May 29, 2014

Panhandling grinds on

This is my dog Barney in about 1975. He was a good dog.

Barney isn't particularly germane to my thanking those of you who have donated to my first fundraising drive of 2014, but these occasions are a fine excuse for posting random old pictures.

I'm informed that up through the end of 2013, my postings come to about 6 million words. That's a lot, but it doesn't compare to your 40 million words of comments. Thanks.

For all those of you who haven't donated yet, please refer to the Panhandling instructions to the upper right.


Anonymous said...

I've tried 4 times to donate to you, but it never works.

I can't use google wallet in Australia, so the only option is vdare. I click on the vdare link, and wait a while....a little while longer...and it finally tells me that that page has a "redirect loop" and then crashes.

I don't mean to pry or be rude, but why can't you just use paypal? Did paypal ban you from its service because of hate speech or something?

Anonymous said...

Was Barney a terripoo?

FirkinRidiculous said...

Big head. The dog, I mean.

Ergot said...

Apropos of the dog pic, Mrs. Obama. Mrs. Obama has an editorial in the New York Times, and I actually agree with it fully. I'm curious what others on this site think of Let's Move, and those who are challenging the healthy lunch policy.

Anonymous said...

OT: WWT marches on

Even the gays are getting sick of this by now. We didn't sign up to defend aggressive, mentally ill men in frocks using women's bathrooms. And it's become an effective conservative talking point against gay rights.

Ergot said...

Also related to Michelle's NYT editorial on school lunch policy (Michelle Obama is in the news on the day Steve randomly posts a dog picture, so this is fully on point)... I am on the Readers' comments that accompany Mrs. Obama's editorial. When I do an on-page search for 'Republican,' I find that every reader who uses that word has particularly nasty things to say about Republicans. I was expecting at least one along the lines of "I vote Republican, and I hate, Michelle, but she is right on this issue."

Here's the editorial:

Here are some comments:
"Keep defeating the Republicans on this, they are truly awful."

"Many of our leaders in Congress, especially Republicans, don't believe in science."


Edit: Okay, I found one comment from a Republican who supports Michelle on this:
"I'm a Republican, in fact a very conservative Republican, and what MO is saying here makes sense."
But this comment is in NYT picks, not readers' picks, so all it means is that someone paid by the Times skimmed all 507 comments until they found one by a Republican who supports the Democrats on this. It isn't representative of anything.

DPG said...


Sometimes you can only laugh.

Anonymous said...

Steve, your WWT is catching on. Right now, 2:13 pm central, Drudge has a link entitled, "America's next civil rights frontier" and it is linked to Time magazine's new cover of a tranny.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher on homophobe-phopbia:

Anonymous said...

Giant brawl the other day at baltimore high sxhool graduation. your blog is needed to cover stuff like this that mainstream media wont investigate. Why does this almost never happen at white or Asian schools, yet fairly regular at black schools?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Peak WWT! The cover of Time magazine is "The Transgender Tipping Point."

The classic sign of a trend being passe is it making the cover of Time. Though it's sort of a niche small circulation magazine these days so that might no longer be true.

Anonymous said...

channeling Nixon's checkers speech. Nice.

buzz arlett said...

"It's become an effective conservative talking point against gay rights."

How's that? Could you identify which right you consider to be under threat? Don't say "all of them" - that's what blacks would do. And when a single judge can override a statewide vote by declaring 'this is where smart
opinion is now' (Vaughn Walker), how does a reasonable gay person feel the least bit insecure as against conservatives? I await your trenchant response.

yurass said...

"Sign of trend being passed is making cover of Time."

Yeah, I recall in 1998 they had a cover, 'Work is Hell.' Now there's no work.

ray said...

Yikes dood... resorting to pictures of Good Old Scruffy.

What next? Pix of Mom out front of the trailer? You pawning the sticks?

People pls send this man money lest we see his skinny cats.

Anonymous said...

All dogs are good animals cuz they have good hearts, but that one looks like a genetic disaster.

I don't care about breeds. I just want a dog to look like a dog.

So, if a mixed breed dog looks like a small wolf, that is a dog.

But mixed or pure, if it looks like a dachshund or squat bulldog, that is all wrong. No dog should look like that. It's human freako experiment with genetics.

ray said...

Technically yr right of course. I don't know what it is either.

Apparently somebody somewhere had to love it.

That it has a good home and considers itself important is surely a proof of God's generous Mercy.