April 9, 2013

Gang of Eight announces immigration deal

The Gang of Eight is like the Gang of Four, just with twice as many running dogs.


Anonymous said...

They love Two Men In Uniform.

/too much 80s rock?

Dsgntd_Plyr said...

I think this is related. Neill Blomkamp’s "Elysium" trailer http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2013/04/09/elsyium_trailer_can_district_9_director_neill_blomkamp_do_it_again.html

Anonymous said...

O/T: Neill Blomkamp Unleashes ELYSIUM Trailer, Dishes On What You Can Expect From His Latest Sci-Fi Action Flick!


Anonymous said...

Gang of tr8tors

Richard Sharpe said...

There are very obvious reasons for in-group and out-group recognition being selected for.

The collection of genes and alleles in an in-group have been co-selected. This applies very much to behavior.

It is very much to the benefit of members of the in-group to reject inclusion of non-group members, because their behavioral complexes have been selected for working with members of the group.

It is not, as Putnam claims, trust reduces when diversity occurs, but rather, we now have several different groups whose behavioral complexes have not co-evolved.

Even when mixing occurs, you cannot be sure whether your finely selected collection of behavioral responses are any use any more. Someone who carries physical characteristics that mean they can be trusted in your racial group might actually have behavioral responses from another group and you could be f*cked.

SF said...

O.T. Does Robin Kelley claim black?

Anonymous said...

White guilt is our strength!

SF said...

ps. That is the female congresswoman elect from Illinois, not the male college professor.

c said...

does that mean there'll be a trial for them someday too?

Anonymous said...

What makes you think they have made a firm deal? I searched for news on "immigration reform" on Google News and I came up with conflicting reports. Some are reporting a deal, some are reporting "close to a deal."

countenance said...

Gang of 14, Gang of eight, gang of six. Seems like D.C. has a gang problem of a different sort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Every time I hear the asinine phrase "Gang of Eight" I think of Maoist propaganda.

Yeah, radical chic is cool and all, but why do these commie congressional staffers and media swine have to rub our noses in their sick revenge fantasies on a perpetual basis?

Did Mrs. Thatcher & co. really win the cold war?

-Not Jean-Luc Godard

Anonymous said...

We need propaganda posters along the lines of:

"Decisively Throw Out the Rubio /Menedez Clique!"

Then proceed directly to televised, blogged, tweeted, etc. show trials of these 8 sick anti-American traitors.

Matthew said...

Congress has spent more time working in private with special interests on the bill than they plan to spend debating it in front of the American people.

Reassuring, eh?

Jeff Flake, while in the US House, supported the two attempts for amnesty in 2006 & 2007. When he ran for the US Senate just last year, he maintained that he was a reformed, enforcement-first man. Less than one month after getting sworn in as a US Senator he was back to his old amnesty first position.

Reassuring, eh?

Back in 1988 when he was in the US House, Chuck Schumer, the lead Democrat on the current bill, amended the 1986 amnesty so that amnestied immigrants would not have to pay back taxes, because otherwise they wouldn't seek amnesty and would never become registered Demo...I mean voters - registered voters.

Reassuring, eh?

Bob Menendez, another of the Democrats on the Gang of Eight, is under investigation for corruption, bribery, and frequenting underage prositutes.

Reassuring, eh?

JeremiahJohnbalaya said...

Every time I hear the asinine phrase "Gang of Eight" I think of Maoist propaganda.

I think software design patterns, but yeah, the Maoists are the original gang.

eah said...

Too bad you couldn't work 'Animal Farm' and pigs into that, since they seem more like swine to me.

Auntie Analogue said...

Pardon me for expecting the representatives Americans elect to represent the interests of the Americans who voted both for and against them, and not for foreign trespasser-invader-colonists whose interests coincide not at all with the interests of U.S. citizens. What a concept, huh? Sounds almost, you know, constitutional.

Glaivester said...

In an earlier thread, someone mentioned donating to the campaigns of people who were good on immigration, and writing a note saying "We're single-issue voters who want to defeat amnesty and restrict immigration."

My thought: for the Senate, go for Jeff Sessions and John Cornyn. They're up for re-election in 2014, Sessions is really good on immigration, and Cornyn signed on with Sessions in demanding that Pat Leahy allow hearings on any immigration bill brought before the judicial committee.

Texans for Cornyn
Friends of Sessions

For the House, I think Lou Barletta is a good guy.

More updates as I come up with them.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the British punk band the 'Gang of Four'?
They were active around the same time as Mao's widow made the grab for power an dhe phrase being bandied about BBC tV news all the time.
I don't know if the Chinese or the BBC originated that catchy phrase.

Yepper said...

The people saying ugly things about her are mostly Communists, by the way. If you debate them online, it comes out pretty fast.

Remember, they need to point the finger at Thatcher in order to keep attention off the real crime of people like Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro and Mao.

Regular folks like us forget that this is something they deal with all the time, because they are still devoted to Communism.

x said...

one of my fantasies is one day the commencement of a mass nuremberg esque trial for all of the immigration traitors in all of our countries, from the businessmen who wanted cooly labour, to the h-1b visa pushers, the opinion writers and the politicians. the punishment would be something creative like forcing these harvard etc educated boys to pick fruit, work on construction sites, etc. for the rest of their lives. all money made from their efforts would go to compensate the blue collar workers who they have screwed over.

David said...

Money talks. Bullshit walks.

When you write a brilliant and logical letter to your congresscritter about amnesty, don't forget to include a $200,000 check.

Hey, corporations should have free speech. After all, they're people, my friend.

Anonymous said...

"running dogs" lol! indeed, to paraphrase another communist, we have made the rope with which to hang ourselves.