June 23, 2005

Occam's Butterknife on Finland

The Washington Post has been running a long series on what a delightfully unusual place Finland is. Of course, in today's update on Finland's lack of immigrants, the unquestioned assumption is that Finland must become "diverse" so that it won't be unique anymore.

In a classic example of using Occam's Butterknife, the WP writes:

"Finland is Europe's most homogenous society ... Finland is the only major European country that has generated no far-right, anti-immigrant political party. Some Finns suggest that may be because their egalitarian Lutheran values simply won't tolerate an open appeal to racist sentiments, though they admit that such feelings exist. Yet Finnish laws and regulations discourage immigration -- as do the difficulties of the Finnish language and the long, dark winters here."

Uh, wouldn't Occam's Razor suggest that the simplest explanation for the unique lack of a far-right anti-immigrant political party in Finland is because Finland's mainstream parties and its laws are more anti-immigration than in the rest of Western Europe?


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