June 1, 2005

Let's Just Declare America a Hereditary Monarchy and Get It Over With:

The AP writes:

Lynne Cheney Boosts First Lady for President

WASHINGTON — Forget Jeb or George Prescott or any of the other political men in the Bush family. Lynne Cheney says the next Bush president should be a woman.

Cheney said some people think former first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton should run for president, but she's looking to the current first lady, Laura Bush, instead.

Let's bring harmony to the country by arranging a dynastic marriage between George P. Bush and Chelsea Clinton and their firstborn can found the Bushton Dynasty, which will rule us unto the seventh generation. To prevent any inferior genes from the citizenry from intruding into the royal gene pool, in the tradition of the Ptolemaic dynasty that produced Cleopatra, brothers and sisters of the Bushton line would then be mated with each other to generate our perfect overlords.

To paraphrase Kent Brockman on The Simpsons when he thinks Earth is being invaded by Space Ants: I, for one, welcome our new hereditary overlords.

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