October 22, 2013

NYT: "Skill Gap Among 1-Year-Olds Adds to Push for Pre-K"

Here's the front page headline in the NYT for the Hart-Risley study redux article I mentioned earlier:
Skill Gap Among 1-Year-Olds Adds to Push for Pre-K
A study found that at 18 months children from wealthier homes could identify images of simple words they knew much faster than children from low-income families. 

Uh, how is the President's plan for universal public schooling for four-year-olds going to solve The Gap among one-year-olds?

By the way, wouldn't "Motoko Rich" be a great name for the Bad Girl in a James Bond movie?


Anonymous said...

1-year olds have "skills"?

Shouting Thomas said...

How about the insemination gap?

I volunteer to help solve this one.

hbd chick said...

ot - from pew:

Three-Fourths of Hispanics Say Their Community Needs a Leader
Most Latinos Cannot Name One

Three-quarters of Latinos living in the U.S. say that their community needs a national leader, but about the same share either cannot name one or don’t believe one exists, according to a new national survey of 5,103 Latino adults conducted by the Pew Research Center from May 24 to July 28, 2013.

When asked in an open-ended question to name the person they consider “the most important Hispanic leader in the country today,” 62% say they don’t know and an additional 9% say “no one....”

Overall, four-in-ten (39%) respondents say that U.S. Latinos of different origins share “a lot” of values, while another 39% say U.S. Latinos share “some” values and an additional 19% say that they share few or no values....

In another finding that reflects diversity within the Latino community on matters of values and identity, just one-in-five (20%) survey respondents say they most often describe themselves by the pan-ethnic labels “Hispanic” or “Latino.”2

A majority (54%) say they usually use their family’s Hispanic origin term (such as Mexican, Cuban, Salvadoran) to identify themselves....

Power Child said...

That Darn Gap! That Darn Gap!

Reg C├Žsar said...

Can a year-old child's intelligence even be measured? And wouldn't Africans do better than Chinese at that age, since they mature faster?

When Jean Piaget gave talks spelling out the development stages of children's intelligence, he dreaded what he called "the American question": "How do we speed this process up?"

countenance said...

Black parents don't speak to their children enough.

I actually think they do. They say the same two words to their children quite a lot. One of those two words is "mother."

peterike said...

Man, reading the comments on that article makes you want to jump off a bridge screaming "it's hopeless!"

Not counting your comments Steve! I can't believe you snuck them past the censors.

Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks for starting your snarky though factual comment with "uh". All the snarky queers on the Internet write "umm" before theirs and it bothers me.

Dan in DC

Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of the ancient maxim "success breeds success".

Note the verb there. Breeds.

DPG said...

Before long someone will earnestly suggest a child-rearing social policy in line with that portrayed in The Giver. After all, the only way to ensure that children are raised properly is to redistribute them to parental units who can handle the job.

Anonymous said...

Black parents don't speak to their children enough.

Black parents don't spank their children enough.

David said...

The reason why so many people are economically stressed today isn't because they are being robbed blind.* No, the reason is that they aren't 21st Century enough - it's their own damn fault: they are damnably backward in their skillz. (They also persist in a worrying tendency to want to be paid for their work.)

Listen up, you nonbillionaires - your toddler is a slacker just like mom and pop. The "skills gap" now officially includes 1-year-olds! This means that if junior doesn't understand trigonometry by age 3, well, it's more proof that America requires gazillions more $9/hour East Indian immigrants (and Jews from the seven crannies of the world).

The toddler thing is the reductio ad absurdum of the Chamber of Commerce / Thomas Friedman meme that "common Americans lack basic skills therefore America must open its doors to 85-IQ 3rd world peasants who will labor for less." Somebody tell Tom and his ilk they jumped the shark.

Going forward, if one still swallows the line that everyone who lacks 20+ years experience operating a laser-guided industrial lathe that is only 10 years old doesn't really deserve to eat, while Juanell down the street, whose only visible skill is producing bastards, does deserve to (on his dime), then one simply worships business sharks and the other elites as if they were God On High.

(* I did consider the source, but this article is informative as far as it goes.)

Anonymous said...

"NYT: "Skill Gap Among 1-Year-Olds Adds to Push for Pre-K""

Skill gap or skull gap?