December 24, 2004

New Blogs

New Blogs: Over on the Links list to the left, I've highlighted in red some blogs I've recently added. Check them out.

Also, The Ambler, Kevin Michael Grace, is back in business. I had nice phone call from him tonight during which he told me many amusing and horrifying stories about the music industry. You know how sometimes you hear a great old song on the radio and you think to yourself: "Isn't it wonderful that the songwriter who composed that song is still getting paid royalties by ASCAP or BMI for bringing that thing of beauty into the world"? Well, don't. The odds are that the royalties aren't going to the songwriter but to some music industry creep who ripped the artist off because he was young and eager. I was please to hear, however, that Elvis Costello, while never a huge star, at least managed to hold on to the cash flow from what he created.

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