March 16, 2005

After Gay Marriage, Slavery Reparations

Ideal Karl Rove Issue for exploiting the White Guy Gap: Slavery Reparations -- A reader writes:

My great hope is that Democrats turn reparations into an issue in 2012 and/or 2016, much like they did with gay marriage last year. That should, heh heh, shall we say, weaken their chances to win.

Come on, Dems, you can do it. Rep-rep-reparations! Heck, it should convert even some Asians and Latinos to Republicanism.

Better watch out what you wish for.

I suspect that Karl Rove is right now trying to figure out how to move reparations from a fringe issue into the mainstream. Of course, even though gay marriage did the GOP a lot of good, you just know that all that voting for Republicans won't actually stop the gay marriage juggernaut, and we'll end up deleting the words "husband" and "wife" from the law books, too, just like in Ontario. Rove's candidates benefit from you being mad, so the more the Diversity Industry wins on substance, the more Karl's clients win in the voting booth. Funny how that works.

So, if slavery reparations become a big deal, then we'll probably elect in a landslide young George P. Bush, because we'll have to prove that just because we're angry about reparations, we're not racists. And we'll still end up paying through the nose for reparations. Or, maybe, Karl will engineer a solution where instead of the reparations that his candidates have prospered by denouncing, the country will just double the amount of affirmative action. Funny how that works.

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