May 13, 2013

Today's Mark Zuckerberg = "immigration reform" headline

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From the Washington Post:
Zuckerberg’s immigration reform advocacy group faces backlashZuckerberg’s immigration reform advocacy group faces backlash  
Hayley Tsukayama, the nonprofit founded by the Facebook chief, has lost some of its star tech sector supporters.


Anonymous said...

playing possum?

Anonymous said...

Cheese and crackers, will someone come out and say it? Suckerberg just ain't that bright. He would probably have been a mediocre lawyer who, like Obama, would never have made partner anywhere. Google might not even have bothered to interview him.

Harry Baldwin said...

We need a Jennifer Rubin analysis of Zuckerberg's failure to effectively market his push for cheap labor.

countenance said...

The tech blog commenters don't realize that whatever Zuck's opinion is on the Keystone XL pipeline is irrelevant, he might be for it or against it. But what he really wants is cheap labor wage slaves at Facebook, and the Gang Bangers of Eight bill will give him some. So he's going to give cover to politicians who are for both the GBof8 bill AND the KXL pipeline by spamming those politicians' states and districts with ads lauding his or her support for KXL, so that voters don't realize the politician also voted to flood their country with millions of legal and illegal non-whites.

Drunk Idiot said...

It's pretty funny: in Machiavellian fashion, the left-leaning Zuckerberg recruits an ambitious, up-and-coming Republican Senator to cut some ads that cynically attempt to co-opt "conservative" language (promising border enforcement on "steroids") in order to con Conservatives into supporting legislation that would serve left wing interests by forever transforming the demographics of the country.

But Zuckerberg's peers in the tech industry are such leftoid zealots that they unfriend the poor guy for consorting with right wingers.

And these people are our society's new elite ruling class.

The gulags can't be far behind.

wren said...

One would think that Zuckerberg would have more of a clue about how peple react to the media, etc.

He seems to stepping into this as a complete amateur. Compare him to the google guys, who seem to be planning to go world deep state.

I'll give Mr. Jones credit here. I don't think he is being overly paranoid.

Anonymous said...

I'm offended by your constant comparison of Mark Zuckerberg to a weasel. These weasels are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Steve, you are obsessing over this guy too much. Open door immigration has been going on since 1965. Obsessing with Zuckerberg and his gang of eight wont help you turn this trend around. 40+ years of open door immigration will continue with or without the Zuker dude.

Please use your platform in the blogsphere to educate your followers on the people that have been waging war on us since 1965.

You can't win a war if you can't identify your enemy.

Steve Sailer said...

"Steve, you are obsessing over this guy too much."

You're missing the point.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The gulags aren't far behind."

The Soviets had to disarm the population before they could start shoving people in the gulags. Trying that here is going to result in one hell of a race war.