January 25, 2005

Newish Blogs


It's gratifying, after several years of blogging, to finally see a sizable expansion in recent months in the number of blogs worth linking to.

For example,

Luke Lea's Born Again Democrats website features his blog. Many of you are familiar with Luke as a wise and civilized commenter on other sites. It's about time he got his own.

Modern Tribalist
is an elegantly spartan site devoted to excerpting, with a minimum of commentary, articles illustrating examples of "tribalism and ethnic nepotism in the modern world."

Military Thoughts
is by a guy with the comic nom de plume of "coolbert" who knows an enormous amount about, surprise, military history. With the War Nerd hibernating lately, check him out.

I've mentioned Across Difficult Country before. Carter van Carter's efforts are hard to describe: perhaps you could call them a blend of the essays of Guy Davenport and Steve Martin:

I read in the news that:

America's second biggest bank, JP Morgan Chase, has made a rare apology for its subsidiaries' involvement in the slave trade 200 years ago, admitting that it accepted slaves as loan collateral and ended up owning several hundred.

In the spirit of atonement exemplified by JP Morgan Chase, I would like to apologize to the descendants of anyone who may have suffered a raping or a pillaging at the hands of one of my Viking ancestors. I feel terrible about it. Or I did, before apologizing. Now I feel terrific.

The Julian Calendar is the work of a devout Catholic sociobiologist in Australia.

Glaivester's postings are a lot better than his graphics.

covers the media coverage of religion. With Jeremy Lott.

And lots more over in the Links section toward the top of the left hand column.

Steve Sailer's homepage and blog is iSteve.com

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