February 12, 2014

The ultimate Slate headline

From Slate


vandelay said...

Nah, too honest. Not click-baity enough. Not trolling enough.

A *real* Slate headline doesn't actually explain the feelings or opinions of the writer. It presumes the feelings and opinions of the reader, and based on that presumption, makes an outrageous judgement.

The ne plus ultra of Slate headlines would be more along the lines of, "We Should Outlaw Stay-at-Home Moms".

Remember that article that said only bad people send their kids to private school from midway through 2013 by, I think, Alison Benedikt? THAT'S how Slate and little Slate wannabe's like Salon do business.

Anonymous said...

Slate certainly is a target-rich environment.

cyril said...

"little Slate wannabes like Salon"

Nah, Salon these days is self-consciously more left-wing than Slate. The two sites represent the basic divide you see on a college campus: liberals and leftists. They don't fight each other much unless they're placed in an artificially circumscribed political arena like at, say, Harvard.

By the way, remember when Salon used to publish Camille Paglia?

Now the site's turned into a sort of Minuteman Project to monitor the kind of interesting PC violations they used to propagate.

Bert said...

"This makes me very angry."

-Marvin the Martian

Anonymous said...

Eh, that title could be more succinct:

Stay-at-Home Mom Making Me Very Angry

vandelay said...

"By the way, remember when Salon used to publish Camille Paglia?"

I do, and I remember when Slate used to publish Mickey Kaus. Now the furthest rightward they go is Dave Weigel, which is saying something. It was a liberal site, rather than leftist, at a certain point in the past, but now? Just check out the content from their feminist and gay blogs. It's almost 100 per cent discourse policing now, though Slate's editor's do still have the good sense to craft headlines that are in service to their bottom line, rather than pure ideological seratonin.

Mr. Anon said...

That's a great idea for a contest: Ultimate Slate Headline

Here's my entry:

Why brushing your teeth is actually bad for you.....and racist too.

Anonymous said...

Free time mom and stuck at work mom.

btw, is working for slate rally working.

Chief Seattle said...

The Slate I know phrases headlines in the form of a passive-aggressive question. As in

"Are working mom's jealous or disdainful after reading a stay-at-home-mom's letter?"

Anonymous said...

The US media is poison.

Anonymous said...

Slate is projecting its own experiences. Remember how the most "I'm diverse an support it" people have the least NAM friends, colleagues, experiences and whatnot?

Well, it's the same thing. Except, their social circles are full of SAHMs and they hate it, so they continually criticize and moan about it.

I'm convinced that this whole SAHM constant fiasco in Northeastern feminism circles is because most of those "modern strong empowered women" retire in their 30's to become a housewife thanks to their politically correct, highly educated wealthy liberal husbands.

Basically they're angry that most liberal women from Yale, Harvard or whatever "retires" from her lucrative top management position (thanks to institutionalized affirmative action) and these poor powerful, connected women becomes housewives after getting married to their rich, liberal husbands.

How many housewives are there in the Mid-West? Or in the South-West? The Mountain states? or Central US States? Or even the West Coast?

Not a lot. Most of the women there work part-time at least.

theo the kraut said...

OT, @Steve

you might want to update your profile at


"I am the president of the Human Biodiversity Institute (www.HumanBiodiversity.com)."

that domain is not even registered anymore...

else, keep up the good work and a stiff upper lip.

Anonymous said...

Slate is a white-hating racist site (because leftism is now nothing but white-hating racism) and you can't separate the constant hate-spew from sites like Slate, Salon, and the Atlantic from the knock-out game, from racist violence against whites on the street up to and including murder. That's what's important, and the lapdog right needs to start concentrating on what Slate's racism does to its victims, on Slate's crimes, rather than on whether or not Massah is being silly or not living up to his own alleged standards.

Gringo said...

Remember that article that said only bad people send their kids to private school from midway through 2013 by, I think, Alison Benedikt?

With exemtpions granted to politicians such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who placed their children at Sidwell Friends instead of the DC public schools.

Anonymous said...

Check this out



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the recent headline that went roughly, "Snow didn't shut down Atlanta. Racism did."