July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Panhandlemania

This is the day when we celebrate such antiquated concepts such as self-rule and independence from global empire.

As an independent writer, I get to have a lot more fun than all the tame hacks whose jobs come with, say, health insurance. But, I'm directly dependent upon you, my readers, to help me pay some bills.

So, this is the Day 2 of my summer fundraising drive.

First, you can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here.

Second, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution by credit card via WePay by clicking here

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer
P.O Box 4142
Valley Village, CA 91607-4142



Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, would you appreciate Canadian currency if I were to mail you some? Or foreign currency in general?

I am probably not the only person with a significant amount of foreign cash, with no plans to visit the particular place, and yet the strange and ultimately stupid desire to let it sit there and rot through inflation for years instead of taking the exchange losses now, just in case I get some reason to visit the place again and get to spend the cash I have now without incurring the cost of exchanging currency. Or maybe I'm the only one who does this. In any case, by mailing some of this cash to Steve we could make a more generous than normal donation now because we aren't using this foreign cash anyway, and we could feel happy knowing that we didn't take the exchange rate losses ourselves. Theoretically, Steve could have a Canadian vacation and not incur exchange rate losses either. Or he could just exchange it.

And if Steve was receiving a large number of foreign currency donations, he could just go to the bank (or wherever the absolute best place to exchange foreign currency near him) and convert it all to USD at once, saving us all lots of work.

It's a thought. I would make a donation that I otherwise would not do, perhaps there are others who would also do the same thing.

craigster said...

Do you have a preference on whether we contribute via VDARE or the direct non-tax deductible option? For instance, does the non-tax deductible option mean the whole donation goes to you?

BTW, your posts are by far the most informative and entertaining in my feed reader. Interestingly, though she doesn't read you, a lot of your ideas resonate very well with my fairly liberal wife.