March 7, 2013

Downside of Moynihan's Law of the Canadian Border: It's cold

Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Law of the Canadian Border says that the farther north an American state is, the fewer social problems it will have. One downside of this is northern states' underdeveloped intellectual immune systems. Texans and Georgians are less naive, so cold states tend to be the biggest suckers for refugees from hot weather countries. But the refugees aren't ready for Canadian Border weather themselves. If they came from cold climate cultures, they probably wouldn't be refugees because they would less often get into murderous feuds with their neighbors.

From the NYT:
PORTLAND, Me. — Charlene Masengu left the Democratic Republic of Congo late last year, hoping to get asylum status in the United States after a wave of political violence made life at home unbearably dangerous. She made it to this coastal city last month, just before it was covered in more than 30 inches of snow, and she wondered, briefly, whether she had made a mistake. 
Ms. Masengu was squeezed, notebook in hand, into a plain conference room at the city’s center for refugee services. She and dozens of others were here to be schooled in a central piece of Portland’s cultural curriculum for its growing population of new arrivals, many of whom are asylum-seekers from Central Africa: the art of handling a Maine winter. 
... Northern New England would seem an unlikely destination for immigrants from Central Africa, but many new arrivals — who include a steady number of refugees and a rapidly growing number of asylum seekers, who say they are refugees but whose claims have not yet been evaluated — are drawn here by referrals from family and friends, as well as the relatively low crime rates of this region’s small and manageable cities.  
... More than anything, he says, his students have to learn how to bring the weather into their daily calculus. “The weather forecast — you have to plan ahead. The best way to do that is wake up in the morning, put the TV on and look at the cancellations,” Mr. Alloding said. 
Miguel Chimukeno, from Angola, rose to ask a question in Portuguese, which another student translated to French, which the French interpreter, Eric Ndayizi, posed to Mr. Alloding. 
“He’s low income — zero income — and you said they should watch TV and know some information. How does he get TV?” Mr. Ndayizi asked. 
“There’s nobody that’s going to issue out TV’s,” Mr. Alloding said. “My only suggestion is that you talk to your neighbors.” 
One of the biggest winter-related issues refugees face, Mr. Alloding said, is dealing with the heat in their apartments. “Some landlords have evicted some of my clients,” he told the class. “There is a complaint that a certain population will open the heat at 90 and keep it on. They are under law to provide you with a temperature of no more than 67.”

Wouldn't it be better for all concerned just to pay neighboring Third World countries to take in the refugees?


vandelay said...

I love the part where they get advice on how not to fall down. It's like the Homer's court-ordered parenting advice.

"if you leave milk out, it can go sour. Put it in the refrigerator, or, failing that, a cool wet sack. And put your garbage in a garbage can, people. I can't stress that enough. Don't just throw it out the window."

Remnant said...

"The weather forecast — you have to plan ahead."

Oh my God, is this guy implying that people from warm climates have lower future time orientation? That's so racist.

Seriously though, his formulation (unintentionally no doubt) basically explains 90% of HBD.

Big Bill said...

The thermometer situation is interesting. If you find out you have a bunch of illiterate deadbeat Africans in your apartments and have to get rid of them but dont want to suffer the inevitable racial discrimination hassle, what about installing a remotely programmable "smart" thermostat to monitor the temperature and keep it right at 67 degrees? Never so low it violates the law, but just low enough that African tenants are uncomfortable and call you asking you to fix it.

When the Robert Taylor Homes project was built in Chicago, they recognized the Negro residents from Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi would have problems similar to the Somalis and Congolese so they hired a "social director" to help them navigate modern urban life and modern conveniences. It was a failure then, but perhaps it would work with the Negro villagers they are importing from Africa.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the worst coincidence in the world is that the most black people happen to live where the most racist white people live.

Was that an attempt at humor?

I.e. "Perhaps the most predictable coincidence in the world is that the most racist white people will always just happen to live wherever the most black people live."

I ask because Axelrod has had his astroturfers out in force lately, and Komment Kontrol always seems to welcome them right through the front door, as though they were long-lost bosom buddies.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, first-generation Hmong refugees in Minnesota have a high incidence of seemingly-healthy individuals abruptly dying in their sleep for no apparent reason. Some have flying back to Southeast Asia in their dreams, and it seems probable that being cooped up indoors during the frigid winters drives them to severe depression. Even white people are always complaining about "Seasonal Affective Disorder"; I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on whether the "winter blues" are more prevalent among certain ethnic groups? Presumably, Northern Europeans would have the lowest levels of seasonal depression, but one would have to control for the stereotype of Northern Europeans as really glum people to begin with, regardless of season (if you asked a group of ordinary strangers to pick the world's most depression-prone ethnic groups, most of them would probably pick Scandinavians first, then definitely Russians, and maybe the Irish in third. Other ethnic groups probably have it worse than these, but they are too obscure for most people to know).

Those who know their mid-'60s folk-rock know that it's not just third world immigrants who can be unprepared for northern winters- "California Dreamin'" is largely about how miserable The Mamas and the Papas were in the New York City cold- Michelle Phillips in particular, having lived previously in SoCal, Mexico, and the Caribbean, had never even seen snow before, and used to get routinely caught in blizzards while wearing clothes better suited to the Virgin Islands.

"There is a complaint that a certain population will open the heat at 90 and keep it on."

Good grief, I'm sweating just reading this. I keep trying to get my landlord to turn the thermostat down in the winter. 61 is comfortable enough, thank you, and anything over 68 is absurd. It reminds me, though, of how modern ethnic diversity has only been made possible by modern technology. Attempts to introduce African slavery in New England failed when it was discovered that transplanted Africans developed pulmonary disease at appalling rates during the cold winters. Mass immigration of dusky peoples to places like Scandinavia would be effectively impossible without some form of vitamin D supplementation, and Europeans could never really penetrate the heart of Africa until the development of anti-malarial drugs. Modern HBD-denialism is probably rooted in our technological mastery of nature, which allows us to circumvent problems that previously required evolutionary adaptations.

Dahinda said...

I think that refugees settle anywhere they can make a buck regardless of weather.

Anonymous said...

The New England taxpayers should constantly talk up how warm it is further south... of course, as a Floridian currently, that would be bad for us... so never mind.

Chicago said...

Some years back I saw an employee of a refugee organization, who was shepherding some African looking new Americans around to government assistance agencies, demonstrate to the assembled group how a door works. He swung the front door open and shut, pointing up and down at the hinges to show them the secrets of door operation. Unraveling the mysteries of a door.
The whole thing has gotten insaner by the day. It'd be cheaper and better for them if they were relocated a couple hundred miles away within Africa. Instead they're flown and resettled here at a time when unemployment and Food Stamp use are sky high. That they're incompatible is always left unsaid.

FWG said...

Could Mr. Alloding come and help the Arabs who live below me and make the hall smell with whatever they're smoking/cooking? And also instruct them that it's not polite to make such a racket in an unintelligible language that you wake up a deep sleeper such as myself?

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's madness.
Cold nations are tough enough to handle for those people actually evolved through the millenia to withsatnd such conditions.
- another point is that if they wish to avoid the bow-legs that come from rickets, dark complected persons must take supplementary vitamib D pills. The dark and cold literally do not agree with them, but that's where the honeypot is, and as long as the honeypot's there, the bees will swarm.
As Steve said, it would be cheaper all round if only a tithe of the money used to put up Africans in sub-Arctic conditions is used to pay other African states to accomodate them, but I guess the lure of being close to whitey is too strong.

Jessup said...

Face it steve sailer white peoples domain on this continent is over.

We won and will continue to win and gollums deformed by hate like you will contain to live in on periphery of society, in the cultural wasteland of a forgotten era. When your poison makes inroads through the cloak of conservative pundits we just push back a million times harder.
The writting is on the wall, in a generations time minorities will be the majority of this country and by then you won't even have the garbage scraps to fight over.

Anonymous said...

Third world countries do take lots of refugees. The overwhelming majority of Iraqi refugees have ended up in Syria and Jordan, for example. Third world neighbords could probably take more if we gave them aid to help resettlement.

Refugees come here primarily because Christian groups lobby to have them brought here, for whatever, reason. Lutherans and Catholics are the worst.

and Dallas is a major refugee center.

Anonymous said...

I know of an Iranian guy who arrived at an Australian airport and claimed refugee status. In the process it was discovered he already had refugee status in Sweden, but he claimed it was too cold in Sweden and he had the right to obtain refugee status in a warmer climate.

Anonymous said...

Call it the "refugee"-industrial complex!

Don't we already have enough poor black people in this country? Wouldn't it make more sense to try and help them, rather than adding more?

E. Rekshun said...

I read somewhere recently that most of these African refugees are resettled to unprepared, unsuspecting smaller US cities by Catholic Charities and other religious-affiliated organizations. The US government pays the charities per refugee head. The charity turns a profit by quickly dumping the hapless refugee onto the welfare roles.

Average Joe said...

are drawn here by referrals from family and friends, as well as the relatively low crime rates of this region’s small and manageable cities

I wonder how long that situation is going to last?

Anonymous said...

"Refugees come here primarily because 'Christian' groups lobby to have them brought here, for whatever, reason. Lutherans and Catholics are the worst."

You've lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin too?


Open Borders Enthusiast said...

If I lived in Maine I would print flyers with Bryan Caplan's home address and phone number on them, along with a picture of his smiling visage and some words of encouragement, then hand them out to African newcomers looking for advice and/or assistance moving to a warmer area of the country.

Charlesz Martel said...

Read Roy Beck's article on the Hmongs in Wasau that ran during the 90's in the Atlantic. The destruction of that city is what launched his anti-immigrationist career.

Most of these cities do get destroyed- check out Lewiston, Maine. VDARE has articles in their archives about this lunacy. There was even an article about a Somali family that was stuck inside their apartment for three days because they didn't know how to work a doorknob.

"Whom the Gods which to destroy, they first make mad"- Euripedes. A perfect metaphor for our culture, race, and politicians.

A trick used in restaurants and nightclubs to limit the number of African-American clientele is to keep the room cold (68), play country music, and put Nascar on the television. (No NBA!) This really works, believe it or not. Good DJ's can control who dances and who doesn't by changing the BPM's (beats per minute). I've seen this done.