June 1, 2005

J. Edgar's Revenge: Hoover Loyalist Brought Down Nixon Administration:

For decades, vast controversy swirled around the JFK Assassination, with tens of millions believing the Kennedy Administration was ended by the FBI and/or CIA. In contrast, almost nobody cared about unraveling the mysteries of the end of the Nixon Administration, even though it was always much more plausible that Nixon, rather than Kennedy, was brought down by the FBI and/or CIA.

Now we have confirmation of what was long the most plausible identity for Deep Throat: Mark Felt, the number 2 man at the FBI and a longtime loyalist to J. Edgar Hoover, who died in May 1972. Felt resisted Nixon's appointee as new head of the FBI, Nixon loyalist L. Patrick Gray, and leaking to Woodward and Bernstein was a natural way to bring down Nixon.

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