inch for decades edging ever closer to late Roman levels.

I used to disregard those old victorian historians blaming the fall of civilizations on "decadence" but i am beginning to think they were right.

NOTA said...

Having a legitimate gripe or a reasonable cause to push is not inconsistent with horrible, out-of-proportion, rather indiscriminate responses. Every nut who shoots his ex boss or ex wife (often taking out several bystanders and saving the last bullet for himself) has an understandable beef with someone, it's just that the response is horribly wrong. Similarly, most terrorists probably have a legitimate gripe or two against their target--Israel really does treat the Palestinians like shit, we really do blow up a hell of a lot of Muslims, the FBI and BATF really did horribly mishandle rhe Waco raid and incinerate a bunch of kids, etc. And yet, blowing up a busload or building full of random people is still wildly out of proportion.

This nut quite probably has a legitimare complaint, and a pretty reasonable cause (police brutality and the blue wall of silence are bad things overall). He's just rspoding to those evil things in ways that are horrible and too willing to accept collateral damage.

jody said...

except rambo john j, was a US army green beret and medal of honor recipient, and this guy, from what little i've read, is a typical african from the US navy, who deliberately chose a job stacking boxes far, far away from any of the shooting. resupplying submarines or something from what little i did read. a standard REMF. probably little to no infantry action training at all.

actual medal of honor recipents are overwhelmingly straight heterosexual european males from the midwest or south, who serve in the US army in an infantry or armor role. in other words, everything america is trying NOT to be now.

a new guy was just awarded medal of honor this month, clinton romesha. the media spent less time talking about him than they have trying to "understand" dorner. at least dakota meyer, the previous recipient, got some brief positive coverage.

jody said...

i'm surprised steve didn't make a post about general schwarzkopf dying, who was the least real guy to command the US military, and who also oversaw the last "good" US military action. the media tried to not even cover it, briefly mentioning his passing then quickly dropping the story for the next round of celebrity news. after all, as stated previously, schwarzkopf was everything the united states is trying not to be anymore.

euro american (german even) heterosexual male, IQ 160 and extremely competent, and a republican. successfully executed a real war against a moderately equipped opponent with a start, middle, and end, which achieved all goals, destroyed the enemy forces, and didn't leave 50000 US troops in country permanently.

worst of all, he comes from the bad old days of west point when women and homosexuals were not allowed to attend. horrible, shameful stuff.

but when colin powell dies, a career affirmative action man who never saw combat, deliberately avoided shooting in vietnam, never accomplished anything in his various roles at each rank and nor at any of his various government appointments, well, there will be extensive coverage.

meanwhile he gets to lecture the GOP about how racist and backwards they are. and all they had to do to receive such treatment was promote mr powell all the way to the top. excellent ROI for the republicans. they should continue their policies of promoting less than capable mexican, africans, muslims, and other identity groups to the highest offices in the republican party. it's working so well for them.

Anonymous said...

7,000 years ago in the early Neolithic era, with new evidence showing that farmers buried with tools had access to better land than those buried without.
he research, carried out by archaeologists from the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff and Oxford, is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), May 28.

By studying more than 300 human skeletons from sites across central Europe, Professor Alex Bentley and an international team of colleagues funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council uncovered evidence of differential land access among the first Neolithic farmers -- the earliest such evidence yet found.

Strontium isotope analysis of the skeletons, which provides indications of place of origin, indicated that men buried with distinctive Neolithic stone adzes (tools used for smoothing or carving wood) had less variable isotope signatures than men buried without adzes. This suggests those buried with adzes had access to closer -- and probably better -- land than those buried without.

Professor Bentley, Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol, said: "The men buried with adzes appear to have lived on food grown in areas of loess, the fertile and productive soil favoured by early farmers. This indicates they had consistent access to preferred farming areas."

The strontium isotope analysis also revealed that early Neolithic women were more likely than men to have originated from areas outside those where their bodies were found. This is a strong indication of patrilocality, a male-centred kinship system where females move to reside in the location of the males when they marry.

This new evidence from the skeletons is consistent with other archaeological, genetic, anthropological and even linguistic evidence for patrilocality in Neolithic Europe. The results have implications for genetic modelling of how human populations expanded in the Neolithic, for which sex-biased mobility patterns and status differences are increasing seen as crucial.
This is what Steve Sailer has been saing.

"It seems the Neolithic era introduced heritable property (land and livestock) into Europe and that wealth inequality got underway when this happened. After that, of course, there was no looking back: through the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Industrial era wealth inequality increased but the 'seeds' of inequality were sown way back in the Neolithic."

NOTA said...


Schwartzkopf didn't have the power to decide we weren't going to invade and occupy Iraq--that was the first President Bush's decision. If Bush Sr had decided to invade and occupy Iraq, Schwartzkopf would surely have done it, and gotten bogged down just like we did a decade later.


If this dude is caught by the LAPD, I imagine the chances of his being taken alive are quite remote, regardless of whether he intends to surrender or not.

Cail Corishev said...


Ordinarily I'd agree, but would you want to be the cop who shoots him? I think fear of getting the Mark Fuhrman treatment just might slow my trigger finger a little.