January 29, 2005

Denton and Kalonji

Those poor, oppressed lesbian lover engineers of academia. Ever since the Larry Summers brouhaha started, in which Dr. Denice "Speak Truth to Power" Denton, chancellor-designate of UC Santa Cruz played the second lead after Nancy Hopkins in denouncing Summers, I've been pointing out the lesbian back-scratching within the high levels of the UC system. See "Feminist Corruption" and "Speak truth to power" and simultaneously help your lesbian lover cash in at the taxpayer's expense."

A reader points out that Dr. Denton and her close friend Gretchen Kalonji, both newly of high paying jobs at UC Santa Cruz, have been scratching each other's, uh, backs for some time:


Presented to

Gretchen Kalonji, Ph.D.

Kyocera Professor

Materials Science & Engineering Department

University of Washington

For Innovations and Leadership in

Transforming International Engineering



International Advisory Board

International Network for Engineering Education and Research (iNEER)

July 23, 2003

Valencia, Spain

Nominator: Denice Denton, Dean

College of Engineering, University of Washington

Nominee: Gretchen Kalonji, Kyocera Professor

Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington

My reader asks, "What exactly do they mean by "nominator " and 'nominee' here?" I dunno, maybe it's a term used in the lesbian personal ads, like, "Nominator looking for nominee for long steamy nights of nominations."

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