December 22, 2013

Uncle Ruslan claims credit for Bomb Brothers coming to America

Last spring I asked "Did Tsarnaevs get asylum through deep state nepotism and string-pulling?" A Wall Street Journal reporter who used to have the Bomb Brothers' dad work on his car writes:
The Tsarnaevs had come to America thanks largely to Anzor's younger brother Ruslan, who, as the family told it, was a rich and successful lawyer. He lived near Washington, D.C. and for a time was their model in adapting to the new world. I had known little about Ruslan when I was in Cambridge, but now, reporting on the family after the bombing, I learned his story. 
When I met him in Washington last summer, he looked the part of the rich uncle. He picked me up in a silver Mercedes and drove me to Off the Record, a bar in the Hay-Adams hotel near the White House, where we talked for three hours. 
Ruslan was indeed successful in ways that his older brother wasn't. They grew up in the penurious former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, where Ruslan excelled in school, learned English, landed a white-collar job in the capital of Bishkek, and met and married the daughter of a retired high-ranking CIA officer, who was there advising the government on privatization. Soon he had a U.S. passport and was studying law at Duke University.

CIA, Russian privatization, Hay-Adams hotel kitty-corner from the White House, Chechens ... the full story behind how the Tsarnaevs got to live in America seems like it would pretty interesting if it ever comes out. But, few others find the topic interesting, perhaps because, you see, it might raise questions about who should get into America and who should not, and that's not a conversation we're supposed to  be having.


Anonymous said...

You've got a great nose for this sort of stuff, Steve.

DJF said...

Just another example of the corruption of the asylum system. Its corrupt from the phony asylum seekers to the phony charities that run the system and who get most of their money from the taxpayers to the phony international politics which authorizes the system.

Anonymous said...

The so-called "refugee" system is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the peoples of the west.

Hail said...

How many Sudanese refugees will Obama and co. force the USA to take in?

The media remains beyond parody:
South Sudan Rebel Youths in 'War March'

Youths!! Youths. But of course.