December 24, 2004

More reports from the trenches of the red-blue housing inflation gap

One point I think I think is really understated, is the degree to which the Children vs. City Lifestyle is really made at a conscious level by people in their late twenties and early thirties. Do I give up the Met and theater or move to a place where my kids will have their own bedrooms?


By the way, as a resident of Massachusetts, I've seen and lived through the housing price hyperinflation. In the past two years, we've seen countless friends leave because of the combination of wanting to raise a family and wanting to live in a nice neighborhood and house. And these are very smart, educated and successful people that are leaving: lawyers, people with Masters degrees, successful corporate managers. The common thread is: young, not yet home owners, starting to have kids and not a lot of capital built up yet. Most are moving back to where they grew up -- not only is housing cheaper, but you get the grandparents to help out. We know people that bought but with an income from two professionals and then had kids. A few of the mothers have indicated that they would like to stay home (a reversal of plans) with the baby, but can't -- they wouldn't be able to then afford the mortgage. The solution is just what you found.

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