November 4, 2013

World War T marches on

From the New York Times:
Bill on Workplace Bias Appears Set to Clear Senate Hurdle 
Published: November 4, 2013

WASHINGTON — A measure that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to federal nondiscrimination law has gained its 60th supporter in the Senate, giving it what appears to be a filibuster-proof majority as a key vote looms. 
... It will be the first time that the full Senate has considered a measure that includes protection for transgender people.


Ian said...

In one of Steve's earlier posts on the Transsexual Circus Sideshow phenomenon he suggested that they fell into two broad categories: ultra-effeminate gay men and strange but heterosexual ex-oil rig worker/truck driver types on the other.

Presumably the former will be highly promiscuous whereas the latter can only hope to fool lesbians into thinking they're real women, so unlikely to be sexually active.

Perhaps the radical feminist objections to having male-to-female transsexuals at their meetings is based on some unacknowledged sense that they're only there to pull women.

Well, their problem not mine.

eah said...

Senate Hurdle

Is that like a 42" men's 110m hurdle, or more like a 33" women's 100m hurdle?

Anonymous said...

Klinger put on women's clothes to get out of the army.

Now, guys wear women's dress and demand to be allowed in the army.

But seriously, the key to homosexual power is not 'LGBT' but GBNTG, or gay-but-not-that-gay.

Just like black-but-not-that-black have the bulk of black power and wealth, gay-but-not-that-gay have the bulk of 'gay power'. Tim Cook and Chris Hughes may be 'out of the closet' but they're not 'out of the bedroom'.

The guy in the above video who says "I'm gay but I ain't that gay" is more likely to achieve something in life than the comical flaming queers.

So, beware of GBNTG power.

Simon in London said...

"So, beware of GBNTG power."

Likewise the big force among the Trans is the "Pre-Op Trans Lesbian" - which translates as a straight man with a penis who wants to dress in women's clothing and have sex with women. As Steve says, these guys tend to be butch and highly aggressive, so they get their way a lot. They're also dangerous, especially to the lesbian womyn they feel entitled to have sex with. Since they have penises, the lesbian womyn pretty well never share that view.

jody said...

"Tim Cook and Chris Hughes may be 'out of the closet' but they're not 'out of the bedroom'."

good phrase. previously i've called them 'normal' homos. they definitely exist and make up a big chunk of homosexuals.

kind of unsettling after you realize how many normal homos the television media networks have been staffing themselves with. since they can use normal homo men to replace hetero men because normal homos are not offensive to the average viewer, we might eventually get to the point where CNN is heading, that there are zero heterosexual european males in front of the camera. CNN already uses at least 2 normal homos as anchors (maybe there are more, i don't pay much attention to CNN now that they've gone 100% cultural marxist, and going by the ratings, neither do most other americans).

more alarming is the vanguard of the homosexual politican at the national level. as if they could possibly represent their heterosexual constituents reliably, as they aquire office after office. maybe 1 or 2 could, likely only if they were philosophically conservative, but it's evident to anybody not being intellectually dishonest that a slew of homosexual politicians at the national level could not possibly accurately represent their constituents. indeed, isn't this the exact opposite of what the cultural marxists demand? that representation reflect the population or be proportional?

Anonymous said...

efore the vote, senators speaking in support of the measure drew parallels to other fights to end discrimination, like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. None of the Republicans voting against it spoke up.

There's a shocker.

“Here we are today, now taking one more step to make the American family more inclusive,” said Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa. “No one should be discriminated against because of race, sex religion, national origin

Unless they're white.

"The hatred that drives discrimination has no place in a nation continually striving to form a more perfect union,” said Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont.

Tens of thousands of innocent whites have been mass-murdered for no other reason than the color of their skin since Paddy-boy has been in politics, all to his supportive, sponsoring silence. He doesn't have a moral right to talk about hate. We won't even talk about his enabling of racist mass-rape.

Anonymous said...

Remember The Crying Game? I've never seen it myself, but I remember the controversial twist that an apparently female character was really a man. Well, it seems to now be politically incorrect to admit the character was actually a man; notice how this article only calls him a "pre-op transsexual" and, even more confusingly, a "trans woman." If I didn't already know (or hadn't clicked on the clip), I would be completely baffled as to whether the character was man-feigning-woman or woman-feigning-man.,105051/2/

peterike said...

Great news for fans of World War T! Duke University, in its wisdom, is a few months away from releasing the "first scholarly journal dedicated to transgender studies," the Transgender Studies Quarterly.

This promises to be a wealth of academic insanity.

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly offers a high-profile venue for innovative research and scholarship that contest the objectification, pathologization, and exoticization of transgender lives. It will publish interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship. Its mission is to foster a vigorous conversation among scholars, artists, activists, and others that examines how “transgender” comes into play as a category, a process, a social assemblage, an increasingly intelligible gender identity, an identifiable threat to gender normativity, and a rubric for understanding the variability and contingency of gender across time, space, and cultures.

Can't wait! Available in April 2014. Order yours today at !!

Anonymous said...

heterosexual ex-oil rig worker/truck driver types

Years ago I remembering those types on Donahue, always thought they looked like bricklayers in drag. Not fooling anyone for a moment.

Mr. Anon said...

"Anonymous peterike said...

Great news for fans of World War T! Duke University, in its wisdom, is a few months away from releasing the "first scholarly journal dedicated to transgender studies," the Transgender Studies Quarterly.

This promises to be a wealth of academic insanity."

The blurb for it already is. The typical run-on sentence full of pretentious pomo academese. This "journal" clearly is not for research, but for advocacy and activism.